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Cheeky Willy Cake Hack for Hens & Divorce Parties

Almost 10 years ago I was going through a Divorce. To Celebrate, I had a Divorce Party and made a Fantastic Cake… in the shape of a Penis!

You heard me right. A Penis Cake! It’s Fun, Funny, and Delicious. And since it’s a Cake Hack, you know it’s also Quick and Easy.

This Cake would be Perfect for a Divorce Party or a Hens Party, especially for a Lady with a Great Sense of Humour. Keep reading to Learn how to make this #1 Penis Cake Hack.

Cheeky Willy Cake Hack

Fun Willy Cake Hack for Hens & Divorce Parties

Are you ready to Create this Amazing Penis Cake? You’ll Love how Simple and Fast it is to Assemble and Decorate the entire cake, with hardly any ingredients at all! When you throw your Party, it will undoubtedly be the Centrepiece and Guests will be talking about it for years!


You can find all of these Ingredients at your local store. I go to Coles to pick up everything I need! You’ll also probably find all of the needed supplies around your home.

  • 1 x Jam Sponge Roll
  • 2 x Chocolate Muffins
  • Betty Crocker Strawbery Frosting
  • Chocolate Ripple Biscuit
  • Serving Plate or Platter
  • Knife or Spatula for spreading the frosting

That’s it! Honestly! Here’s a Picture of the Items you’ll need to get from the Store:

Penis Cake Ingredients


This Doodle Cake is so easy to make, there are hardly any steps. It’s so Simple, but the Final Cake has a Huge Effect!

Before I get into the Directions, it’s helpful to see a Photo of how the Ingredients create the Penis Cake Shape:

Penis Cake Hack

Now for how to arrange everything to achieve this Penis-Shape:

  1. Place the Sponge Roll down the centre of your serving plate or platter.
  2. Using a small dab of Strawberry Frosting, stick the Chocolate Ripple Biscuit to the front of the sponge roll.
  3. Spread the rest of the Strawberry Frosting over the Sponge Roll using a knife or spatula.
  4. Position the Chocolate Muffins on either side of the bottom of the Sponge Roll.

That’s it! Here’s a great Photo so you can see how the Jelly Roll, Muffins, and Ripple Biscuit become a Penis Cake when you add the Frosting:

Willy Cake Hack

Penis Cake Variations and Adaptations

Now that you have the basics of this Willy Cake Hack, feel free to Adapt it for your Celebration! Here are some ideas you could use for a Divorce Party or Hens Party if you want a little Variety.

First, even though I like to Hack my Cakes by doing no baking or time-consuming decorating, you can certainly make your own cakes and muffins. Find any jelly roll and muffin recipe of your choice, in the Flavours you prefer.

Next, I used Strawberry Frosting because it was Pink and would Taste Delicious with the Jelly Roll and Chocolate Muffins. But you can use a Frosting of your Choice. If you use Vanilla, you can get Creative with food colouring!

My Penis Cake is free from decorations. However, for a Colourful Celebration, feel free to add some Sprinkles or Tasty Candies.

I hope I’ve provided Fun Inspiration for a Delicious and Easy Penis Cake for your Next Divorce Party or Hens Party. Check out our other Cake Hacks, too!

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