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3 Ingredient Ice Cream Birthday Cake Hack

I love everything DIY for Parties, from games to treats to food. Even though I’m not a fancy baker, I also enjoy coming up with Easy, Creative Cakes for Celebrations.

My son Donte’s 11th Birthday Cake was no exception. Like most kids, he loves Ice Cream Cake, so that’s exactly what I made him.

If you’re worried that this recipe is going to take a long time or use a lot of ingredients, Don’t Be! This Ice Cream Birthday Cake Hack is Simple, Delicious, and uses only Three main ingredients that are inexpensive and easy to find. Not only is it easy to make, but it can be made without an Ice Cream maker or any fancy gadgets.

Easy DIY Ice Cream Cake Feature

Ingredients and Supplies

For this Ice Cream Birthday Cake Hack, you’ll need three basic ingredients:

• Thickened Cream (2 x 600ml jars)

• Sweetened Condensed Milk (2 x cans)

• Maltesers


For our Edible Decorations, we used:

• Kit Kats (Fun Size)

• Smarties


And finally, the basic supplies I used for making the cake and the Final Touches were:

• Large Bowl

• Electric Mixer

• Mallet

• Large Circular Cake Tin

• Cling Wrap

• Ribbon

• Personalised Sign (Skewers, String, and Letters)

Most of these ingredients and supplies you probably already have, but it will just take a quick trip to the store to get the rest. And as I’ll explain below, you can change up a lot of these ingredients to make a more personalised Ice Cream Birthday Cake Hack your Special Boy or Girl will Love.

Making the Ice Cream Birthday Cake

The Thickened Cream and Sweetened Condensed Milk make the delicious Ice Cream base for this Cake Hack. First, we beat these two ingredients together in a large bowl with an electric mixer.

Next we smashed some Maltesers with a mallet and mixed this through the whipped cream mixture. Donte loves Maltesers, but almost any type of Cookie or Candy you can crush would be Perfect and Delicious to mix in.

This next step is important: I Lined the cake tin with Cling Wrap! Then I poured in the cream mixture and left it to freeze overnight in the Freezer.

Mix, Pour, and Freeze. That’s what makes this the Perfect Ice Cream Birthday Cake Hack! The photos below show how the cake came together.

How to Make Easy DIY Ice Cream Cake

Decorating your Ice Cream Cake

The Next Day I turned the frozen Cream Mixture over onto a Cake plate and removed the Cling wrap, and it was time to decorate and add the Finishing Touches.

First we created a border with Fun Sized Kit Kats all around the edge and secured them with a Blue Ribbon. The border was a little taller than the Ice Cream, so we filled the space with Colourful Smarties.

Finally, we added a Personalised Cake Topper!

You can see the finished Ice Cream Birthday Cake Hack and my Happy Son below. It looked Awesome, tasted Delicious, and that smile when he saw his Cake that night was pretty special!

Easy DIY Ice Cream Cake

Make This Cake Your Own!

There are a lot of mix-ins you could choose, like crushed chocolate chip cookies or chocolate sandwich cookies. We love Kit Kats for the tall border, but plain Chocolate pieces would be equally Delicious. And finally, the Yummy Candy or Treat Choices you can use to fill in the top are almost endless!

I hope that when you make this Ice Cream Birthday Cake Hack, your Birthday Girl or Boy loves it as much as my Donte did!

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How to Make Ice Cream Birthday Cake

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