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Amazing Boys Pirate DIY Birthday Party Ideas & Photos

Donte's Pirate Themed 5th Birthday Party!

Donte's Pirate Party was years ago, 6 years to be exact! It feels like a lifetime ago and is one of the more elaborate themed parties that I have created for the kids. There was so much DIY I had started the planning 3 months prior to finish making everything in time.

Pirate Party Area & Setup

The theme was Red, Black & White Pirates. We set up 2 Marquees in the yard so there was shade and cover incase it rained. All of the tables were clothed Red & Black. Wine Bottles were filled with Sand and a faux Treasure map to create table centre pieces. Plastic Gold Coins were scattered on the tables. We also made lots of Pirate decor from lego which were added to the tables.

We made a Pirate plank from timer which was supported by bricks. I painted 'Shiver Me Timbers' with Acrylic on the timber. This was a Favourite toy of the kids for years to come.

Quirky signs were hung around the house including 'Pirates Poop Deck' on the toilet door and 'Wipe your Booty on the Toilet lid.

I painted a Pirate Flag/Party Sign for the day from Raw White Callico & Acrylic paint. It was hung on the fence where guests entered and so that it could be seen from the road. I was lucky enough to find a large old chest in my travels and painted it up like a Pirates.

Pirate Party Area Setup photos ideas

Party Games

There were lots of Pirate themed games played on the day but the favourite by far was the Pirate Pinata! This was one of the 1st pinatas that I made for the kids, using the traditional balloon, newspaper and flour-glue method. I was so worried the the kids would crack it and not everyone would get a go, that I put so many layers on, it took them over an hour to crack it on the day! Was definitely a learning curb for Pinatas to come!

Pirate Party Photos Ideas Inspo

Party Food

Keeping with the theme there was lots of Pirate Party Food served on the day!

  • "Cannonballs" - Meatballs
  • "Sausage Ships" - Cheerios
  • "Golden Nuggets" - Chicken Nuggets
  • "Bloody Fingers" - Fish Fingers dipped in Sauce
  • "Pirate Patches" - Potato Smiles
  • "Pirate Faces" - Iced Biscuits
  • "Squids Ink" - BBQ Sauce
  • "Ruby Sauce" - Tomato Sauce
  • "Dirt", "Sand", "Sea Bags" - Coffee, Sugar and Tea

Pirate Party Food Ideas Photos

Pirate Birthday Cake

Donte's Pirate Birthday Cake was Pretty Special and massive! It was made using a Sponge slab and 2 x smaller round cakes. I cut out the smaller cakes and skewered in place on the larger sponge; Frosted the cake and used lots of Pirate lego to setup a Pirate montage. It was pretty spectacular and the kids loved it!

Pirate Birthday Cake Photos Inspo Ideas

Pirate Party Decorations & Supplies

This party was a couple of years before I began the business, so most of the decorations in the photos above I made myself or sourced from the local dollar store. I now have a Fabulous Pirate Party theme over at Katie J Design and Events. To Check out the Range, Click Here.

Pirate Party Decorations Supplies

Katie Lynch

As the Owner of Katie J Design and Events, Katie Lynch provides Advice and DIY Tips on 'How to Create and Style an Amazing Party that Everyone Loves'. Katie shares her Easy and Affordable Party Foods, Cake Hacks, Decorating Ideas, Inspo and Photos from her 20 years of Experience as a Qualified Events Manager.

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