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Out of this World: Tips for Hosting an Epic Outer Space Themed Party

Space is such an Amazing Concept, especially for little kids. Stars, Planets, Rockets, and Exploration are all Fun and inspire a lot of Imagination.

If you have a kid who is Fascinated by Space, it might be time for an Outer Space themed birthday party!

At Katie J Design & Events, we have two fun themes for Personalised Party Decorations and Supplies that are inspired by Outer Space. The first is our Outer Space Birthday theme, featuring an astronaut and rocket set against a dark blue background with planets and stars.

Outer Space Party Supplies

The other is our Space “First Trip Around the Sun” Birthday theme that is perfect for a little kid turning One! So whether you have a soon-to-be one-year-old or an older birthday girl or boy, I have Ideas and Inspiration to share with you as you embark on your own Outer Space Themed Party Adventure.

First Trip Around the Sun Space Party Grand Decorations Pack

Decorating for an Outer Space Themed Party

One of my most common tips for decorating for a party is deciding on the theme and colour. Since we already know the theme is an Outer Space Party, all that’s left is deciding on a theme colour (or colours).

Something so Fun about Space is that you could really use any Colours. I’ve even seen photographs of Space with Purples and Pinks and Blues!

But I Personally Think that Dark Blue is the Perfect Theme Colour for an Outer Space Themed Party. It would Look Great with Fun Accent Colours like Orange and Red for Stars and Planets.

I Love how our Customers always come up with Creative Ways to Decorate, especially their Party Tables. Here’s an Image of a Great Outdoor Party with lots of Blues and Oranges. Our Party Decorations are durable enough for parties inside or outside, so check out our Ideas for Throwing a Fun Party at a Park if you’re taking your Outer Space Party into the Great Outdoors!

Outer Space Birthday Party

They also used our Flag Bunting in a Unique Way to decorate a display table. It really emphasizes the Personalised details with Sebastian’s Name and the Space Decorations! Check out how versatile our Personalised Flag Bunting can be when you’re decorating.

Outer Space Flag Bunting Decoration

Outer Space Themed Treats

While you’re planning for your party, don’t forget about Treats for the Guests. I always try to have some Yummy Food and Fun Favours the guests can Enjoy.

Our Personalised Decorations and Supplies make it easy to make Food and Favours that fit with the Outer Space Theme. We have Stickers and Labels you can put on Mini Chocolates, LollipopsWater Bottles, Juice Bottles, or anything else you can come up with!

This Customer Photo is a great example of a Treat for the Guests. These Chocolate Labels are Personalised for Ethan’s Party. I promise, it’s easy to Wrap Mini Chocolate Bars with Personalised Labels!

Custom Outer Space Party Chocolate Treats

Our Rectangular Stickers for Drinks and Bubble Wands are also perfect for Food and Favours at your Outer Space Themed Birthday Party. They transform and personalise these drink bottles perfectly!

Outer Space Party Drinks

You can also come up with some Outer Space Themed Food. Anything Round reminds me of Stars and Planets! Cake pops, Crackers, and even bags of Cheese Balls would be so fun for the Guests to Eat.

In addition to shape, you can also choose Foods based on Colour. For Theme Colours of Blue, Orange, and Red, think Yummy Fruits and Veggies like Blueberries, Oranges, Peppers, Tomatoes, and Cheese for Outer Space Snacking.

Outer Space Party Treats

Outer Space Themed Party Games

When you’re heading Out of this World, there are so many fun Party Games you can put together for your Guests!

You can let your Guests go Adventuring with a “Hunt the Alien” game. All you need to do is hide a few aliens (figurines or just paper cutouts) around the party space to see who can find the most!

There are also fun Art Projects you can do so the guests can be creative. They can make Space Rocks with Glitter or Glow Paint, or make their own Spaceships out of Random Objects and and Supplies you find around the house.

For a fun variation on the classic party game “Pin the Tail on the Donkey,” you can make “Pin the Astronaut on the Moon.” You just need a large piece of paper with a Moon and some cutouts of Astronauts for each guest to use. You can DIY this game to be as fancy as you want!

I hope your Birthday Boy or Girl and all the Guests love the Outer Space Themed Birthday Party!

Outer Space Party Favours

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