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Beautiful Baby Shower Ideas with a Birds and Owl Party Theme

There's something magical about celebrating new life and welcoming a little one into the world. And what better way to do that than with a beautiful baby shower?

We had the pleasure of throwing a whimsical birds and owl-themed party for our beautiful daughter Paige, it was a joyful occasion filled with love and laughter. From the charming decorations to the delicious food and adorable favours, everything was thoughtfully planned to create a memorable celebration.

In this article, we'll share all the details of our party styling tips, including how we pulled together the perfect combination of colours, textures, and themes to create a truly enchanting atmosphere. So if you're planning a baby shower, get ready to be inspired by our beautiful celebration for Paige!

Birds and Owl Baby Shower

A Modern Baby Shower

The Baby Shower I organised was one of the most beautiful parties I have ever put together. I was so taken by the Gorgeous Birds & Owls Party theme that I used the decorations in Baby Paige's Room after the shower.

It was a non-traditional Baby Shower, with both my partner and our family and friends - both male and female guests were invited. No games were played; we just celebrated the imminent arrival of our baby girl, who was due in less than three months.

Family Baby Shower

Unveiling the Baby Name and Artistic Belly Painting

In February, we held a Gender Reveal Party to discover that we were having a Baby Girl. Everyone asked us what we would name our precious daughter and I decided to make it a surprise for the Baby Shower. We had posters with Acrostic Poems featuring her name, Paige Grace Lynch throughout the event.

My favourite name reveal was having my Belly Painted with the Birds & Owl Party design and my Baby Girl's Name. Becc from Face Painting by Becc did an incredible job and the photos were a wonderful memento that I will always cherish. Check it out below!

Pregnancy Belly Painting

Adorning the Baby Shower

Decorating for a baby shower is an enjoyable way to get ready to welcome a new child into the world. The Beautiful Birds & Owl Party Theme from Paige's Baby Shower is available from Katie J Design and Events.

Our Baby Shower decorations are completely customisable to your liking, and we can even add the mum-to-be's name or the new arrival's name to make it truly unique.

Birds and Owl Baby Shower Decorations

Our Whimsical Girls Birds and Owl themed decorations are simply enchanting! They feature an adorable owl sitting on a branch with beautiful birds, creating a sweet spring atmosphere. The Pink, Purple and Aqua colour scheme adds a touch of tranquillity and calmness to the event.

We offer everything from banners and bunting to invites, loot bags, drink labels, customised stickers, and party favours, ensuring that every aspect of your baby shower is covered. Trust us to help you make your special occasion even more special!

Girls Birds & Owl Baby Shower Decorations Pack

Arranging the Table

The task of setting up the table is an important step in the process.

We are quite fortunate to have a Large Undercover Entertaining Area where I could set-up the Tables & Chairs for the Baby Shower. The area was composed of 3 Tables with their respective seating for the Guests; one Trestle Table for the Cake & Party Food; and the smaller Trestle Table for the Gifts & Favours.

The Party colours chosen were Purple, Blue, and Pink, and the tables were styled to coordinate. The Guest tables were draped with disposable plastics in Pink and Blue. To keep these Tablecloths from being blown away, Clear Packing Tape was used to secure them.

Make sure to tape them underneath the tables so they are not visible to the Guests or in pictures. The Trestle tables were covered with Purple Satin and held in place with Table Clips. They were also adorned with Purple Tulle.

Baby Shower Setup

Baby Shower Centre Pieces

Centre pieces can be considered focal points in a room, providing a sense of focus and direction. They can be used to bring together the elements of a room, creating a sense of cohesion and unity.

To serve as Table Centrepieces, I got Bunches of Fake Flowers from the $2 Shop. Each was put in a Large Coffee Jar that I had previously gathered. Some of these Jars were filled with Purple Decorative Stones from the same store, and the lids were tied with a Purple Satin Bow. For the other Jar Centrepieces, Tutu Skirts were used. My Friend made these Skirts for me with Elastic and Sequin Fabric, similar to how a doll's skirt would be created by taking the Jar's width as the waist measurement.

To keep costs down, I opted for Plastic Champagne Flutes for our Guests. I gave them a bit of flair by tying a Purple Curling Ribbon around each of the stems and curling it with a pair of scissors. For the final touches, I put out Bottles of Rose as you can never have too much Pink at a Girls Baby Shower. Adorning the Wine Bottles were Birds & Owl Wine Bottle Labels which read "Beau & Katie's Baby Shower."

Birds and Owl Baby Shower Centrepieces

Personalised Prints & Banners

The Party Area was adjoined with Birds & Owl Flag Bunting reading 'Baby Girl'. Additionally, Tissue Paper Pom Poms from eBay were festively arranged beneath them. Despite a lack of skill in making Pom Poms, the flower shapes hanging around the room still created a beautiful and impressive effect.

The Area was adorned with the Birds & Owl Party Posters, each adorned with an Acrostik Poem using our Baby Girl Paige's Name. I have made available some FREE Printables which we used during the event, should you wish to Print at Home for your Own Party. Just Click on the Pictures Below.

Birds and Owl Baby Shower Printables

Baby Shower Favours for Guests

At the Baby Shower, I sourced these Adorable Baby Bottles from Ali Express - they were incredibly inexpensive; 50 pieces for only $20, and they were already adorned with Ribbons and Decals. To complement the Colour Scheme that was chosen, I ordered the bottles in Pink & Blue and filled them with Pink & Blue Jelly Beans.

Baby Shower Favours

Another Fantastic and inexpensive gift for your guests to take home are Personalised Chocolate bars. Styled to match your event, our Birds and Owl Chocolate Labels are printed with your unique celebration details. Check out the photo below!

Birds & Owl Party Chocolate Labels

Delicious Treats for a Baby Shower

Celebrating the upcoming arrival of a new baby? Make sure to include some special treats to share with your guests. A baby shower cake is a great centerpiece, and other fun and festive party treats will make the event even more memorable.

Baby Shower Cake

We were lucky to have one of our friends who's a very talented baker make our baby shower cake. Not only was it scrumptious but it was also visually stunning and matched our birds & owl party theme perfectly. If you are not so lucky, and love an easy no-bake solution, check out our mud cake hacks for some delicious inspiration.

Birds and Owl Baby Shower Cake

The cupcake toppers were from my personalised party store, and part of my birds & owl party range. The cupcakes were iced with purple icing, of course.

The rest of the food that was served also followed suit with the party theme, such as pink watermelon and blue, pink & purple musk sticks. Finally, we had cookies which were especially delicious and addictive when expecting!

Iced Biscuits

The Kids enjoyed the Iced Biscuits I made, which were so easy and inexpensive. To create them, I took Milk Arrowroot Biscuits, covered them with Chocolate Icing, and sprinkled on Pink & White Sprinkles. These deliciously simple snacks can be tailored to any Party Colour Scheme.

Baby Shower Food

It was such a wonderful experience for all of us to come together and celebrate the upcoming birth of our little girl. She was presented with so many lovely presents, and I will never forget all the amazing memories from that day. It's crazy to think that our sweet princess is already 6 years old!

Make sure to Visit Katie J Design and Events

Hey there! Are you planning a baby shower soon? Look no further! Our Baby Shower Decorations are just what you need to make the event extra special and unique. We offer premium quality decorations that can be customised with the mum-to-be's or new arrival's name.

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