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Uncoupling in Style: Tips for Throwing a Fun and Memorable Divorce Party

If you’re going through a Divorce, don’t forget to balance out all of the Paperwork with a Divorce Party. It’s a Fantastic Way to Celebrate being Single again. And if things are getting a little difficult, a Divorce Party helps you have a Great Time.

At a Divorce Party, the focus shouldn’t be on the past or your ex. The Focus is your Future and having Fun in the Present!

When I was going through my Divorce, I knew that the Perfect Time to throw a Party was right after I moved into my own Place. Once I had a new Home, I was ready to move on and celebrate the occasion with my Friends.

I can’t wait to Share all about my Divorce Party and other Ideas I have if you want to throw your own. Make sure you keep reading if you like Fun Food, Drinks, and Innuendo!

Pick a Divorce Party Theme

I personally Love when Parties have themes. Divorce Parties are no different! Just like with any Party, the Theme helps you tie everything together, from the Decorations to the Food to the Games.

When I threw my Divorce Party, I used the Theme “Jail Break.” I asked all my Guests to wear a “Jail Bird” Costume and I made a “Jail Cell” out of pool noodles.

Making the Jail Cell just took a little time to connect the pool noodles into a grid. Then I wrapped them with Duct Tape, which helped hold them together and made for a great Metal-Looking Finish.

Divorce Party Jail Cell Prop

This “Jail Cell” was pretty Central to my Party Space. I decorated the rest of the Area in Black and White, with a Tablecloth, DIY Chair Covers, and Balloons.

I also hung some Divorce Quotes on the Walls. These were meant to be funny and few were even a bit, Naughty! They were perfect for setting the Mood for my Divorce Party.

You can see my full setup here:

Divorce Party Setup Area

This Jail Cell was also Perfect for Photographs with my Friends throughout the night! Check out these photos of us having a Great Time Celebrating my Divorce.

Divorce Party Jail Cell Photo Booth

Serve Fun Snacks and Drinks

I didn’t go Crazy serving tons of Food at my Divorce Party. But I did get Creative. Even though the Theme for my Party was Jail Break, I also incorporated phallic objects wherever I could. That’s right. Penises.

Cheeky Willies. Doodles.

Whatever you like to call them, I had them!

First, I made a Bright Pink Cheeky Willy Cake. It’s featured on my Blog as a Cake Hack. It’s Super Easy and definitely makes a statement. You can see this Amazing and Delicious Jam Roll Penis in the photo below!

Hens & Divorce Party Cake

I also put together some Snack Plates with suggestive, inappropriately-placed objects. Here’s one of the examples. You can see the long hot dogs, chips, and creatively located balls of dip.

Divorce Party Food

Honestly, you can make Snack Plates like this out of almost anything. You just need to pair something long with two things that are round… wink wink! Collect all your Sausages, Cucumbers, and Candy Bars, and pair them up with Grapes, Melon Balls, or Mini Cupcakes.

And who cares if no one gets around to eating all the phallic foods. They’re fun to look at while you’re Celebrating your Divorce Party!

While you’re getting the Food ready, don’t forget the drinks.

At my Divorce Party, I had a DIY Mimosa Bar. I Love doing these, because everyone can Create her own Mimosa. I supply a few bottles of Sparkling Brut, several Fruit Juices, sliced fruit for garnish, and glasses.

Mimosa Bar & Drinks

Plan Some Games

I’m sure there will be plenty of Talking and Silly Stories at a Divorce Party. But don’t forget to plan a Game or Two to keep everyone Engaged and Having a Good Time.

The two Divorce party games I created were “Pin the Tail on the Ex,” and a Penis-Shaped Pinata.

“Pin the Tail on the Ex” is pretty self-explanatory. It’s based on the Kid’s Party Game Pin the Tail on the Donkey. You can even Create it yourself, if you want, by getting a Photo or Image of a Rear End and taping a man’s face to the front!

Here’s a photo of me Nailing him right in the Bum!

Pin the Tail on the Ex Divorce Party Game

My Paper Mache Penis Pinata took a little more time. I made it with papier mache and balloons to get the right shape, and flesh-coloured paint for a realistic effect. I also added my own text. You can see it in the picture below!

Cheeky Willy Pinata Divorce Party Game

If you’re looking for an easier way to make a “Dick” Pinata of your own, you can check out my tutorial for an Easy DIY Party Pinata that just uses a Cardboard Box, Wrapping Paper, and Paint.

Doodle Pinata Game

We all took turns swinging at the Pinata to Break it open! I hung it up in the Garage so there was a lot of Empty Space for swinging. Doing a pinata outdoors is another good option.

Divorce Party Game Penis Pinata

I stuffed the inside of the pinata with Lip Gloss, little bottles of Nail Polish, Condoms, and funny quotes. We each chose our Favourite Quote and posed for more pictures. Here are a few I picked to share with you.

Divorce Party Photo Booth & Quotes

Divorce Party Themes and Decorations

It’s been a while since I Celebrated my Divorce. I Created all of my own Decorations. But if you’re looking to throw a Divorce Party of your own, you’re in Luck! We’ve recently added a New Range of Divorce Party Themes and Decorations.

You’ll notice we have options for both Men and Women who want to Celebrate their Divorce with some Fun and Laughs.

Our “Beer and Sunshine” Theme features a Sun Image with Beer Clipart, and would pair perfectly with some of our matching Beer and Sunshine Wine and Beer Labels.

Beer & Sunshine Divorce Party Decorations

We also have a Playful “Breast Decision Ever” theme, featuring Cheeky Boobs in a Corset, and a “Plenty More Willies in the World” theme with Penis Peckers!

Plenty more Willies Divorce Party Decorations

There are several other Themes you can choose from for a Divorce or Separation Party. They are all Customisable with the Name of the Newly Single Guy or Gal Featured on the Decorations and Supplies!

You can order our Grand Party Pack that has everything you need for the Theme, from Banners and Signs to Stickers and Labels.

Divorced and Fabulous Party Decorations

All of our Decorations and Supplies are made from high-quality, durable, and waterproof material that can withstand spills and sticky messes. Plus, they are all Made in Australia!

Don’t forget to also Look at our Divorce, Break Up, and Separation Wine and Gift Labels. You can use these as Party Favours at your own Divorce Party, or give them to a Friend who’s going through a Separation and could use a Thoughtful or Cheeky Gift.

I hope you’ve thought of some of your own Ideas for a Fun Divorce Party. Happy Celebrating!

Divorce Party Gifts

Make sure to Visit Katie J Design and Events

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