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No Bake Easy to Make Iced Biscuits

My Favourite Party Foods are always Delicious and Easy. They become my go-to Treats that I turn to Again and Again, making simple adaptations for any Theme or Celebration.

One of my most Popular Party Treats is Iced Biscuits. They are so Incredibly Easy to make, and guests of all ages Love them! They’ve made numerous appearances on my Party Tables over the years.

Here are instructions for how I make them, and some tips to get Creative to match your Celebration theme!

Iced Biscuits Feature Square

Ingredients and Instructions for Easy Iced Biscuits

Everything about these Iced Biscuits is pretty Straightforward and Simple. No Fancy Ingredients or Tools needed, and they are Quick, as well! You have a lot of choice when making Iced Biscuits. Seriously, you can pick any biscuit, frosting, or decorations you want!

If you’re looking for the Super Simple route, I recommend one of these biscuits you can get at the store: Arnotts Marie Biscuits are Circle; Milk Arrowroot Biscuits are Oval; and Nice Biscuits are Rectangle.

For Frosting, I usually Betty Crocker Frosting as it is pre-made and easier when I have a lot of Party Food to make. But I have also used Buttercream in the past and this has worked great, too.

Here’s an overview of what you need:

  • Biscuits (shape of your choice)
  • Any Frosting
  • Knife or Icing Spatula
  • Edible Decorations

And here are the directions:

  1. Make your biscuits, or unpackage them.
  2. Frost your biscuits and arrange in a single layer on a plate, baking sheet, or serving tray.
  3. Decorate your biscuits with candies, chocolates, sprinkles, or lollies.

They really are that Quick and Easy to Create! I also love that kids can help make these, either Icing them or Adding the Fun Decorations.

Here is a Photo Collage of the many versions of Iced Biscuits I’ve made over the years:

Easy to Make Iced Biscuits

Easy Iced Biscuits to Match Your Theme

Here’s a great collection of the Celebrations where I’ve featured Iced Biscuits that matched the theme! Hopefully these give you an idea of how you can adapt my creations and make them your own for your own amazing Party.

This first one is from the Birds & Owl Baby Shower I threw when I was pregnant with my daughter. You can see the Iced Biscuits in the bottom left. I used Milk Arrowroot Biscuits, frosted them in Chocolate Icing, and added Pink and White Sprinkles.

Birds & Owl Baby Shower

For my son Donte’s 10th Birthday, we threw a Cricket Themed Party and made some delicious Iced Biscuits that were shaped and decorated to look like a Cricket Ball.

I used circle biscuits and iced them in Chocolate Frosting. I piped white and black details so they’d resemble the lacing on cricket balls. They were a huge hit with the guests and cricket fans!

Cricket Party Food

My daughter Paige’s First Birthday was a Ladybug Themed celebration! The party space was full of black, red, and adorable little bugs.

The Iced Biscuits are on the top left in the picture and look just like Ladybugs! I iced little black circles in the bottom third of these oval shaped biscuits, filled in the rest red, used little candies for the spots, and iced white eyes and a smile on each cute bug.

Lady Bug Party Food

These Minions Iced Biscuits were for my son Donte’s 7th Minions Themed Birthday Party, and they were super tasty. I iced the bottom third of finger-shaped biscuits blue and the tops yellow. I used cut licorice strips for the eye straps, and topped them with white mini marshmallows. Iced black details were perfect for the eye and smiles.

Minions Party Food

These next Iced Biscuit examples perfectly rounded out Donte’s Pirate Themed Birthday Party. With a little creativity, I turned oval biscuits into sea-worthy Pirates using vanilla frosting, sprinkles, and an assortment of candies.

Pirate Party Food

These next photos are from a truly Lovely Surprise Party I threw for my Mum’s 60th, with a Beautiful Rustic Floral Themed Birthday. These were simple but Delicious Iced Biscuits in a circle shape and Pink and Purple Sprinkles that matched the theme.

Rustic Floral Birthday Party Food

When my daughter Isla turned 7, she had a magical Shimmer & Shine Themed Birthday Party. We used the colours Pink and Purple, with a little Blue & Gold, for the Party Decorations and served some delicious treats, including Iced Biscuits we called “Magic Carpets.”

They were simple to make and so much fun to tie to the theme! I iced rectangle biscuits in Pink frosting and added some Twinkle Sprinkles. You can see them on the bottom left!

Shimmer and Shine Party Food

The Trolls movie turns into a beautiful birthday party! Here are some of the treats I made for Isla’s 6th Birthday Trolls Themed Party, complete with lots of Pink, Blue, and the character Poppy.

The Iced Biscuits I made for this Colourful Party are a great example of how easy it is to use candies to adapt my concept for almost any theme. I used circle biscuits, vanilla frosting, and lots of M&Ms I arranged in the shape of colourful flowers.

Trolls Party Food

Easy Tim Tams Party Treats

How cute are these Iced Tim Tams that my daughter, Paige made for her Fairy themed 5th Birthday Party. They are such a delicious and easy party food for kids and adults.

Easy Tim Tams Party Treat

To make the Iced Tim Tams, we put a squiggle of icing down the centre of the White Chocolate Tim Tams and Paige added the Fairy Sprinkles for effect. How great do they look displayed on Tropical Leaves at her Fairy Party. If you look closely in the photo below, you can see the regular plain iced biscuits that Paige made too. They were made with Arnotts Milk Arrowroot Biscuits, Pink Icing and Beautiful Edible Sprinkles by Cakers Paradise.

Fairy Party Food and Treats

There are so many Wonderful Iced Biscuit Creations that you could make. Your Imagination is the Only Limit!

Make sure to visit Katie J Design & Events for Personalised Decorations and Inspiration.

Personalised Party Decorations

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