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Get Ready to Play: The Ultimate Guide to Fun Kids' Party Games for All Ages

There are a few elements I try to have at every Kids Party: Decorations, Food, and Games. When the Guests have Colourful Decorations to look at, Yummy Food to eat, and Fun Games to play, Everyone has a great time!

I’ve come up with Several Fun Kids Party Games throughout my years of hosting Celebrations for my Kids.

I can’t Wait to Share them with you! I hope that they Inspire Enjoyable Activities for your own Kids Parties!

Party Pinatas

My Kids almost always request a Pinata at their Parties. They are fun for guests of any age! Check out my DIY Cardboard Pinata Hack for several methods of making your own Pinata at home.

Here are a few of the Pinatas I’ve made over the years. It’s such an Enjoyable and Versatile Kids Party Game!

Camp Out Games Pinata

When my son Donte turned 9, he had a Camp Out Themed Birthday Party. He and a few of his friends had a Sleepover and Camped in our Backyard.

Because these kiddos were getting older, Donte didn’t want some of the games he’d played when he was younger. But he did want a Pinata! I made this pinata myself. It was Super Easy to make with a box, brown wrapping paper, and a picture of a Tent!

It ended up being the Perfect Kids Party Game for these Boys!

Camp Out Games Pinata

Here are some other Fun Kids Camp Out Birthday Party Ideas!

Minnie Mouse Party Pinata

When my daughter Isla turned 2, we hosted a Minnie Mouse inspired Birthday Party. I made her Pinata by shaping cardboard boxes into a Minnie shape with ears and covering them with pink crepe paper.

This Party was so much fun for Isla! Here’s more about the full setup with the Decorations and Treats for her DIY Minnie Mouse inspired Birthday Party.

Minnie Mouse Party Pinata

Trolls Party Pinata

For another of Isla’s parties, I made a Trolls Themed Party Pinata. This one is very similar to the Camp Out Pinata, with coloured paper and a printed image. Her Girls Trolls Party was so much fun!

At Katie J Design & Events, we have Beautiful Rainbow Trolls Party Decorations in Fun Unisex Colours making them Perfect for Girls and Boys Celebrations.

Trolls Party Pinata

“Pin” Game Ideas and Variations

Pin the Tail on the Donkey is a Traditional Party Game. I Love Creating my own versions of this game for Kids Parties. It doesn’t seem to matter how old the guests are, it’s always fun!

Quick pro tip: Laminate the poster and parts to the game, and write each guest’s name on their piece so you know who gets the closest!

Doc McStuffins Pin the Band Aid Game

For Isla’s 4th birthday, she chose a Doc McStuffins inspired Party Theme. We handed out lots of fun treats like Doc McStuffins stethoscopes, candy-filled “pill bottles,” and doctor notebooks. We also played 'Pin the Bandaid' on the Boo Boo.

We used a Doc McStuffins poster and each guest had a bandaid sticker they tried to place in the right spot!

Doc McStuffins Pin the Bandaid Game

Unicorn Pin the Horn on the Unicorn Game

When my daughter Paige turned 4, we threw her a Magical Unicorn Party that included a Pin the Horn on the Unicorn Game. We found a Beautiful Unicorn Poster and each guest tried to place their horn on the Unicorn’s head! It was the perfect Kids Party Game.

Check out these Gorgeous Mermaid, Unicorn, and Fairy Party Themes! They are all Lovely for Girls Parties.

Unicorn Party Game Pin the Horn on the Unicorn

Pokemon Party Stick the Tail on Pikachu

Our Pokemon Stick the Tail on Pikachu Game was very similar to other variations of this game. I used a laminated poster of Pikachu, laminated Pikachu tails, and a blindfold for my DIY version.

Pokemon Party Stick the Tail on Pikachu

Outdoor Party Games

If the Weather is Nice, it’s always Fun to let the Party Guests play outside. Here are some of our Kids Party Games that help the Kids Enjoy the Great Outdoors.

Cricket Party

On Donte’s 10th Birthday he had a Cricket Party. We used our Personalised Cricket Birthday Party Decorations and had a Blast with all of the Themed Elements and Games!

We are pretty fortunate that our house backs onto a Large Park where all of the Guests could play Cricket. Everyone had Fun Learning the Rules, and the guests burned off some energy while playing a themed game!

Donte's Cricket Party

Here are our Awesome Cricket Party Ideas and Photos!

Minions Musical Chairs Kids Party Game

For Donte’s Minion’s Party I adapted the Classic Musical Chairs game. I printed and laminated images of Minions Weapons like Fart Guns. Kids walked around a circle of images and anytime the music stopped, they had to step on one of them as quickly as possible!

The Last Child Standing was the Winner!

Minions Party Game Musical Chairs

Check out all of these Minions Party Games, Fun & Easy Ideas for a Minions Party, and our Personalised Minions Birthday Decorations!

Nerf Party Army War Games

For Donte’s 11th Birthday Nerf Party, we turned our backyard into a battleground with DIY bunkers and hide-outs. The boys played Capture the Flag and had Target Shooting Competitions.

Here are some ideas for How to Throw a Nerf Themed Birthday Party and our Personalised Nerf Gun Wars Party Decorations.

Nerf Party Army War Games

Teddy Bear Picnic Dress Up

This next game is the perfect Kids Party Game for Toddlers! Paige’s 3rd Birthday was Teddy Bear Themed, so we Threw a Teddy Bear Picnic.

Outside, we set up a large picnic blanket with a Teddy Bear for each Guest. We also made DIY Teddy Bear Headbands so Each Little Kid could Dress Up like a Teddy Bear and play!

Teddy Bears Picnic Party - Bear Dress Ups

Here’s more about our Adorable Teddy Bears Picnic Party and the link to our Personalised Teddy Bear Picnic Decorations.

Glamour Party Games

A Few of Our Parties have Games more suited to Pampering and Creativity. Here a few ideas that are especially good Kids Party Games for Girls.

Girls Pamper Party

This “Game” is perfect for our Spa and Pamper Party Theme. In this photo, the girls had robes and soaked their feet while reading magazines. Nail polish, make-up, and dainty sandwiches round out this idea for a Glamourous Sleepover Party.

Girls Pamper Party

Here are other Fun Themes and Ideas for a Sleepover Party.

Shimmer and Shine Party Colouring Books and Crayons

An easy and creative Kids Party Game is Arts and Crafts! For Isla’s 7th Birthday, she had a Shimmer and Shine Party. The Girls got to dress up with some DIY Jewelry I made, including Jeweled Bracelets and Headpieces.

I also made Colouring Books. I printed the Colouring Books on A4 sheets of paper and made a Cover page with a Shimmer and Shine Picture and the wording Isla's 7th Birthday Party.

Shimmer & Shine Party Colour In Books & Crayon Packs

Here is our link to our Magical Shimmer and Shine Birthday Party Ideas and Photos and our Personalised Shimmer & Shine Party Decorations.

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