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How to Create a Fun Boss Baby Party

Babies are so cute in their little onesies! But what about Babies who wear Suits and Carry Briefcases?

That’s right, I’m talking about Boss Baby!

This Comedy Movie and Television Show is perfect for all the Toddlers and Kids who just want to be in charge. (In my experience, that’s pretty much all of them!) It’s also Adorable for a Baby’s 1st Birthday Celebration.

Here are some Ideas and Inspiration from Customers for how to Create a Fun Boss Baby Birthday Party!

Boss Baby Birthday Party Backdrop Display

Personalised Party Decorations

At Katie J Design & Events, we have a collection of Personalised Boss Baby Birthday Party Decorations and Supplies. Our Grand Party Pack makes it Easy to Create a Fun Boss Baby Party Space, and includes a Banner, Posters, Bunting, Invitations, Party Bags and Labels, and Stickers and Labels for Water Bottles, Chocolates, Pop Tops or Party Cups, and Party Favours!

You can Customise these Decorations with the name of your Birthday Boy or Girl and Age, so they can see their Name right next to their Favourite Boss Baby.

Boss Baby Party Decorations Pack

Plus, you can save the High-Quality and Durable Posters and Banners as Keepsakes, or let your Kid hang them in their Room.

Check out how one of our Customers used our Personalised Stickers and Labels for Water, Pop Tops, and Party Bags for their guests!

Boss Baby Birthday Party Table

Here’s a Great Photo of a Happy 2-Year-Old and the Yummy Personalised Chocolates he got to hand out to his guests.

Boss Baby Birthday Party Cake

I also Love how this Customer Used our Stickers and Labels for their Candy Containers! This is such an Amazing way to Personalise yummy treats. Happy 1st Birthday, Dustin!

Boss Baby Birthday Party Banner & Balloons

Boss Baby Party Space

One of the Best Ways to Create an Amazing Party Space is with Colour. For a Boss Baby Birthday Party, the Colour Blue is a great Theme Colour. You can use shades of Blue with White or Black as Accents.

Boss Baby Birthday Party Rectangle Favour Stickers

Use your Theme Colour and Accent Colour for Tablecloths, Balloons, Streamers, and Plates, Napkins, and Utensils.

Look how much you can do with just a Few Balloons and a Fun Boss Baby Banner! The Silver Balloons add an extra special touch for Hunter’s 1st Birthday. I Love when our Customers send photos like this. It’s so cute!

Boss Baby Birthday Party Banner Display

For a Fun Central Table, you can Create a Party Banner and Balloon Stand with Streamers. Imagine how surprised your Birthday Kid will be to see a Table Display and Their Name Featured on a Banner with Balloons!

In addition to all the Blue, you can also incorporate Themed Items into your Decorating. For a Boss Baby Party, try some Coloured Blocks, Pacifiers, and Baby-Sized Black Ties for a Unique Party Space.

Boss Baby Birthday Party

Boss Baby Party Games

Depending on the ages of your party guests, there are a lot of fun Boss Baby Party Games you can play! Here are a few ideas:

Mystery Dirty Diaper

This one may seem similar to a popular baby shower game, but if it works, why not use it for a Boss Baby Party, too? Get a small pack of diapers, and fill several diapers each with a “mystery” substance for guests to guess.

You don’t need anything gross! Melted chocolate, chocolate pudding, chocolate icing, Nutella, melted candy bars, caramel, peanut butter, and fudge are all yummy-smelling and safe to taste (if someone really wants to), but they’ll look just like a Dirty Diaper!

Guess That Baby Food

It’s easy to recognize a pea when it looks like a pea. But when you take regular foods and puree them, you can create a fun Baby Food Taste Test Game! You can also buy store-made baby foods if you don’t want to make your own.

The goal of the game is to guess as many of the baby foods correctly as possible. Blind taste tests make it even harder to guess based on the colour, just use a blindfold! The guest who guesses the most right wins.

Boss Baby DIY Pinata

I have a great write-up for How to Make a Party Pinata at Home. With a cardboard box, some wrapping paper, string, and an image of Boss Baby, you can create a great themed pinata for the guests to break open!

For a Boss Baby Party, you can fill the Pinata with small packs of crayons, tiny toddler toys, and age-appropriate candies and treats. Don’t forget that our Personalised Boss Baby Birthday Decorations include options for labels you can put on tic tacs, lollipops, bubble wands, and chocolates.

Boss Baby Birthday Party Round Lollipop Stickers

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