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DIY Party Photography: Tips for Capturing the Perfect Cake Smash and Party Photos

We started Katie J Design & Events several years ago, but sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday! It’s both Fun and Fulfilling to help Families Create Celebrations throughout the year, from Birthdays to Holidays to other Special Milestones.

Something I’ve noticed through the years is that our Customers Love to send us Photographs of their Parties! And we love to receive them!

These Photos are more than just Fun Party Pictures. They are Truly Commemorative Photographs! So many of our customers have used our Personalised Decorations and Supplies as Amazing Backgrounds for Cake Smash Photos, First Birthday Photos, and More!

Check out the Sweet Smile on Ashlynn at her First Birthday Party posing with her Presents and our My Little Pony themed Party Banner.

My Little Pony Birthday Photo Backdrop

So in Honour of all of these Creative Customers, I wanted to Share Ideas for Capturing Amazing Memories with Themed Birthday Party Backgrounds.

Whether you Frame these Photos, Create Scrapbooks, or Share them on Social Media, I hope these Ideas give you even more Inspiration when you’re planning Parties for your Loved Ones!

Chayse wasn't letting anyone have a slice of cake until he tested it himself. How Sweet is this Photo taken at his Construction themed First Birthday Party!

Construction Cake Smash Party

Tips for Creating a DIY Photo Backdrop

You don’t need anything Fancy to Take a Beautiful Picture. Here a few tips for Creating Themed Birthday Party Backgrounds for Photographs.

Design a Photograph Space

For a Gorgeous Photo that you’ll want to Hang and Share with others, try to design an area for the photo that doesn’t have a lot of clutter. The idea is to have just a themed backdrop.

A Party Banner Display with Balloons is a good place to start. Hanging a Large Sheet or Tablecloth or finding a blank wall in your house can also help reduce clutter and keep the focus on the theme. Make sure to choose Colours that match!

Isn't this a Beautiful Party Display for Thea's First Birthday featuring our Girls Pink Teddy Bear themed Party Decorations.

Girls Teddy Bear Party Photo Backdrop

Add Themed Objects

If you’re creating a backdrop for a photograph of a young child, there’s a good chance you’ll also need to add a few items to the floor. Look for inflatables, large toys, or simply wrap a few big boxes in paper that matches the theme colours!

Little Kids also Love to hold things in their hands. For close-ups, consider a few little handheld theme-related toys and objects they can play with.

How Cute is Jayce with his Buzz & Woody Characters on his Birthday. Can you spot our Party Decorations in the photo too?

Toy Story Birthday Photo Backdrop

Feature Personalised Details

For a truly Personalised Photo Experience, make sure some of the details in your background are Customised with your kid’s Name and Age. Our Party Packs of Decorations and Supplies come with so many options. You can hang our Posters, Banners, or Bunting, or have small objects with personalised Stickers or Labels.

For a Simple but Effective Themed Birthday Party Background, you could just hang a White Sheet with Customised Bunting and let your Kid be Centre Stage! Here’s a link to our Range of Flag Bunting Theme Designs.

Sol Shooter Newborn Photography has even ordered some of our bunting blank to use again and again in Adorable Newborn Photos.

Cookie Monster Birthday Photo Backdrop

Aren't they just the Sweetest Photos to Remember a Fun filled First Year. I am loving the Cookie Monster Party Theme.

Cookie Monster Cake Smash Birthday Photo Backdrop

Photographs to Take During a Party

Once you have your Themed Birthday Party Background, make sure to use it during the Celebration! Here are a few ideas of Posed Photographs you Can Capture with the Theme and Personalised Details.

Cake Smash

Cake Smash Photos are some of the most Popular right now! Sit your one-year-old in front of the backdrop with the Cake and take photos of them as they Taste it and Get Messy. How Cute are these Photos from our Paige's Ladybug themed First Birthday Party

Cake Smash Photo Ideas

Pro Tips: Don’t use the actual Party Cake. Many bakeries decorate small ones for Littles to Destroy, or you can make one yourself. And don’t be afraid to Dress your Baby in just a diaper for this Adorable Photo!

