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Personalised Party Rectangle Stickers for Drinks & Bubble Wands

I love preparing for Parties and Creating each Detail so it matches the Celebration’s Theme. Everywhere guests look, they can be reminded of the Special Party Girl or Boy and the Occasion.

Decorations, Treats, Games, Cake, Favours, I Love it when they all Coordinate with Colour or another Thematic Element.

The Personalised Decorations and Katie J Design & Events make it easy to Plan Themed Celebrations for any occasion. We offer so many products, from Posters and Flag Bunting to Invitations and Loot Bags! Everything can be Customised so the Celebrant sees their name alongside the Theme.

One of the products we offer with our Personalised, Themed Party Decorations and Supplies is our Personalised Rectangle Stickers. These Versatile Stickers are perfect for Decorating Drinks, Favours, Loot Boxes and even, Bubble Wands!

Our Family has spent some time Testing our Rectangle Stickers on Several Types of Drinks. We also have many Customer Photographs of these Rectangle Stickers at their own Parties.

Keep reading for some Ideas and Inspiration for using our Personalised Rectangle Stickers!

Personalised Party Rectangle Stickers

Quality Rectangle Stickers for Any Occasion

Like all of the Personalised Decorations and Supplies at Katie J Design & Events, our Rectangle Stickers are High Quality and Durable. We print our Rectangle Stickers on High-Resolution Adhesive Vinyl that is Waterproof so it lasts through Spills and Messes.

Our full line of Personalised Rectangle Stickers is quite Extensive, with Dozens of themes to choose from for any occasion, including Birthdays, Baby Showers, Anniversaries, Christenings, and Hens Parties. We also have Stickers for Holiday Celebrations such as Christmas and Easter.

You can find our full collection here.

These Personalised Rectangle Stickers are Super Easy to Use. Simply Peel and Stick them on the Beverage or Bubble Wand of your choice!

Here’s our video of how to apply Personalised Rectangle Stickers to Mega Bubble Wands.

Rectangle Party Stickers Options

Perfect Items for Personalised Party Rectangle Stickers

If you’re looking for Beverages for your Personalised Rectangle Stickers, there are several options that that will Look Amazing and that your Guests will Love.

My Family had a Lot of Fun testing these products! Many of them are available in Multipacks to Save you Money and you can find them In Store and Online. I’ve included Pictures so you can see Exactly how your Rectangle Stickers will look on each product.

Nu-Pure Mini Spring Water Bottles (250ml)

Our Rectangle Stickers look Great on Nu-Pure Mini Spring Water Bottles (250ml). The Clear Bottles are a Great Background for helping your themed stickers stand out on Party Tables or in Eskies and Coolers.

Simply Peel your Rectangle Sticker and Stick it onto the Mini Water Bottle.

We Love using Mini Water Bottles for every Celebration and Occasion so the Guests can stay Hydrated. Definitely don’t forget them if you’re planning a party with Adult Beverages or if it’s a Hot Day!

Personalised Party Mini Water

Orchy 250ml Juice Bottles

Orchy 250ml Juice Bottles are a Delicious Option for Birthday Parties and your Rectangle Stickers will look Amazing! Plus, Kids love these Juice Options and will Love them even more with the Personalised Details.

The Stickers fit right over the label on the juice bottles!

Don’t forget you can include Juice in Adult Parties, too. Check out my Idea for a DIY Mimosa Bar for Inspiration for incorporating several flavours of juice with sparkling brut! This Mimosa Bar is Perfect for a Milestone Birthday or Hens Party.

Personalised Party 250ml Orchy Juice

Prima Tetra Kids Juice Boxes 200ml

I Love the way our Rectangle Stickers look on these Poppers Tetra Kids Juice Boxes Prima 200ml. The Juice Boxes and the Stickers have the same Shape! This Looks like a Neat and Creative way to personalise fun drinks for Kids at a Birthday Party.

