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Step into a Dreamland with these Sweet Sleeping Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas

Do you have a Sweet Little Girl who loves Magic and Fairytales? For her next birthday, consider a Sleeping Unicorn Themed Birthday Party.

Unicorns are Beautiful and Gentle Creatures, so the theme is Perfect for a Gorgeous Girl. Imagine a Party with Soft Pastels and Shiny Gold to Celebrate your Amazing Daughter.

At Katie J Design & Events, we have Personalised Sleepy Unicorn Themed Party Decorations and Supplies. The Unicorn Face with Closed Eyes, Flowers, and a Gold Horn is Central on the Decorations. But don’t forget that all of our supplies are also Customised! You can add the name of your Little Girl and her age to Commemorate her Special Day.

Macie's Unicorn Birthday Party

I can’t wait to Share my Ideas for this Sweet and Lovely Birthday Party Theme. I also have Inspiration from our Customers!

Keep reading for Tips for Decorations, Food and Treats, and Party Games, as well as suggestions for Incorporating our Personalised Supplies for an Amazing and Easy Party Space!

Sleeping Unicorn Birthday Grand Party Pack

Decorating a Sleepy Unicorn Themed Birthday Party Space

Do you imagine your Little Girl being amazed by her Sleepy Unicorn Themed Birthday Party? I can just see the Smiles and Giggles when she enters her Sweet and Beautiful Party Space.

I’m here to tell you that anyone can Achieve a Wonderful Party Space! Here are some of my best tips. And don’t worry, it’s not difficult!

Lily's Unicorn Party Table

Theme Colour

One of the easiest ways to Create an Amazing Party Space is with Colours. I try to choose one main Colour and a few Accents that will go with the party’s theme. For a Sleepy Unicorn Party, Pastel Pink is a Lovely Choice. Accent colours might include Pastel Purple and Blue with some Gold or Glitter!

Use these Colours for Large but Inexpensive Items, like Tablecloths and Balloons. This will make a Big Impact on the Party Space!

Here is a Lovely Customer Photograph of Lana’s 1st Birthday Party. They used White as a Theme Colour with Pink and Gold as Accents. It’s Beautiful! Notice the Balloon Arch and Perosnalised Sleepy Unicorn Banner and Bunting.

Lana's Beautiful Unicorn Party

To achieve this look on your own, here is our Guide to Decorating and Hanging Party Banners, which includes tips for creating a balloon arch. You might also like our Ideas for Using Personalised Flag Bunting for Your Next Celebration.

Party Location

Many of our Customers host Parties inside. It’s always safe since you never know the weather outdoors. But we’ve also seen plenty of Successful and Wonderful Outdoor Birthday Parties!

If you use our Personalised Decorations and Supplies, you’ll feel reassured that they are Durable and Waterproof. This means they will withstand spills and messes and can even be used Outdoors!

Here is a Photo of a Wonderful Outdoor Sleepy Unicorn Themed Birthday Party for Gianna! The Pastel Rainbow Colours look Beautiful in the Sunshine.

Gianna's Unicorn Birthday Party

Here are some Ideas for Throwing a Fun Party at a Park! A bonus is that your Kid and all her Guests can run around and play!

Party Table

The Party Table frequently becomes a focal point for a Birthday Party. It can hold any combination of Treats, Cake, Favours, Decorations, and Presents. How you choose to display everything is up to you, and I promise your Little Girl will just be in awe of everything you’ve put out for her Celebration

Here is a Photo of Zahriah’s Sleepy Unicorn Themed Birthday Party Table! The table is full of Tasty and Pink Treats and Favours for the Guests. It has also made for a Wonderful photo opportunity to capture the Special Day.

Zahriah's Sleeping Unicorn Party

If you want to remember this Sleepy Unicorn Themed Birthday Party, here are tips to Capture Amazing Memories with DIY Themed Birthday Party Backgrounds.

Sleepy Unicorn Themed Birthday Party Treats and Favours

I’ve always thought that Food brings people together. This seems to hold true no matter the age. Even the littlest kids love a Tasty Snack and a little Favour to take home!

Here are some ideas for Treats and Favours for your guests.

Unicorn Themed Food

You might be wondering how you can find unicorn themed food, especially since unicorns are magical! It just takes a little bit of creativity. Here are a few suggestions of easy DIY treats you can make:

Unicorn Poop: Put mini marshmallows in tiny containers for guests to enjoy as tasty poop from the unicorn

Unicorn Horns: Dip large pretzels in white chocolate and sprinkles

Unicorn Snacks: Create a little display of food a unicorn might eat, like apple slices or baby carrots

Addelyn's Unicorn Birthday Party

Personalised Treats

Our Personalised Party Decorations include Themed Stickers and Labels you can use for Mini Chocolates, Tic Tacs, Lollipops, Water Bottles, and other Treats and Favours of your choosing. Simply peel and stick!

Here is an example of our Mini Chocolate Labels. The Guests get a Chocolate Bar and a way to Remember the Magical Sleepy Unicorn Themed Birthday Party!

Unicorn Party Favour Chocolates

Here is our guide for How to Wrap Mini Chocolate Bars with Personalised Labels.

Sleepy Unicorn Themed Birthday Party Games

It’s so Fun to Create Games for the Guests to play at parties! Here are a few of my game ideas for a Sleepy Unicorn Themed Birthday Party.

Unicorn Dress Up

Yes, children will absolutely put a Unicorn Horn on their heads and run around pretending to be this magical creature. Give them this Imaginative Opportunity by providing Guests with a Horn and maybe some music!

You can see how one of our Customers provided a Unicorn Horn at each Place Setting.

Lana's Unicorn Birthday Party

Pin the Horn on the Unicorn

This is a Classic Party Game, and it’s easy to adapt for almost any theme. For your Unicorn Party, use a poster of a unicorn and DIY gold horns for a Magical Game.

Check out our Fun Kids Party Games for All Ages for other ideas, and if Sleeping Unicorns isn't your thing, make sure you read our post on How to throw an Amazing Magical Unicorn Party.

Beautiful Unicorn Birthday Party

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There are Over 250 Party Themes to Choose from which can be customised for Adults & Kid’s Birthday Parties, Baby Shower, Christening, Engagement Party, Hens Party, Bridal Shower, Naming Day & Much More.

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Katie Lynch

As the Owner of Katie J Design and Events, Katie Lynch provides Advice and DIY Tips on 'How to Create and Style an Amazing Party that Everyone Loves'. Katie shares her Easy and Affordable Party Foods, Cake Hacks, Decorating Ideas, Inspo and Photos from her 20 years of Experience as a Qualified Events Manager.

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