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Fun and Simple Number Cake with Lollies | No Bake

Number Seven Cake Hack

Here is another Fun, Time Conscience, No-Bake Cake Hack!

This time, the birthday cake I made was for my daughter Isla's 7th birthday, and it was the special birthday cake she got to take to school to share with her classmates.

Because this was a treat for a birthday at school, it was the perfect time to try out a simple cake idea and a No-Bake Cake Hack. We're super happy with the super easy, fun, and delicious result: a cake shaped just like the number 7 to honour her special day, making it a unique number birthday cake.

And one of my favourite things about this cake is that it defies how you think a number cake would be made! There's no baking, no cutting, and no wasting cake. It's just simple and perfect, embodying the essence of an easy cake hack.

Collect the Ingredients

There aren’t many Ingredients for this No-Bake Number Cake and they’re Easy.

To make the Number Cake just like I did, you’ll need Choc-Chip Muffin Bars from Coles, Musk sticks, Betty Crocker Frosting, Wilton Icing Gel Colour (I used pink), and Party Mix Lollies.

You’ll notice that I didn’t actually make any of these ingredients. They are all just yummy and fun-looking food items I could find at the local store. That’s what makes this Number Cake the perfect No-Bake hack!

Create the Cake

In all, this No-Bake Number Cake took about 15 minutes to assemble.

Before I started on the Cake itself, I made the Cake “Stand.” For School, I like the idea of a piece of sturdy cardboard covered in Foil Wrap. It looks Nice but it’s Disposable!

Now for the No-Bake Number Cake.

First, I took the Choc-Chip Muffin Bars from Coles and arranged them into the Number 7. You don’t have to use Choc-Chip Muffin Bars. Any bars of yummy chocolate chip cake or mud cake would work, too.

It's fast and easy to make any number with small, pre-made cakes, and I could keep arranging them until I found the perfect shape, showcasing the versatility of cake shapes.

Ours was a Number 7. If you've picked a number with curls like an 8, you may need to cut the Muffin Bars in half to form a nice shape, further exploring the adaptability of cake shapes.

No Bake Number 7 Lolly Cake Hack Step by Step

Next, I coloured Betty Crocker Frosting with Pink Wilton Icing Gel Colour. I spread the Frosting on thick enough to Smoothly Cover all the muffin bars, and to make it easier to get the Decorations to stick, perfecting the drip icing technique.

Next, I broke up the Musk sticks so that they were slightly taller than the Cake height and pushed them into the icing to create a whimsical border around the cake.

And last but not least, I filled the top of the Number Cake with Party Mix Lollies, transforming it into a delightful lolly cake!

This Cake was so bright, colourful, and fun, making it the perfect birthday cake. My Daughter was so proud to take it to class this morning and show all of her Friends.

Here’s a great photo of the Finished Product:

Lolly Number 7 Cake Large

Fun Variations

There’s also a lot of room for customisation with the colours and flavours!

You can make the Frosting any Colour you Choose, which is an easy way to personalise it for your Special Birthday Person. For simple cake ideas, instead of Musk sticks, you could line the sides of your No-Bake Number Cake with Bars of Chocolate. Yum!

You can also Top your Number Cake with any number of Delicious Treats. Party Mix Lollies are Colourful and Fun, but your Special Someone might have a Favorite Food you could use instead, like Fresh Fruit or Cookie Pieces, turning it into a unique lolly cake.

I hope you enjoy making this No-Bake Number Cake Hack your own, and I know your Birthday Boy or Girl will love it as much as Isla did.

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