Lady Bug Girls Cake Smash Ideas

Birthday Boy or Girl

Another Popular Photo is 1st Birthdays. We have Dozens of Fun First Birthday Party Themes you can choose from to Create Amazing DIY Themed Birthday Party Backgrounds. Animals, Space, Magic, Rainbows, Fairies, Dinosaurs, Princesses, Unicorns, Trains, and Famous Characters… the list goes on.

You can stage a photo of your One-Year-Old “blowing” out their candles or opening a present in addition to just a smile! This Clever Mum set up a Picnic rug with some Balloons, Rocking Horse and our Cowboy themed Party Banner to create an Adorable Birthday Photo of her son on his Special day.

Cowboy Birthday Cake Smash Backdrop

Some of our Customers have been taking Commemorative Themed Photos every Year. You’ll be able to watch your Kid Grow and Remember Some of their Hobbies and Interests Through the Years as the Themes Change.

Neveah celebrated her Birthday with our Pink Motorbike themed Party Decorations, her Helmet and Riding Boots - How Cute!

Girls Motorbike Birthday Photo Backdrop

Group Photos

Especially if you have Family attending the Party, Group Photos are a Must. Use the Themed Birthday Party Background so Grandparents and other Relatives can all have Amazing Photos with the Birthday Kid.

Don’t forget about the other Party Guests, too. It would be great to have a Photo of your Birthday Boy or Girl and all their Friends and Family posed with the Theme! This is one of us at Paige's Wiggles themed Birthday Party.

Wiggles Birthday Party DIY Costumes

Other Occasions for Themed Party Photographs

Even though First Birthday Parties and Cake Smash Photos are some of the more Popular Photos, there are a few other Celebrations where you might want to Capture Amazing Memories with DIY Themed Birthday Party Backgrounds.

Engagement Party

Many couples are choosing to take Engagement Photos. If you’re hosting an Engagement Party, a Beautiful Personalised Background is the Perfect Opportunity for Capturing this moment in their lives for them.

Our Personalised Engagement Party Themes feature the Names of the Married Couple to Be and their Wedding Date.

Baby Shower

A Baby Shower is a Great Time to Capture a Photo of the Mom-to-Be. Just like Pregnancy Photos, these will remind her of her Journey before giving Birth. Imagine her posing in front of some of these Adorable Personalised Baby Shower Themes!

Baby Shower Photo Backdrops

That's a photo of us at our Birds & Owl themed Baby Shower behind the Cake Table. We used it as an opportunity to announce our youngest daughter's Name, Paige Grace Lynch.

It was printed on all of the Beautiful Birds & Owl themed Personalised Baby Shower Decorations. It was even painted on my belly by an Amazing Belly Painting Artist, Face Painting by Becc. Didn't she do a fantastic job customising it to our party theme.

Baby Shower Belly Painting Name Announcement

Wedding and Anniversary

You might have a Wedding Photographer, but do you have a Wedding Backdrop? Use the same DIY Themed Party Background tips to Create a Picture Perfect Moment for the Bride and Groom.

The best part is that all of the Guests can Pose in Front of it, too! It would be an Amazing Wedding Gift to take Polaroids of all the Wedding Guests to put in an album for the Happy Couple to Remember the Big Day.

Once you Design one DIY Themed Birthday Party Background, you may find yourself Creating them all the time for all sorts of Occasions.

Make sure to Visit Katie J Design and Events

There are Over 250 Party Themes to Choose from which can be customised for Adults & Kid’s Birthday Parties, Baby Shower, Christening, Engagement Party, Hens Party, Bridal Shower, Naming Day & Much More…

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As the Owner of Katie J Design and Events, Katie Lynch provides Advice and DIY Tips on 'How to Create and Style an Amazing Party that Everyone Loves'. Katie shares her Easy and Affordable Party Foods, Cake Hacks, Decorating Ideas, Inspo and Photos from her 20 years of Experience as a Qualified Events Manager.

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