You can just Peel and Stick our labels right onto the Juice Boxes.

Prima 200ml Popper Juices

Golden Circle 250ml Poppers

The Golden Circle 250ml Juice Boxes are a larger drink option, so they’re more appropriate if your Guests are a Little Older. Some of the Design from the Juice Box shows behind our Rectangle Sticker, but my family didn’t mind this at all. It Looks Bright and Colourful and Fun!

Golden Circle 250ml Poppers

Berri Brand Juice Pop Tops

You can see our Personalised Rectangle Stickers on Berri Brand Juice Pop Tops. These little Bottles are a Perfect Fit. You can Peel and Stick our rectangle stickers on top of the existing label or remove it, the Choice is Yours!

Berri Brand Pop Top Juices

Sanitarium Up and Go

Another Juice Box option for our Personalised Rectangle Stickers is Sanitarium Up and Go. They Provide a Fun Background that Young Party Guests will Love. I think so many Kids will enjoy drinking these During the Celebration or even taking them home as Favours!

Sanitarium UpnGo 250ml

Other Ideas for Personalised Rectangle Stickers

Many of our Customers have sent us Creative Ideas for how they Displayed their Rectangle Stickers on Beverages and Mega Bubble Wands. Here are their ideas as well as some others for using our Personalised Rectangle Stickers at your Celebrations.

Mega Bubble Wands

This is a Wonderful Picture of our Teddy Bear Picnic Themed Rectangle Stickers on Mega Bubble Wands. I think that Bubbles are Perfect Party Favour for a Picnic-Themed Party, especially for Young Kids. I can just Imagine all the Children Playing with their Bubbles Outside!

Teddy Bears Picnic Bubble Wands

One of our Customers used Cocomelon Themed Personalised Rectangle Stickers for both Juice Bottles and Bubble Wand Favours. The Bright Colours on the Stickers Look Amazing with the Juice and Colourful Bubble Wands.

Cocomelon Party Favours

Other Party Favours

Of course, you don’t have to use Mega Bubble Wands! You can place our Rectangle Stickers on any object to turn it into a Fun Party Favour. Here’s an example of a Space Themed Party with our Rectangle Stickers on Smaller Bubbles. It’s so Colourful and Fun!

Outer Space Party Favours

Our Personalised Rectangle Stickers can fit on any small Favours that you’d like to give out to your Party Guests. You can also use them on Small Loot Boxes or Containers. Fill them with Yummy Candies for Treats Guests of Any Age would Enjoy!

You could also put our Personalised Rectangle Stickers on small toys or other treats. The Creative Options are really up to you! Some of our Customers have even been Creative with how they’ve arranged their Beverages and Favours.

Check out this Photo of a Beautiful and Adorable Arrangement of Treats and Favours! These items Feature several of the Stickers and Labels from our Winnie the Pooh themed Party Decorations and Supplies.

Winnie the Pooh Party Favours

I hope that you’ve found some Inspiration for Beverages and Treats you can Personalise for a Future Party!

Make sure to Visit Katie J Design and Events

We have many different types of Stickers and Labels that you can use for Personalising Gifts and Favours! Check out our Collection of Wine and Gift Labels that are Perfect for any Occasion, including Retirement, Teacher Gifts, Holiday Favours, Mother’s and Father’s Day, and any Holiday and Celebration or Milestone!

Looking for more Party Ideas or Inspiration? Parties by Katie J is where you will find Helpful Advice on How to Throw a Great Party that Everyone Loves! We will be Sharing Easy and Delicious Party Recipes along with some Amazing DIY tips for Creating a Fun Celebration.

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Katie Lynch

As the Owner of Katie J Design and Events, Katie Lynch provides Advice and DIY Tips on 'How to Create and Style an Amazing Party that Everyone Loves'. Katie shares her Easy and Affordable Party Foods, Cake Hacks, Decorating Ideas, Inspo and Photos from her 20 years of Experience as a Qualified Events Manager.

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