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Fun Kid’s Valentine’s Day Traditions

What Valentine’s Day Traditions do you Celebrate?

The Day seems to be marketed in so many different ways. Couples lean toward Romance, Chocolate, and Flowers. Kids Create Valentine’s for their Friends.

In our Family, we Love to Include our Kids in Valentine’s Day Traditions. It’s such a Great Holiday for showing everyone a little Appreciation. And of course, we always have Lots of Fun, too!

I can’t wait to share our Favourite Traditions with you. I love teaching the Kids to be kind and look after each other. I hope this is something they continue as they get older and that it gives them some skills to develop healthy and caring relationships with others.

I hope that you can use some of my ideas for a Valentine’s Day that’s full of Love, Smiles, and Laughter.

fun valentines day activites celebrations

Valentine’s Day Boxes

The weekend before Valentine’s Day, we make our Valentine’s Day Boxes together as a family. This has evolved over the years. When my Kids were younger, I would make all the boxes and we’d decorate them together. Now, everyone makes their own box!

It’s a Great Kids Valentine’s Day Tradition because we can spend time with each other. The kids love making things and it is so cute to see their Excitement as they carefully construct their boxes.

And, of course, it gets a little Competitive, too!

valentines traditions kids fun

I promise these Boxes are Super Easy to make with Materials from around your House, especially if you’re like me.

I am one of those Crazy Mums who hoards Boxes & Containers and anything that might be able to be used to Decorate! Thankfully, at Valentine’s Day, I get to lighten my stash a bit and know my hoarding served a purpose!

Here are the items you’ll need to make these Easy Valentine’s Day Boxes:

  • A box for everyone in the Family. Leftover Cereal Boxes and Postage Boxes are perfect!
  • Scissors or Utility Knife
  • Masking tape
  • Paint or Gift Wrap (Valentine’s Colours, of course!)
  • Decorations. We like Stickers, Magazine Clippings, Glitter, and Craft Scraps. Anything works!

And here are the Simple Steps for Making the Boxes:

Step 1

Collect the Boxes for each Member of the Family. Find a nice Space for laying out the boxes and decorations, like a table or cleared floor area.

Step 2

Using Tape, seal each of the Boxes Closed on all the sides.

Step 3

Using a Stanley Knife, cut a Slit in each box so there’s a place to “post” Valentine’s Day Cards.

valentines day boxes how to make 1

Step 4

Wrap the Valentines Day Boxes in Red Wrapping Paper, just like you would a Present. You can also use paint if you want!

valentines day boxes how to make

Step 5

Locate the Mailing Slit that you made early and cut another slit, this time in the Wrapping Paper. Fold back the edges of the Wrapping Paper and Secure with tape. (If you used Paint, you can skip this step!)

valentines day boxes how to make 2

Step 6

Repeat this Process for all of the Valentines Day Boxes.

valentines day boxes how to make 3

Step 7

Decorate your Boxes! Don’t forget to add Names. This way you’ll know which Box belongs to each Family Member!

valentines day celebrations

I have created a FREE Printable Template that you can download to help you Decorate your Valentines Day Boxes. The Larger Hearts are for Everyone to write their Names on and attach to their Boxes. The Smaller Hearts are to Decorate your Boxes.

Valentines Hearts Printable Template

These Boxes are just the Perfect Kids Valentine’s Day Tradition. They’re also Great Decorations. They help make a Festive Display in the days leading up to the Holiday.

They’re also Easy, Fun, and teach the Kids about Giving to Others and Showing Love and Appreciation. After all, we don’t just make the boxes. We all make Cards for Each Other, too!

valentines day celebrations

Valentine’s Day Cards

My next Kids Valentine’s Day Tradition to share is making cards. In our house, in the week leading up to Valentine's Day, you have to make a Card for everyone else in the family and post the card in their box before the Big Day!

fun kids valentines day traditions

As you can see, Card Making is also a lot of Fun for the Kids. They can be Creative and think of the Messages they want to share with their Siblings and Parents.

When they were younger, we Helped them Write the Messages. Now it’s almost always a surprise what they write!

You can make the Cards as Quick and Easy or Creative as you Want. Some years, we just gave the Kids some Coloured Paper and Crayons. But especially as they got older, they had a Collection of Craft Supplies they could use for Decorating.

valentines day cards

Even Baby Paige made Valentine’s Cards for Everyone on her First Valentine’s Day. She had so much fun stamping her feet in the Red Paint to create Love Hearts for the front of her cards.

valentines day cards baby painting

I love to collect all of the Cards that I receive off the Kids each year, some of their messages can be so sweet. I am sure they will make a Lovely Keepsake in years to come.

When writing my own Cards for the Kids, I like to make them something Funny that they will enjoy. They often take their cards to school to show their Friends & Teachers. I found some very clever stuff to write in their cards over at Card Messages – great when I needed inspiration.

Once our Cards were complete we got to post our cards in each other’s boxes. Of course, make sure that no one peeks before the Big Day!

fun valentines day activites celebrations

Valentine’s Day Morning

We’ve also turned Valentine’s Day Morning into a great Kids Valentine’s Day Tradition.

The ‘Valentine’s Fairy’ visits our house and leaves everyone a little Gift. One year, she left my older Kids a Balloon each and gave baby Paige a Valentine’s Puppy. Mummy got a Bunch of Roses and Daddy got a Lotto Ticket.

The Kids are always Happy with this Little Surprise. Check out some of the Fun Valentines Day Gifts Ideas we have for the Kids, Here. And then it’s time for Breakfast!

Little Dragon Kids Valentines day Gifts

Valentine's Day Breakfast is probably our Favourite meal all year! We make Red Heart Shaped Pancakes using Food dye and Heart shaped Cookie Cutters. You could make these from scratch or just add the Food dye to a boxed Mix. So Easy and Delicious!

While eating our Pancake Breakfast everyone gets to open their Valentine’s Day Boxes and read all of their Cards. This is usually where I get a bit teary and sentimental. I love the things my kids come up with to write in their cards.

fun kids valentines day breakfast traditions 2

If Valentine’s Day falls on a ‘School Day,’ I like to sneak some Valentine's Day Lunch Box notes in their Lunch bags to make them smile. Even just a personal & heartfelt note to your Children makes for a great Kids Valentine’s Day Tradition they’ll look forward to.

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