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Adorable Valentine’s Day Gifts

I’ve always thought of Valentine’s Day as a Wonderful Holiday for Celebrating others. After all, the Day is all about making Friends, Family, and especially Loved Ones feel Appreciated and even Adored. So today, I’m going to share with you our New Collection of Valentine’s Day Gifts!

You can customise a gift for your Valentine by choosing from our wide range of themes and designs, and adding the name of the sender. Many of our labels also allow you to upload a photograph for an extra Special Touch.

Personalised Valentines Day Gifts

Wine and Beer Labels

Are you looking for a gift for your Romantic Partner? Nothing says “Be My Valentine” quite like a Personalised Beverage you can share. And when Valentine’s Day is over, the Beautiful Bottle becomes a Keepsake of your Love!

Our Floral Valentines Day Gift Wine & Beer Labels are Gorgeous, and say “Happy Valentine’s Day” with a place for you to add your name & the recipient's name so you can declare your “Love Always.”

Floral Valentines Day Wine & Beer Labels with Photo

For a Valentine who appreciates a little Humour, look no further than our Beery Much Valentines Day Gift Beer Labels.

Beery Much Valentines Day Wine & Beer Labels

Cadbury Chocolate and Mini Chocolate Labels

It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without Chocolate.

We have two options for Chocolate Labels. One of our stickers is made to fit Cadbury 200g Chocolates, and the other sticker is designed to fit Aldi Choceur 40g Mini Chocolates.

Here’s an example of our Hugs & Kisses Valentine’s Day Gift Mini Chocolate Labels. These would be perfect for Parents from Kids!

Hugs & Kisses Valentines Day Mini Chocolate Labels

Round Plant Stickers

Do you like to give Flowers to your Valentine? Check out our Round Plant Stickers. They’re perfect for Potted Plants, or any other Creative, Romantic gift you can think of.

You can use them as Box Labels, apply them to Flower Bouquets, or add them to Jars filled with Sweets and Homemade Treats. If you’re putting together Gifts for a Teacher or Coach, these are Versatile and Easy to Use for a Special Valentine’s Touch!

I Love our Clever Aloe You Very Much Design. It will make any Valentine smile!

Aloe You Very Much Valentines Day Gift Plant Stickers

Rectangle Stickers

Our Rectangle Stickers are Super Versatile. They’re sized 4.7cm x 5.5cm and you can use them for Decorating Containers, Plastic Bags, Pop Top Juice Bottles, and Bubble Wands!

We Love that they’re water-proof and high-quality, so even on bubble wands and juice the amazing designs will last. These are Perfect for Personalised Valentine’s Gifts your Kids can hand out to their Friends. How Adorable is this Monsters Valentines Day Gift design?

Monsters Valentines Day Gift Bubble Wand Labels

Round Stickers

Even though these round labels are perfect for lollipops, you can use them for almost any Valentine’s Day Gift. We’ve seen them on Play-Doh lids, Party Bags, and Small Containers for Fun DIY Presents.

For example, you can use our Teddy Bear Valentine Design on a small container of your choice, and fill it with Pink Candies your Kid can Give a Friend or Relative.

Teddy Bear Valentines Day Gift Round Lollipop Stickers

Tic Tac Labels

Want to make sure someone has fresh breath for Valentine’s Day? Wink wink.

Give the gift of Tic Tacs. They’re the perfect little mint for a tasty treat, and they’re super portable. Just peel and stick these labels made specifically for 24g Tic Tacs containers.

This Little Dragon Valentine’s Day Giftdesign might be exactly what your Kid wants to Give some friends!

Little Dragon Valentines Day Gift Tic Tac Labels

I hope that our Collection of Personalised Valentine’s Day Gifts has Inspired you to help others feel Loved and Adored!

Don’t forget to visit us at Katie J Design and Events, where we have Australia’s Largest Collection of Party Supplies and Decorations that you can use for any Celebration or Special Occasion!

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