How to Throw a Fun Poop Themed Birthday Party

Poop. Doo-doo. Little Stinker. Kids have all sorts of Creative Names for that stuff that usually gets flushed away. Now, instead of being waste, Poop is Adorable. It has Eyes. And it’s a Party Theme.

Poop Party

At Katie J Design & Events, even if we’ll never understand our Kids’ Fascination with that weird Poo Emoji, we have fully embraced the Poop Party Trend with our Updated Personalised Poop Emoji Birthday Party Decorations.

Here are some great Tips and Ideas for incorporating that Cute Smiling Turd into a Party Theme. This is for Every Kid (or Adult) who’s ready to Party Until They’re Pooped!

Girls Poop Emoji Birthday Party Decorations

Poop Themed Birthday Party Decorations

When my son Donte turned 12, we threw him a Poop Themed Birthday Party. Our Personalised Poop Themed Decorations at Katie J Design & Events weren’t quite as clever as they are now, as we’ve since updated this Collection!

But you can still see how we Created a Great Party Space by using Themed Colours and “Poo”-related Items.

Poo theme Birthday Party

Brown is almost an Essential Colour at a Poop Themed Birthday Party, but it looks Great with Teal or Purple as Complementary Colours!

For Donte’s Party, we used Teal Streamers, Balloons, and Tablecloths with Brown Balloons and a Table Skirt. If you want to know how to Recreate our Banner look, make sure to Read my Tips and Tricks for a Party Banner and Balloon Stand!

Pinata and Cardboard Cutout

If you’re looking for some extra Poo Flair for Decorating and Entertainment, checkout my easy guides for a DIY Pinata (who doesn’t want to hang Poop from the Ceiling?) and a DIY Cardboard Cutout, so all the guests can pose as Poo!

Poop Party Food

No need to be Literal with this one - I can’t think of any Guests who would actually want to eat Poo! But there are a lot of Creative Ways to Serve Themed Food at a Poop Birthday Party.

First, Chocolate. Anything Chocolate goes right along with a Poop Theme.

Poo Party Food

You can see that I incorporated quite a lot of Chocoolate into Donte’s 12th Birthday. We had Chocolate Rice Bubble Bars, Cupcakes, and Maltesers for the Guests to Enjoy.

This is also a Great Theme for my Chocolate Spoons or Party Wafers. You can take your Spoons or Wafers and dip them in Melted Chocolate, Chocolate Icing, or Nutella. Top them with Chocolate Sprinkles or Mini Chocolate Chips. They’ll look just like Spoons of Doo-Doo!

You could also serve Chocolate Pudding in Clear Cups for a Poo-Themed Delcious Snack!

Chocolate Dipping Station

A Poop Themed Party is the perfect Occasion for a Chocolate Dipping Station. You can melt different Colours of Chocolate and display them in Individual Serving Bowls. Provide your guests with an assortment of Foods to Dip:

  • Strawberries
  • Bananas
  • Baked Goods
  • Marshmallows
  • Pretzels
  • Crackers

This will be a Fun Treat and Taste Delicious!

Poop Cake

We made Donte’s Poo Cake on our own, but I promise that it was Simple and You can do it, too! For ingredients, you’ll need:

  • Large Chocolate Sponge Slab (store-bought)
  • Betty Crocker Chocolate Icing
  • Premade White Fondant

All I did to make the Poop Emoji Cake was cut the Chocolate Sponge to the correct Size and Shape. Then, we frosted it with the Betty Crocker Chocolate Frosting and cut out the White Fondant for Eyes and the Smile.

We used the Leftover Pieces of the Cake and cut them into Squares. We added a Dot of Frosting and Edible Emoji Buttons to serve as an extra treat. You could also use Extra Sponge Cake for a Chocolate Dipping Station!

Poo Birthday Party Cake

Poop Party Favours

When your guests are leaving, make sure they have some Poo for the Road!

Our Personalised Poop Party Decorations come with the Supplies you Need for Favours, including Customised Stickers and Loot Bags. You’ll also find Labels for Balloon Wands, Chocolates, Tic Tacs, and Lollipops.

Poo Party Favours

For Donte’s Party, we filled Poo Party Bags with Poop Emoji Squishees and Bath Bombs, Emoji Bouncy Balls, Poop Emoji Keyrings, Chocolates, and Stickers.

Poo Party Bags

Poop Party Outfits

One of my Favourite parts of Donte’s Party was the outfits for our whole Family! You can see us posing in the Photograph here:

Poo Party Setup

To Recreate these Shirts, you could use Iron-On Decals or just Pin Printouts to Shirts of your Choice!

I also brought a Poo Hat for Donte, the Party Boy, to Wear.

Poo Party Costume

You could make this on your own with some Pillow Stuffing, Hot Glue or Fabric Glue, and Brown Fabric. For a Simple DIY Poo Hat, Wrap Brown Fabric on a hat you already own!

I hope you’ve found some Poop Themed Party Inspiration!

Boys Poop Emoji Birthday Party Decorations

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