Fun Family Easter Traditions to Share with your Kids

Our Family has a lot of Fun with our Easter Traditions. We enjoy doing them with the Kids each year. Especially for Easter, our traditions let them be Creative and even incorporate a little Magic!

I can’t wait to share our Family Easter Traditions with you, so this year you can use a few with your own Kids.

Family Easter Activites & Celebrations

The Easter Tree

Our Favourite Easter Tradition would have to be Our Easter Tree. Each year about 2 weeks before Easter, we go on an Easter Hunt outside in search of a Large Twiggy Branch to be Our Easter Tree.

This activity gets the Kids outside as we explore Parks & Forests for the perfect Branch we can turn into our Easter Tree. Sometimes we collect a few and then pick our Favourite.

Easter Tree

Once you have found your Large Twiggy Branch, the next step is to “Plant” it. We like to put our Easter Tree on our Dining Room table, so I put the Branch into a large Vase and surround it with Decorative Stones. This way it stands upright for an Easter Centrepiece.

Next, we Decorate the Branch. A few years ago we bought cute hanging Easter Eggs from the $2 Shop and they were Perfect Decorations for Our Tree. We hang them with some ribbon wherever the kids want on the tree!

If you wanted, you could even paint your Twiggy Branch with some Easter Colours. This is especially fun if you don’t mind your Kids getting a little Messy.

Kids Easter Tree Tradition

Magic of the Easter Tree

We add a little Easter Magic to our Easter Tree Tradition.

Each year, on the Eve of Easter, the Kids plant Jelly Beans in the Vase of the Easter Tree. When they wake up the following morning, the beans have sprouted into Lollipops!

Kids Easter Tree Activities

In the photographs, you can see pictures of my Kids and some of the different Easter Trees we have Created together throughout the years.

Easter Countdown Calendar

When the Kids were Younger, I found a Brilliant Idea over at Infarrantly Creative for a Bunny Kisses Countdown Calendar. Beckie’s Calendar is much Nicer than Mine, because she has some MDF skills and Powertools. Since I have neither, I had to adapt the design a little. You could easily recreate whichever works best for you!

For my Easter Countdown Calendar, I used Cardboard Scraps to create a Base for the Bunny Kisses Countdown Printable to sit on. I printed the Bunny Kisses Template on Thin A4 Cardboard and used some Wire to affix it to the Cardboard base. You could also glue it if you prefer.

Easter Bunny Kisses Countdown

I have Created my Own FREE Printable Bunny Kisses Countdown Calendar that you too can Print & Create at Home. Print the Templateon Thin A4 Cardboard and Cut out the Pink Circles. Secure to a Cardboard Base like I have made above and place Easter Eggs in the Circle cut-outs. In the Week leading up to Easter the Kids can have an Easter Egg each morning or night to celebrate and countdown to Easter!

Bunny Kisses Easter Count Down Calendar Free Printable

Bunny Footprints

When the Easter Bunny comes to visit our House, he always leaves behind a few signs that he was Hopping Around.

The Kids love waking up each Easter morning to find Easter Bunny Footprints scattered through the house. I promise, these are so Easy to make.

Just Print the FREE Printable Template below on Thin A4 Cardboard. Using a Craft Knife, cut out the Pink Foot Prints.

On the Eve of Easter, once you have put out your Easter Eggs, place the A4 Footprints template on the floor and sprinkle Talcum Powder over it to create the Footprints effect.

Powder Bunny Footprints

When Donte was younger, we had tiles in the house and it was great because I was able to use Milo instead of powder.

Chocolate Easter Footprints

I also try to scatter Bunny Fluff (Cotton Wool Balls), Carrot Tops, and some Little Easter eggs which the Kids think the Easter Bunny has dropped as he was hopping through the house.

How Cute are these photos of his First Easter Bunny visit!

Toddlers & Babys Fun Easter Activities
Bunny Fluff Toddler Easter Hunt

FREE Printable Easter Bunny Footprints Template

1-Easter Bunny Footprints Foot Prints Free Printable Template

Easter Egg Hunt

Would it even be Easter without an Easter Egg Hunt?

Possibly, our Kids Favourite Acitivity each Easter is waking up and running around the house to collect all of the Little Chocolate Eggs that the Bunny has left scattered about.

Easter Egg Hunt

To avoid arguments, we start our kids off in different areas of the house, that way everyone gets a good chance to collect some Easter Eggs. In the spirit of fairness, at the end of the hunt, all of the Easter Eggs are divided up evenly between the kids.

Easter Egg Hunt Tradition

Easter Gift Ideas

I have a Gorgeous Range of Personalised Easter Gifts over at my Store, Katie J Design & Events. There is Wine, Beer, Chocolate labels and much More! You can use the Labels for Gifts for your Kids, Partner, or Coworkers on Easter. The Stickers even make fun Easter labels for little bags or containers, so your kids can give fun presents to their friends.

Personalised Easter Gifts

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