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Welcome to my Blog, Parties by Katie J. I have a Passion for Creating Fun & Unique Parties; and Love Celebrating with Family & Friends. I am Fiancee to my Incredibly Patient & Supportive Partner, Beau. Together we have 3 Amazing Kiddos; Donte (12), Isla (8) and Paige (2).

I have an Online Store, Katie J Design & Events where I Create & Sell Personalised Party Decorations & Supplies; Custom Wine Labels & Gifts. I have a Double Diploma in Events & Hospitality Management. This is my Little Space to Share the Fun Stuff that we do x

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Creating an Invite List

The First Task that I like to Complete when Planning a Party is Creating the Invites & an Invite List. I write a list of all the People that I would like to Invite and create a Tally of Kids & Adults. Than I ask the Kids to think of 15 Friends from School that they would like to Invite. Give your Child about a week to Create their list to ensure that they don’t forget anyone caught up in the Excitement.

Guest numbers will also depend on your Budget (and patience on the day!). Remember to account for Guests who will not be able to attend. As a General Rule of thumb, I find if I invite 15 people about 10 of them end up attending. I had fun one year when my Son was clever enough to write down all of the Party details on pieces of paper and hand them out to the rest of the Class who had missed out – I was one confused Mummy when I had RSVP’s that weren’t on the list!

Keeping Track of your Party Invites & RSVP’s

This is the One Note Page that I created for Sending Invites & Collecting RSVP’s. On the left I have specified the Party Date, the Date that I would like Invites to be Sent to Party Guests and a List of the Guests I would like to Invite. Once an Invite has been handed out to the Party Guest I can then Check them off My List. I have also created Columns to Record the Number of Adults & Kids invited separately. This helps later when organising Party Bags, Food and Costumes.


Picking a Party Invite Design

I have created my Own Party Invites Range which are Available to Purchase Online from My Store, Katie J Design & Events. There are Designs for Kids & Adults Birthday Parties, Engagement Parties, Hen’s Parties, Baby Shower’s, Naming Days & Christenings. They are Personalised with your Celebrant’s Name as well as the Particulars for the Party. My Party Invites also include a Handy Magnet on the back so that they can be hung on the Fridge to remind your Guest’s of the Special Day. Regardless, of whether you make your Own Invites or Purchase your Invites On-line make sure that they include all of the Details specified in the Checklist Below. This can be crucial to selecting the Invite that is right for your occasion.

Details to Include on a Party Invite

This is a list of the Details that should be included on your Invites when they are created.

  • Celebrant’s Name/s
  • Occasion
  • Party Date
  • Party Time
  • Address
  • RSVP Date
  • RSVP Contact & Phone Number
  • BYO (Optional) – If you would like your Guests to Bring anything your Party. For Example Alcohol, Towels, Pillows, Chairs. Make sure that they are included on your Invite this will save you time later trying to contact your Guests with such requests.

Choosing between Digital or Hard Copy Invites?

Another Important Factor to Note is whether you are sending your Invites Electronically and only need a Digital File or if you would like a Hard Copy of your Invite for Posting and Handing Out in Person. The Invites in my Range are all Printed on Water-proof & Fade-proof Polypropylene. Making it a Durable & Long Lasting option which is Perfect if you like to keep your Invites as Keepsakes from that Special Day.  I love Scrapbooking Invites along with Cards and Photos from the Day so knowing that they will last is a necessity for me.

Personally, I prefer a Hard Copy of Invites so that they can be hung on the Fridge as a Friendly reminder. Postage Costs have increased significantly in recent years so posting invites is not always viable. Postage Times are not always feasible either particularly if a Guest lives Interstate. Creating a Digital Version of your Invite in these situations can be really helpful. I don’t sell Digital Files of my Invites to protect my Designs but if you would like to send a Digital Version of your Invite to Send to Guests you could Scan or take a Photo of your Invite to send to guests.


Posting Invites

Party Invites should be sent to Guests about 3 weeks before the Party Date. This is usually enough time for guests not to have made plans for that day but not too much time that they forget to come the day of the party. I like to hand out Personally the Invites that I can and Post Invites to those that I will not see before the Party. If I know that the Guest will take awhile to receive their Invite I also send them a Digital copy via SMS so that they can ‘Save the Date’.

Postage costs can add up quite quickly these days and I took this into account when I create my Invite range at Katie J Design & Events. The Invites in my Range are all Printed on Water-proof & Fade-proof Polypropylene. They fit in a C5 or DL Envelope and because of their durability and compact size they can also be sent as a Postcard. With the Addressee’s details on the back of the Invite.

Collecting RSVP’s

Collecting RSVP’s for your Party can be tedious & frustrating. On the RSVP date I send an SMS to all of the Guests I haven’t heard from and generally allow them 24 hours to reply. If you haven’t heard back from them in that time it is a good indication that they will not be attending. Kids Parties can be even more difficult when you don’t have contact details for parents of School Kids. I remind my Kids the day before RSVP’s are due and they take it upon themselves to remind all of their friends. Another idea is to write a short note to parents you haven’t received an RSVP from and ask your Child’s teacher to hand them out. It’s a Friendly reminder to Busy parents who may have forgotten.

Sending Party Invites & Collecting RSVP’s

I hope this Guide has helped you Organise your Party Invites and Collecting RSVP’s for your Party. Next you can move on to more Exciting Party Projects like Decorations, Party Food and Party Games!


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