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Mimosa Magic: Bring the Party to Life with this Fun and Easy Mimosa Bar

So many of my Party Blogs are about Amazing Ideas for Kids, I figured it was time to Share some more Adult Party Ideas. I Absolutely Love my Children, but sometimes it’s nice to just Celebrate with Friends and not have to make the Party Kid-Friendly!

For today, I’m going to share ideas for Creating a Fun & Easy Mimosa Bar.

This is a Perfect way to Celebrate a Bride-to-Be or Host a Ladies Day with Friends or Coworkers. When I Hosted my Mimosa Bar, it was to Celebrate a 60th Birthday!

And since it’s Mimosas, you Know everything is Fun and Delicious!

Mimosa Bar Supplies

If you’ve ever ordered a Mimosa at a restaurant, you know they’re typically made with Orange Juice and Champagne (or Sparkling Brut). But I know from experience that Sparkling Brut tastes good with any Juice, so my Mimosa Bar supplies are a little more Creative and Fun.

For making Mimosas, here’s what I got from the store:

  • A few bottles of Sparkling Brut
  • Fruit juices, including Apple, Orange, Pineapple, Cranberry, and Grapefruit
  • Cocktail fruits, including Kiwi, Frozen Mixed Berries, Oranges, Pineapples, and Strawberries
Juice & Sparkling Brut

Guests can Mix Sparkling Brut with any Juice or Juices of their choice, and add some Sweet Fruit for a Beautiful Garnish and a little extra Flavour!

Cocktail Fruits

Decorating the Mimosa Bar

You’ve got the Bubbly, Juice, and Fruit… now what? It’s time to make it all Look Fantastic!

I Poured the Juices into Tall Glass Jars for Display. I also Cut the Fruit into Small Pieces, and served it in Bowls with Mini Tongs so Guests could serve themselves.

Below, you can see all of the ingredients in a Beautiful (and Delicious-Looking) Arrangement. I Love how it Looks Great while also being Practical for a Self-Serve Mimosa Bar!

Mimosa Bar

At the time we had our Mimosa Bar, I purchased plastic Champagne Flutes. Single use plastics are banned now, but you can look at Kmart for cheap Champagne Glasses.

I decorated the Glasses with Pretty Pink Curled Ribbons and had Flowers in Small Glass Jars on the Mimosa Table as Decoration, too. This gave the Celebration a Fancy Flair and was a Great way to Upcycle the jars that we collected.

Mimosa Cocktails Party Table

Don’t forget about Decorating the rest of your Party Area.

The Mimosa Bar was front and Centre, but I also had some tables spread out with Light Pink Tablecloths. On each Table there was a Display of Fresh Fruits for Snacking, and of course Cheese and Crackers also taste Delicious with a Mimosa.

Easy Grazing Platter Ideas

I always think it’s a good idea to serve some food along with alcohol. If you look at the picture below, you’ll also notice a Table with Cake and Other Treats.

Rustic Floral Birthday Party

Mimosa Bar Tips

It was a little Chilly outside when we threw our Party, so we were able to Keep the Sparkling Brut and Juices on the table. If it’s warm, consider arranging everything in a big bucket of Ice so it stays Cool and Fresh. If Guests wanted, we did have an Esky of Ice they could use to make their drinks a little colder.

You can also use Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Drinks in place of Sparkling Brut if you need other options, or if you want to try something similar for Teens or Tweens at a Fancy Birthday Party. Even a variety of Juices and Fruit would be fun for Kids!

Add some Fancy to your Mimosa Bar table with our Personalised Party Decorations. We have lots of Beautiful designs to suit your Milestone Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, Divorce Party or Bridal Shower & Hens Parties.

Wildflowers Birthday Party Decorations
Rustic Timber & White Floral Decorations
Pink & Gold Floral Wedding Anniversary Decorations

Make sure to Visit Katie J Design and Events

Looking for more Party Ideas or Inspiration? Parties by Katie J is where you will find Helpful Advice on How to Throw a Great Party that Everyone Loves! We will be Sharing Easy and Delicious Party Recipes along with some Amazing DIY tips for Creating a Fun Celebration.

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