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Joyful Easter Traditions to Create Memories with Your Little Ones

Our family revels in the joy of fun Easter traditions, making each year a delightful experience for the kids. These Easter activities spark creativity and even a touch of enchantment for everyone involved.

I'm eager to unveil our family's Easter traditions, providing you with festive ideas to celebrate Easter for kids in your own home this season.

Family Easter Activites & Celebrations

The Easter Tree

The highlight of our Easter celebrations is undoubtedly our unique Easter tradition of the Easter Tree. Roughly two weeks prior to Easter, we embark on an adventure, scouring the outdoors for a robust, twiggy branch that will become our cherished Easter Tree.

This quest for the perfect branch turns into an exciting scavenger hunt, with the kids eagerly exploring parks and forests. We often gather several contenders before choosing the ultimate one for our Easter Tree.

Easter Tree

After securing the ideal large twiggy branch, we proceed to 'plant' it as part of our Easter traditions. Our dining room table is transformed into a festive display, with the branch set in a large vase, anchored by decorative stones, to serve as a captivating Easter centerpiece.

The decoration phase begins next, as we adorn the branch with charming hanging Easter eggs, previously acquired from the dollar store. These become the perfect Easter crafts, suspended from the tree with colorful ribbons at the whims of the children!

For those who enjoy a more hands-on approach to Easter traditions, painting your twiggy branch in vibrant Easter hues can be an engaging Easter Egg Decorating activity, perfect for kids who love a bit of creative mess.

Kids Easter Tree Tradition

Magic of the Easter Tree

We add a little Easter Magic to our Easter Tree Tradition.

Annually, on the Eve of Easter, a delightful one of the easter traditions unfolds as the kids engage in a jelly bean garden ritual, planting Jelly Beans in the Vase of the Easter Tree. Come sunrise, the beans have magically transformed into Lollipops, much to their amazement!

Kids Easter Tree Activities

The Easter family photo album is enriched with snapshots that capture my kids and the array of Easter Trees we've crafted together over the years, each one a testament to our cherished easter traditions.

Easter Countdown Calendar

When the Kids were Younger, I found a Brilliant Idea over at Infarrantly Creative for a Bunny Kisses Countdown Calendar. I took inspiration from Beckie's Calendar, which showcases her easter traditions and Easter crafts expertise with MDF skills and Powertools. Lacking these, I tweaked the design to suit what I had on hand, proving that anyone can create a version that fits their capabilities.

My take on the Easter craft involved utilising Cardboard Scraps to construct a sturdy base for the Bunny Kisses Countdown Printable.This DIY approach is a nod to the easter traditions that encourage creativity and personal touches. I printed the Bunny Kisses Template on Thin A4 Cardboard and opted for Wire to secure it to the Cardboard base, although adhesive could work just as well for those who prefer it, keeping in line with the spirit of easter traditions.

Easter Bunny Kisses Countdown

I have Created my Own FREE Printable Bunny Kisses Countdown Calendar that you too can Print & Create at Home. Print the Templateon Thin A4 Cardboard and Cut out the Pink Circles. Secure to a Cardboard Base, creating a delightful display for Easter treats. As the Easter countdown progresses, the kids revel in the joy of receiving an Easter Egg each day, a sweet prelude to the easter traditions climax.

Bunny Kisses Easter Count Down Calendar Free Printable

Bunny Footprints

Each visit from the Easter Bunny brings with it unique easter bunny ideas and the thrilling possibility to catch the Easter Bunny, evidenced by the playful traces left behind as he was Hopping Around our house.

My Children are filled with excitement on Easter, eagerly exploring the house for Easter Bunny Footprints as part of their easter morning ideas. These charming decorations are surprisingly easy to create, adding to the magic with clever Easter bunny ideas.

Just Print the FREE Printable Template below on Thin A4 Cardboard. Using a Craft Knife, cut out the Pink Foot Prints, transforming them into a delightful Easter craft.

On the Eve of Easter, once you have put out your Easter Eggs, place the A4 Footprints template on the floor and sprinkle Talcum Powder over it to create the Footprints effect. This easter bunny idea will lead to an unforgettable Easter morning experience for the little ones.

Powder Bunny Footprints

Recalling past Easter morning ideas, when Donte was younger and we had tiles, I found that using Milo was a clever (and tasty!) alternative to powder for creating those memorable Easter bunny footprints.

Chocolate Easter Footprints

In addition to the footprints, I love to sprinkle around some Bunny Fluff (cottonwoolballs), carrottops, and tiny Easter eggs, which the kids believe the Easter Bunny has accidentally dropped during his visit, enhancing our Easter bunny ideas.

How Cute are these photos of his First Easter Bunny visit!

Toddlers & Babys Fun Easter Activities
Bunny Fluff Toddler Easter Hunt

FREE Printable Easter Bunny Footprints Template

1-Easter Bunny Footprints Foot Prints Free Printable Template

Easter Egg Hunt

Would it even be Easter without an Easter Egg Hunt?

One of the most anticipated Easter activities for kids is the thrill of waking up to an easter egg hunt, searching high and low for the chocolate eggs the Easter Bunny has left scattered around the house.

Easter Egg Hunt

To foster family traditions and prevent any disputes, we initiate our easter egg hunts by starting the kids off in different areas of the house. This ensures a fair chance for all to find some Easter treasures, and in the end,we share the bounty evenly among them, celebrating Easter for kids with joy and equity.

Easter Egg Hunt Tradition

Easter Gift Ideas

Easter traditions are not just about the egg hunts; there's also Wine, Beer, Chocolate labels and much More! You can utilise these Personalised Easter Labels to add a personal touch to your gifts for Kids, Partner, or Coworkers during this festive season. Embracing fun Easter traditions, the Stickers can also be used as charming Easter labels for little bags or containers, allowing your kids to share delightful presents with their friends.

Personalised Easter Gifts

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