Magical Shimmer and Shine Birthday Party Ideas & Photos

We had a Magical time at Isla's Shimmer & Shined themed 7th Birthday Party. She loved dressing as 'Shine' and made an Adorable Genie on the day!

We didn't have many Party Games this year, instead hiring a Jumping Castle for all of the Kids to play in the Backyard. It definitely took a load of my shoulders and meant that I had more time to focus on making some really Beautiful DIY Party Favours & Gifts with Isla for her guests.

Shimmer & Shine Birthday Party

Shimmer and Shine Party Area & Setup

The Shimmer & Shine themed Party Area was primarily Purple & Pink with touches of Blue & Gold. It really did look Beautiful and Isla's friends were super impressed when they arrived.

The Personalised Party Decorations & Supplies were from Katie J Design and Events; the Bunting/Banners, Posters, Wall Displays, Party Bags, Chocolate, Water and Pop top labels. To check out my Beautiful Range of  Shimmer and Shine Party Decorations, Click Here.

Shimmer & Shine Party Photos

Shimmer & Shine DIY Party Decorations

I made lots of Beautiful DIY Shimmer and Shine Party Decorations in the lead up to the Party.

  • Jewelled Bracelets - I used a Hand Saw to cut up Cardboard rolls to make Bracelets. They were spray painted Gold and Beautiful Jewels were added afterwards with the Hot Glue Gun.
  • Jewelled Head Pieces - I cut lengths of Metallic Gold Elastic measured to fit Isla's head. And joined them with the Sewing Machine. I added a Jewel to each with the Hot Glue Gun.
  • Genie Bottle Centre Pieces - I saved my Empty Wine Bottles to make Table Centrepieces. Painting them with Pink, Purple and Blue Glass Paint. I added some Gold Washi Tape and some Shimmer & Shine stickers with Mod Podge to finish the look.
  • Gold Jar Centrepieces - I saved my Empty Coffee Jars to make smaller Table Centrepieces and spray painted them gold. Once dry, I added some Mod Podge and Gold Glitter.
  • Fancy Glasses - The Girls were most Excited that they got to drink from Champagne Glasses. I brought Plastic Champagne Flutes from the Supermarket and added Adhesive Gems to them. They looked pretty special and so did the girls drinking from them on the day.
DIY Shimmer & Shine Party Decorations

Shimmer and Shine Party Bags & Favours

There was lots of Goodies for the Girls to take home with them at Isla's Party. All of the Guests were given Gold Jewelled Bracelets & a Head Piece upon arrival. They took home with them a Party Bag, Personalised Chocolate, a Colouring Book and a small box of Crayons.

I printed the Colouring Books on A4 sheets of paper and made a Cover page with a Shimmer and Shine Picture and the wording Isla's 7th Birthday Party. They were a Great Back up plan if it decided to rain and they weren't able to play on the Jumping Castle.

The Party Bags were filled with a Shimmer & Shine Tattoo, Shimmer & Shine Necklace, Shimmer & Shine Hair Clip, Shimmer & Shine Rubber Bracelet, a Party Whistle, an LCM bar, a Lollipop and a packet of chips.

Shimmer & Shine Party Bags

Shimmer and Shine Party Food

I made lots of Shimmer and Shine theme Party Food for Isla's Party. Most of it was super easy to make.

  • "Captain Zora's Cupcakes" - Blue Vanilla Cupcakes with Pink Icing in Gold Filigree Patty Cases
  • "Rainbow Waterfall"- Pink, Purple & Blue Rainbow Jelly with Condensed Milk layers
  • "Magic Carpets" - Iced Biscuits with Pink Frosting and 'Flurry' Twinkle Sprinkles
  • "Gem" & "Genie Bottle" Sugar Cookies
  • "Tala's Treats" Balls - Lolly Cake Balls rolled in Pink & Blue Sugar sprinkles
  • "Nahal's Nibbles" - Smarties
  • "Enchanted Chips" - Chips
  • "Wishy Washy" - Vanilla Wafers
  • "Princess Samira's Popcorn" - Popcorn
Shimmer & Shine Party Food

Shimmer and Shine Birthday Cake

Isla's Shimmer and Shine Birthday Cake was Adorable and Super Easy to make! My Partner baked 2 Chocolate Sponges for me the night before I decorated the cake and I trimmed the tops to begin.

First, I iced the Bottom of the layer with Purple Betty Crocker Frosting and add the top layer and frosted it too. I then spent a ridiculous amount of time adding Small Gold Cashous balls to the edges to create a border. Next it was time to attach the dolls to the top of the cake.

Shimmer and Shine were not great at sitting up on there own so I wanted to add some support to them so that they wouldn't topple on the day. I twisted Tie Wire around a wooden skewer and attached it to their backs, while they were in a seated position. I than covered the skewer and wire in cling wrap for easier insertion into the cake. Voila! A Shimmer and Shine cake which took about 40 minutes to make plus baking time.

Easy to Make Shimmer & Shine Birthday Cake

Shimmer & Shine Party Decorations & Supplies

Isla's Shimmer and Shine theme Birthday features Personalised Party Decorations from my store, Katie J Design and Events. We have Banners, Flag Bunting, Posters, Wall Displays, Party Bags, Chocolate, Water and Pop top labels in over 250 Party themes. To check out my Beautiful Range of  Shimmer and Shine Party Decorations, Click Here.

Shimmer & Shine Party Decorations

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