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Beautiful Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas & Photos

Hello and Welcome to our Blog - Parties by Katie J! Parties by Katie J is where you will find helpful advice on how to throw a great party that everyone loves. We will be sharing easy and delicious party food recipes along with some great DIY tips. If you need inspiration for your next party make sure you check out the photos of awesome parties that our clever customers have thrown. They are sure to inspire you and provide you with some amazing ideas for your own party!

I am Katie J and together with my family, we own & operate our small business, Katie J Design and Events. This is our Little Space to Share the Fun Stuff that we do x

Katie J and Family

Isla's Mermaid Themed Birthday Party

Isla's Mermaid themed 8th Birthday Party was one of the most Beautiful Party themes we have had. The Pastel colours and Beach accents of this theme make it a wonderful theme for any age.

Beautiful Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas Photos

Mermaid Party Area & Setup

For Isla's Mermaid themed Birthday Party we chose Pastel Pink, Blue & Purple as her Party Colours. We had quite a bit of rain in the week leading up to the Party and on the Friday night prior it continued to rain. We decided we needed a rain plan and enclosed our Entertainment area in Blue tarp to keep the area and guests dry.

It wasn't until we had finished hanging the tarps that we noticed how effective this was for the party theme. The area was so Blue and actually resembled Under the Sea. So we hung some Mermaid & Fish stickers with Green Crepe for the Seaweed.

To decorate the tables we scattered shells that we had brought off eBay and use Short Glasses filled with Purple sand and Star fish as centrepieces. We also made Jellyfish/Octopus from Paper Lanterns with crepe paper hanging from them.

All of the Personalised Party Decorations and Supplies were from Katie J Design and Events - the Large Canvas Banner, Flag Bunting, Posters, Party Bags, Chocolate, Water and Pop top labels.

Mermaid Birthday Party Photos Ideas Table Setup

Mermaid Party Food

The Mermaid Themed Party Food turned out so well and was Super Easy to Make!

  • Clam Shell Biscuits - Butternut Snap Biscuits with Pink Buttercream piped in the Centre and a Large White Cashous Ball for a pearl. Served on Blended Scotch Finger Biscuits which made the perfect Edible sand.
  • Star Fish Fairy Bread - Buttered Bread cut with a Star shaped Cookie cutter, sprinkled with 100s & 1000s
  • Sharks in Pink Jelly - The photos aren't the best, as they were hard to take but we half filled Plastic Wine glasses with Pink Glitter jelly. Once set we added a Blue Gummy shark lolly and poured over the remaining jelly.
  • Rice Crispy Treats. These were opened LCM Bars with Blue Frosting piped over. Small White cashous were added for effect.
  • Mermaid Bark - We melted White Chocolate and added some sprinkles from Twinkle Sprinkles. Once set they were broken into Bark shapes.
  • Kiwi Sea Turtles - Made by cutting a Kiwi fruit into large slices and carefully positioning Grapes with toothpicks. We use Black icing gel to add their eyes.
  • Mandarin Crabs - Made by piecing together mandarin segments with toothpicks. And adding Googly eyes on toothpicks.
  • Crab & Octopus Dips - These were made from Yellow & Red capsicums and adding some Googly eyes for effect.

Mermaid Party Food Ideas Photos

Mermaid Party Games & Entertainment

Due to the rain, we didn't have a lot of Party games this year. Instead, we brought each of the Party kids a Plaster Mermaid to paint. And made Mermaid Colouring Books with Free Online Mermaid Printables. It was perfect for the age group and the Girls loved being able to take home their very own mermaid. Some of the Party Guests stayed for a sleepover and we had a Mini Pamper salon setup with Foot spas, magazines & nail painting.

Mermaid Party Bags Loot Bag Ideas

Mermaid Party Bags & Favours

Fortunately we were able to find lots of Mermaid themed goodies for the Girls Party Bags. We included Gorgeous Mermaid Necklaces, Mermaid Lip gloss, Mermaid Bath Bombs, Glitter Nail Polish, Mermaid stickers, an LCM Bar and Milky way each.

Mermaid Party Bags Loot Bag Ideas Photos

Mermaid Party Decorations & Supplies

We have lots of Mermaid Themed Party Decorations over at Katie J Design and EventsClick Here to check out the Full range.

Mermaid Party Decorations Supplies


More Beautiful Mermaid Party themes Available in our store - Click Here.

Personalised Mermaid Party Decorations Supplies

Katie Lynch

Katie Lynch

As the Owner of Katie J Design & Events, Katie Lynch provides Advice & DIY Tips on 'How to Create & Style an Amazing Party that Everyone Loves'. Katie shares her Easy & Affordable Party Foods, Cake Hacks, Decorating Ideas, Inspo & Photos from her 20 years of Experience as a Qualified Events Manager.

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