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Donte’s Minion Themed 7th Birthday Party

The Minions Party Theme is a Couple of Years Old and one that I created when I was just starting out my Party Supply Business. I also had a lot more time on my hands back then and wanted to share with you all some of the Wonderful & Fun Games, Decorations and Food I was able to create.


Minions Party Ideas DIY Decorations Photos Cake Games Food

Party Decorations

This was the Party Room Set Up for Donte’s Minions themed Birthday Party. There were 2 x Trestle tables – one for Cake & Food and the other for Party Bags & Presents. A Minions Party Wall Display personalised with Donte’s name was hung on the Wall and Despicable Me Posters, which he got to hang in his room after the party. There was Blue & Yellow Balloons tied in pairs with Gold Curling ribbon. Minions Pennant Banners (Bunting) lined the Cake Table and Paper Lanterns were strung from the Roof.

The Minion Lanterns were Super Easy to Make with Yellow Paper Lanterns. I have created a Quick Tutorial Post of how to make them at Home in a couple of Easy Steps. Includes FREE Printable Minions Eyes. Check it out Here: Easy DIY Minions Paper Lanterns.


Minions Party Ideas DIY Decorations Photos Cake Games Food


The Minions Cardboard Cut-Out was one of the Coolest Pieces I have made. It was a Fabulous Photo Prop at the Party and the Kids loved getting their photo taken in the Minion. I have Created a Post with a Step by Step Tutorial on how it was made, see – How to Make a Minions Cardboard Cut Out at Home.


Minions Party Ideas DIY Decorations Photos Cake Games Food

Minions Party Food

The Party Food at Donte’s Minions Themed Birthday Party was both Easy & Creative. The Kids loved the Party Treats so that was a Bonus!

Chocolate Spoons:

Chocolate Spoons are so Easy to make and can be styled for any Party Theme. Dip Plastic Table Spoons in Nutella. Arrange nicely on a Plate or a Platter. And Decorate. For the Minions Themed Party I placed Blue & Yellow M & M’s on each spoon. Then chill in the Fridge before the Party.

Jelly Cups:

Pick a Jelly sachet that matches your Party Theme. In this case it was Blue. Prepare the Jelly according to the instructions on the jelly packet. Pour into Small Clear Plastic Shot Glasses.


My cooking skills are quite limited so I used Chocolate Cupcake Mix and picked matching Cupcake cases. The Chocolate Cupcakes were then decorated with Minions Cupcake Toppers.

Minions Biscuits:

The Minions Biscuits were a hit on the day. To make, you will need Finger Shaped Biscuits, Yellow Icing, Blue Icing, Black Licorice Strap, Black Icing Gel & Mini White Marshmallows. First, Ice the Bottom Third of the Biscuit Blue, then Ice the top 2/3 of the Biscuit Yellow. Cut the Licorice Straps into small pieces the width of the Biscuit and place toward the top of the yellow icing. Cut the Mini Marshmallows in half and place them in the middle of the licorice sticky side down. Using Black Icing Gel add a Smile and an eye ball to the marshmallow.


Minions Party Ideas DIY Decorations Photos Cake Games Food

Minions Birthday Cake

Donte loved the Minions Birthday Cake that I made for his Party. I have no Baking Skills but a lot of creativity, so I was pretty impressed with the Finished Cake. This is a quick run through of how I made it.

I ordered a Half Slab Vanilla Cake from the Supermarket. Using a Wooden Skewer I marked out an Oval Shape for the Minion. I than cut out the Oval Shaped Minion with a Bread Knife. With the Skewer again I drew and marked the Finer Details of the Minion – Overalls, Eyes etc I died Vanilla Betty Crocker Frosting with Blue, Yellow & Black Icing Gels. Using a thin Paint Brush I painted in the lines that I had marked with a Skewer. I used Black Licorice to give the Minion some hair and printed Minion Arms & Legs on the Computer – Cut and Laminated them before adding them to the cake. Very proud of the minimal skill that was required to make this cake.


Minions Party Ideas DIY Decorations Photos Cake Games Food

Minions Party Games

We played lots of Fun & Easy Minions Party Games at Donte’s Minions Themed 7th Birthday Party. All of which I made myself at Home. There was a Minion Pinata, Pass the Parcel, Pin the Eye on the Minion and my own Minions variation of Musical Chairs. For more details on the Minions Party Games that we played check out my Post – Fun & Easy Minions Party Games.


Minions Party Ideas DIY Decorations Photos Cake Games Food

Minions Party Supplies

The Minions Party Theme has since become a Very Popular Design in my Personalised Party Supply and the design has since been updated. The Range includes Wall Displays, Banners, Posters, Loot Bags, Water Bottle Labels, Invites, Cupcake Toppers & More! Check it out Today: Minions Party Theme.


Minions Party Ideas DIY Decorations Photos Cake Games Food


Donte’s Minions Themed Birthday Party was a Huge Success. He had a Lovely Day Celebrating with Family & Friends and we all have memories that we will forever cherish.

I hope I have given you some Ideas & Inspiration if you too are planning a Minions Birthday Party. Feel Free to Post a Comment if you have Any Questions or Contact Me on the link below.


Minions Party Ideas DIY Decorations Photos Cake Games Food

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