Parties by Katie J

Parties by Katie J

This Floral Mudcake Hack is Perfect for a Little One’s Birthday Celebration. It’s Colourful, Delicious, and Simple! Keep Reading for my Tips and Tricks!

This Delicious M&M’s Pinata Mud Cake is Easy to Make with your Kids, and it’s Perfect for any Event or Celebration. Try it Today for your Next Party!
Pull-apart Cupcake Cakes are Simple, Fast, and Delicious. You can Customise them for any Celebration, from Birthdays to Baby Showers. Keep Reading to Learn How!
Our 4-tier Pinata Cake Hack doesn’t require any Baking. It’s Easy, Fun, and Delicious for any Celebration. Of course, there’s a Tasty Surprise inside, too!

Cake Hacks are Perfect for Easy, Quick, and Delicious Desserts. This Kit Kat Lolly Cake Hack makes an Amazing Birthday Cake that all your Guests will Enjoy, in just 10 minutes.

This Princess Castle Birthday Cake Hack Perfectly complements any Princess themed Birthday, and it’s Easy to Customise for almost Any Celebration. The Cake is Simple, Fun, and Delicious!
Our kids love Ice Cream, so this Ice Cream Cake Hack was Perfect for their Birthday Parties. Simple, Delicious and it only uses 3 ingredients - Try it Today!
For Isla’s 7th Birthday, I made a delicious, easy, and fun no-bake number cake. It’s a special and simple treat that you’ll have fun making for your next special occasion.
Short on time but want a Delicious Cake that will Impress your Guests? Give this Easy Mud Cake Hack a Try! Add a Nutella Drip Icing & it’s Super Satisfying!