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We played lots of Fun & Easy Minions Party Games at Donte’s Minions Themed 7th Birthday Party. All of which I made myself at Home. There was a Minion Pinata, Pass the Parcel, Pin the Eye on the Minion and my own Minions variation of Musical Chairs.

DIY Minions Pinata

The DIY Minion Pinata that I made for Donte’s Party was Pretty Awesome. I wish I had of taken photos of how I made him but I will explain as best I can.

First I found a Rectangular Cardboard Box. Than cut the top half of the box using a Stanley Knife to round the edges and create the Minion’s head. Once I had a nice shape I secured it with Satin Ribbon for Hanging. I poked a couple of holes along the top of the box and sewed the Satin ribbon through the holes for added strength. Tie the ribbon together in the middle and make sure you have plenty of length for hanging. I filled it with Wrapped Lollies and wrapped it in Yellow Crepe Paper.

Then I made the Overalls with Blue Crepe Paper, this wasn’t as difficult as it looks. I wrapped one large piece of Blue Crepe around the bottom half of the Box and secured with Super Glue. Then Cut a Rectangle piece of Blue Crepe as the front of the overalls. Cut 2 x thinner strips of blue crepe as the suspenders. Cut a piece of Black Satin Ribbon and glue around the top piece of the Minion to create the eyes. Print & Cut the Minion Eye Template and glue on the Black ribbon for his eyes. Paint a Big Smile with Black Acrylic Paint or a Black Pen. Cut some Arms & Feet with Grey Cardboard and attach with Glue. And you’re done!

Hang from a roof and let the kids line up and see if they can whack the Candy out of the Pinata!


Fun Kids Minions Party Games Printables Photos Ideas

Minions Pass the Parcel

The Minions Pass the Parcel was Pretty Cute! Pictured on the Right below. I wrapped all of the goodies in yellow crepe paper. On the last piece of crepe I wrapped a piece of Black Satin Ribbon. Print & Cut some Eyes from the Minion Eyes Template. And than added a Smile & Hair with Black Acrylic Paint.


Fun Kids Minions Party Games Printables Photos Ideas

Musical Chairs (Minions Variation)

For Donte’s Minion’s party I adapted the Classic Game of Musical Chairs and gave it a Minions Twist! I printed (from Google – pictured above to the left) pictures of Fart Guns & SR-6 Minions Weapons on A4 paper. They were laid out in a Circle and the kids had to walk around them as the music played. When the Music stopped the kids had to jump on a Weapon. Any children who weren’t on a weapon when the music stopped were ‘out’. After each round I would remove a couple of weapons and so on until there was only one left. The last child to be standing on a weapon when the music stopped was the Winner.


Fun Kids Minions Party Games Printables Photos Ideas

Pin the Eyes on the Minion

The Pin the Eyes on the Minion Game was a Big Hit with the Kids. Same Objective as the Classic Game. Blindfold Child, Spin a Circle 3 times and have them place the Eye on the Minion. I have made FREE Printable templates so that you can re-create this Game at Home. Just Print the Minion Picture and Laminate if possible. And than Print & cut out the Minion Eyes. I placed some Blu-tak on the Back of the Minion’s eye so that they would stick to the Minion. And also printed each child’s name on the Back so you could tell who the Winner was at the End of the Game!

FREE Printables – Click on the Links Below:

Pin the Eye on the Minion Party Game

Minion Eyes


Fun Kids Minions Party Games Printables Photos Ideas

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