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Easy M&M's Pinata Mud Cake Hack

I have a New Cake Hack!

I really Enjoy coming up with New, Easy ways to create Fun and Delicious Cakes for our Parties and Celebrations. This new Cake Hack is for an M&M’s Pinata Mud Cake that is Super Yummy and Filled with Colourful, Chocolate Candies.

When you cut out a piece of this Easy M&M’s Pinata Mud Cake, all of the M&M’s spill out of the middle, just like a Pinata!

Here are my Ingredients, Directions, and Tips for this Amazing and Easy Cake!

M&Ms Pinata Mud Cake Hack

Donte’s 15th Birthday Cake

First, let’s take a moment to process the fact that my son Donte is now 15 years old! I can’t believe how fast time flies. It feels like just Yesterday I was writing about his Camp Out Party when he turned 9, and even his Ninja Turtles Themed 6th Birthday Party!

Since all of my Kiddos are getting older, I’ve started including them in Making Treats and Decorating. This is the Perfect Cake Hack for having the Kids Participate. Here are a few Pictures of Paige and Isla making the Cake!

M&Ms Pinata Mud Cake Hack - Kids Helping
M&Ms Pinata Mud Cake Hack - Paige Helping

The Ingredients and Supplies are Easy to Find, and there are only a Few things you’ll need at the store. Also, the Directions are Super Simple!

M&Ms Pinata Mud Cake Hack - Long Collage

Ingredients and Supplies

For this Easy M&M’s Pinata Mud Cake Hack, you’ll use all pre-made ingredients you can find at the store. This recipe calls for Four Mud Cakes. I got mine from Coles.

Here’s a Photograph and List of the Ingedients and Supplies you’ll need:

M&Ms Pinata Mud Cake Hack - Ingredients
  • 2 pre-made white mud cakes
  • 2 pre-made chocolate mud cakes
  • Circular biscuit cutter or cookie cutter
  • Bag of M&M’s
  • Jar of Nutella
  • Serrated knife
  • Large plate or platter
  • Microwave


These Directions are Quick and Easy. There’s no Mixing or Baking required. Simply Assemble and Decorate your M&M’s Pinata Mud Cake!

1. Lay out the Large Plate or Platter. Once you make this cake, you won’t be able to move it, so use the Plate or Platter you’ll want for Display and Serving!

2. Using a large serrated knife, cut the tops off of each of the pre-made Mud Cakes. Ours were already frosted and domed on top. You want to take off the frosting and make sure they’re flat so you can stack them.


M&Ms Pinata Mud Cake Hack - Cut Cake


3. Choose a Mud Cake Flavour to start. (You’ll alternate as you stack.) Place your first Mud Cake on your Platter.

4. Using your Circle-Shaped cutter, cut out the Middle of your first Mud Cake.

M&Ms Pinata Mud Cake Hack - Centre Hole

5. Place your next Mud Cake (alternate flavour) on top of the first. Cut out the Middle.

6. Place your third Mud Cake (remember to alternate flavours!) on top of the second. Cut out the middle. You’ll now have a stack of Three Mud Cakes.

M&Ms Pinata Mud Cake Hack - 3 Stack

7. Pour the bag of M&M’s into the middle of the Three Layers of Mud Cake just enough to fill the hole.

M&Ms Pinata Mud Cake Hack - Candy Pour

8. Place your final layer of Mud Cake. Don’t cut a hole in this one! It’s the top of your Pinata Cake, and hides the Candy Surprise inside!

M&Ms Pinata Mud Cake Hack

9. Melt the Nutella in the Microwave for 30 seconds. Pour it over the top of your stacked cake. You can spread it along the top and sides if you need to.

10. Use any remaining M&M’s to decorate the outside of your Pinata Cake.

Here’s a photograph of our finished M&M’s Pinata Mud Cake!

M&Ms Pinata Mud Cake Hack - Age 15

Easy M&M’s Pinata Mud Cake Hack Variations

You can take the Basics of this M&M’s Pinata Mud Cake and Adapt it to work with any Celebration or Party!

We alternated White and Chocolate Mud Cakes, but you could use all one Flavour. Or, you could use Box Caked Mix or make your own from Scratch. Just make sure you have enough Layers and that the Cake is Dense enough to Stack.

Fill the Pinata Cake with Candies or Treats of your choice. Smaller Candies are better because they’ll spill out of the middle.

We used Nutella for our frosting, but you could use Chocolate, Vanilla, or a Coloured Icing of your choice with any Decorations you want!

I hope I’ve provided Fun Inspiration for a Delicious and Easy Cake for your Next Event. Check out our other Cake Hacks, too!

Finally, here’s our Happy Birthday Boy with his M&M’s Pinata Mud Cake!

M&Ms Pinata Mud Cake Hack

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