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Melbourne's Ultimate Party Guide: Tips for Throwing an Unforgettable Celebration

If you live in Melbourne, you have a lot to Celebrate throughout the year! You have your own Special Events, like Birthdays, Baptisms, Weddings, and Holidays, but who can forget all of the Amazing Sporting Events that happen in Melbourne?

You’ve come to the right place for all of your Melbourne Party Planning Needs. At Katie J Design & Events, we have everything you need to host an Amazing Celebration.

On our Website, you’ll find over 300 Personalised Themes to choose from for your next big event. Each Theme has the Decorations and Supplies you need to create a Stunning Party Space.

Here is the Ultimate Guide to Throwing an Amazing Party in Melbourne.

Themes for Your Melbourne Party

In Australia, Melbourne is a Centre of Arts, Culture, and Sports. If you want to keep this Rich Heritage alive when you’re throwing a Party, Katie J Design & Events has you covered. With all of the themes we have to choose from, you’ll have dozens of options for your Melbourne Party.

For a Sports Birthday Party, you’ll see options like Bowling, Nerf, Monster Trucks, Cricket, Sailing, Billiards, Motor Biking, Golf, Soccer, and Basketball. You can use these themes for sports-loving Birthday Guys or Gals of All Ages.

As an example, check out our Personalised Billiards 8 Ball Party Decorations featuring a Pool Table, Cue and Colourful Balls. Any Snooker Fan or Player will love these stylish decorations!

One of our Favourite themes in our family is our Personalised Cricket Birthday Party Decorations. The Design features a Cricket Stadium with Bats, Balls, and Wickets in your choice of coloured font. We used this Theme for our son Donte’s 10th Birthday! If you’re interested in throwing your own Cricket Party, check out our Fun and Creative ideas for hosting a Cricket Birthday.

If you’re looking for a Theme that’s more Artistic, you’ll appreciate that many of our Designs Feature work by Artists. For example, our Personalised African Animals Baby Shower Decorations include Handpainted Watercolour Clipart by OctopusArtis and a Beautiful Tropiclal Background by mademoisellemoonstar.

Decorating Your Melbourne Party Space

My Favourite way to Prepare a Party Space is by using Theme Colours, and you can use the same technique for your Melbourne Party!

When you order Decorations from Katie J Design & Events, you’ll notice that the Supplies all have a Similar Design and Colours. Choose One Main Colour (a few accent Colours will look good, too!) and use this to tie the rest of your Party Space Together.

For Example, use Tablecloths or Linens, Balloons, and Plates, Cups, and Utensils that match the Theme Colour you Chose. These items are usually inexpensive but Easy to See, so they make a big impact on your party space.

Here are a few other Decorations you can try:

Party Banners

Our Party Packs come with Personalised Party Banners you can hang to Create the Perfect Centrepieces. All of our Banners are printed on Waterproof Canvas and have Eyelets for Easy Hanging. Plus, they are Customisable with the Name of the Celebrant and the Occasion!

You can hang the Party Banners on their own or Create a Party Banner and Balloon Stand for Maximum Impact. Here’s our Guide to Decorating and Hanging Party Banners with Everything you Need to know!

Here is a Beautiful and Stylish Centrepiece Display from my Daughter Paige's Fairy themed 5th Birthday Party.

Flag Bunting

Our Flag Bunting is Flexible for your Party Space. Each Flag comes with two holes and there is Satin Ribbon included. You can simply thread the ribbon through each flag in order, leaving the perfect amount of space for your Decorating needs.

You can use Clear Tape, Double Sided Tape, Pushpins, Clothespins, or even Small Nails to hang bunting on the front of Tables, on Walls, or on Outdoor Surfaces of your choice.

In addition to Creating a Fantastic Party Space, Flag Bunting can be used for Photo Areas. We love this Motocross themed party and Creative photo set up!

If you want to recreate a Photograph like the one above, check out our Guide to capturing Amazing Memories with DIY Themed Birthday Party Backgrounds.

Personalised Party Supplies

Have you ever considered using Favours, Treats, and Snacks as part of your Party Decorations? All it takes is connecting them to your theme!

At Katie J Design & Events, our Personalised Party Supplies make this decorating strategy easy! Our personalised party supplies include: Party Invites, Chocolate Wrappers, Loot Bags, Water labels, Juice & Bubble Wand labels, Round Lollipop & Favour Stickers, Wine & Beer labels, and more.

Look at how a display of Loot Bags and Wrapped Chocolates, along with some other Nerf-themed favours, creates a Fun Display for the Party Space. I’m sure the Guests Loved this Nerf Themed Party.

We have several guides to help you get started with Decorating with our Party Supplies:

And don’t think that these types of Displays are just for Kids Birthday Parties! With our Wine & Beer Labels, you can Create Adult Themed Party Displays, too. Here’s how you can Turn Wine Bottle Favours for a Baby Shower into a Beautiful Decorative Space.

Shipping for your Party in Melbourne, Australia

Katie J Design & Events is proud to be an Australian-owned Small Business located near Brisbane in Queensland.

We ship our Party Supplies Australia-Wide. Shipments are Fast and Affordable. All of the products discussed above for Themes and Decorations are available on our Website, and are always printed on High-Quality, Durable Material.

Once you place an order, including your Customisation, our family business will need about 4 business days to Print and Prepare your Chosen Decorations and Supplies. We will then ship them to you, and you can expect their arrival within 1-5 business days of shipping.

We no longer ship Internationally, but rest assured we Ship to Melbourne to make the Party of your Dreams come true!

Learn more about our Fast and Affordable Shipping Australia-Wide.

Melbourne Party Food and Games

We may not sell party food and activities, but we love to give out our Recipes, Ideas, and Templates! After all, what’s a Party without some Snacks and Games for the Guests?

As you get ready to throw your Party in Melbourne, whether for a Birthday, Baby Shower, Anniversary, or Holiday, feel free to check out some of our Most-Loved and Versatile Party Foods:

Easy Party Treats including Chocolate Spoons, Iced Biscuits, Rainbow Jelly, and Wafers Dipped in Sprinkles

Cake Hacks including Beautiful Floral Mud Cake Hack, M&Ms Pinata Mud Cake Hack, and Pull Apart Cupcake Cake Hack

Adult-Themed Party Food including Cheeky Willy Cake Hack for Hens & Divorce Parties and How to Create a Fun & Easy Mimosa Bar.

We also have several guides for Party Games:

You can adapt these Food and Game ideas for Any Party! You might even want to use them for a Fun Melbourne Cup Party in November.

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