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Enchanting Fairy Birthday Party Ideas and Photos from Paige's 5th Birthday

We just recently Celebrated our daughter Paige’s 5th birthday, and what a weekend! We decided against going on holiday and planned instead to hold a Small Party with Close Family.

I know that most of the parties I share are a little bigger, but more Intimate Celebrations are special, too. Everyone gets more Quality Time with the birthday girl or boy, and each person can be part of creating an Amazing Day.

Fairy Pop Top Juice Labels

Fairy Birthday Party Theme

Paige chose a lovely Fairy Birthday Party Theme for her celebration with close family members.

Our immediate family all pitched in to help. My hubby made Paige’s Cake, and our Girls made all of the Yummy Treats and set them out on the tables.

It was all going to plan until our snap lockdown in Queensland was announced Saturday morning. We had only planned for close family to attend Paige's Party this year, and at 4pm on Saturday it became Immediate Family only.

Luckily the kids had no problems consuming the extra treats! Paige still had an Amazing time dressing up as a Princess, getting her photo taken, and playing games with her brother and sister.

Here’s our Family Celebrating Paige’s Fairy Birthday Party!

Fairy Party Family Photo

So even though Paige’s party this year was small, I thought this would be a great way to show you how to create a Budget-Conscious Celebration that is easy to set up and can involve the Whole Family!

Party Set Up and Display

Even for a smaller party, I enjoy creating one table as a Centrepiece for the Theme and Displays. It adds a Special Touch when the Birthday Boy or Girl sees Wonderful Themed Decorations just for him or her.

For an Intimate Celebration it’s really all you need, so it’s also budget friendly and easy!

For Paige’s Fairy Birthday Party, we focused on Decorations in Pink and Gold so Paige would feel like a Fairy Princess.

The Display Area is really two parts, the Banner Stand and the Table. Here’s the finished look:

Fairy Birthday Party Display

The Banner and Balloon Display

To hang the banner, we use an assembled photography stand. I added a few layers of Metallic Rose Gold Tinsel Curtains from eBay with sticky tape. Then we attached our Large Canvas Banner to the Stand with Fishing line so the string couldn’t be seen.

Fairy theme Large Banner

Next, the balloon arch. Blowing up the balloons is super easy with the help of an Air compressor if you have one. We used approximately 60 x small and 60 x large balloons. If you fill them with different amounts of air, you can create a large assortment of balloon sizes.

Using balloon tape, feed each of the balloons into the pre-made holes. The balloon garland can then be attached to the photography stand with zip ties. Once hung, fill any gaps in the display with spare balloons and balloon dots (easy to apply rolls of glue dots that can be added to balloons to stick to other balloons).

Here’s a collage of the process, in case the visual helps! And here are some more ideas for Hanging and Decorating Party Banners.

Making the Banner Stand

Party Area & Table

For our small Fairy Birthday Party, we put a trestle table in front of the completed banner stand. This was the Party Table for showcasing the Delicious Cake and Treats!

In the past, I’ve used coloured tablecloths for table coverings, but this time I used a White one so the food and table accessories stood out more.

Pro Tip: For a budget and environmentally friendly option, you can buy a single white sheet from Big W or Kmart. It only costs about $8. If you fold it in half, it won’t be see-through. It's also better for the environment than the plastic ones and can be reused for future parties.

For some simple Fairy Birthday Party Decorations, I got some fake tropical leaves off ebay for the food table. They helped incorporate the fairy look and I used them instead of plates to Display the Treats!

Fairy Party Food

The table was skirted with a light pink tulle table skirt, thumb tacked to the wooden trestle table. Attached to the front is our Fairty Themed Flag Bunting customised with Paige’s Name.

Fairy Flag Bunting with Name

Party Treats

Themed Treats are a fun and delicious way to celebrate. We came up with a few Fairy Birthday Party Treat ideas and made them ourselves! This is such a great way to save money and enjoy some Family Time.

Here are the Yummy Treats our Girls had so much fun making!

Chocolate Spoons

These are one of my favourite, versatile treats to make for any Celebration. The only ingredients you need are spoons, Nutella or chocolate, and some edible toppings. Here’s my more detailed explanation of how to make these Easy, No Bake Party Treats.

For our Fairy Themed Chocolate Spoons, the girls dipped some of our regular utensils into white chocolate and then sprinkled pink and gold Fancy Sprinkles on top!

Chocolate Spoons

Iced Wafers

Another Fun and Easy Treat is Iced Wafers dipped in Sprinkles. You can customise them for almost any Party Theme and they taste Delicious.

Here are my girls making these Tasty Treats with Vanilla Wafers, Icing, and an assortment of Pink and Pastel Sprinkles.

Iced Wafers

Iced Biscuits

Our last Treats were two variations of my Easy to Make, No Bake Iced Biscuits. My girls made some Iced Tim Tams (pictured below), and Iced Milk Arrowroot Biscuits. They used Beautiful Pink Icing and Sprinkles for a Magical Fairy Look!

Iced Tim Tams

Hot Dog Station

A lot of the Party Food I make is Sweet, but it’s easy and inexpensive to do a bit of Savory as well. This Hot Dog Station was Fun and Delicious! All we needed was a Bain-Marie and a few Simple Ingredients. We had Mini Hot Dogs, Onions, Bacon, Cheerios, Cheese, and Mini Hot Dog Rolls. It could all fit on a small table with some Condiments and Spoons for Serving.

I like to think of these as Fairy Hot Dogs because they are so Tiny! But it’s also a great dish to serve for any celebration, because Guests can serve themselves and make exactly what they want!

Hot Dog Station

Fairy Barbie Cake Hack

Hubby made Paige's cake this year, which got him involved with some Creativity in the Kitchen! Honestly, I think he did an Amazing Job on this Barbie Cake Hack. She looks like a Beautiful Fairy Princess and Paige couldn’t have been happier with the end result!

Like all my Cake Hacks, this one is Easy to DIY and tastes Delicious. It was also the perfect size for our small family celebration.

Barbie Doll Cake

Personalised Party Favours

Even though we didn’t have guests, I still wanted Paige to feel really Special.

The customised labels and stickers perfectly pulled together some Fairy Birthday Party Drinks and Candies, and were personalised with her Name and Birthday. It’s such an easy way to add a little extra to chocolates, lollipops, and treats at a party of any size.

Fairy Party Favours & Drinks

Personalised Party Drinks

The best thing about our Personalised Party labels is that they are high quality and water-proof. So when you stick our labels on your party water or pop top juice bottles they can be placed in a fridge or esky afterwards without any worry that the labels will peel or lift.

This is a photo of our Personalised Fairy Water Labels and Pop Top Juice labels. What a Fantastic way to coordinate your Party Drinks in with your Party theme.

Fairy Party Drinks - Water and Juice

Here’s our full collection of Spring Fairies Birthday Party Decorations and Supplies. You can choose a Party Pack or Order custom products separately so you have just what you need for a party of any size and budget!

Spring Fairy Birthday Grand Party Pack

Looking for a Different Design? Check Out our Full Range of Personalized Mermaid, Unicorn & Fairy Party Decorations. We have Amazing Party Packs Available at Fantastic Prices! Pictured below is our Beautiful Floral Fairy Party theme.

Floral Fairy Party Decorations

Looking for more Party Ideas or Inspiration? Parties by Katie J is where you will find Helpful Advice on How to Throw a Great Party that Everyone Loves! We will be Sharing Easy and Delicious Party Recipes along with some Amazing DIY tips for Creating a Fun Celebration. Subscribe to our Newsletter to get Updates and Special Offers.

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