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Park Party Perfection: Ideas for Throwing an Epic Party in the Great Outdoors

I have always Loved all Types of Parties. My Family Celebrates Birthdays, Holidays, and other Milestones! It’s so Fun to Create Amazing Party Spaces, with Decorations, Food, and Games for the Guests to Enjoy.

But not only to I Love different reasons for Celebrating, I also Love different Party Locations.

Many of my Customers have been asking for Ideas about how to Throw a Party in the Park! When the Weather is Beautiful, it makes sense to let the Guests Enjoy the Great Outdoors.

Cocomelon Birthday at a Park

I’ve compiled Some Amazing Inspiration from Past Parties from my Customers and my Family as well as a few New Ideas. If you’re looking for tips for a Park Party, I have them here for you!

Decorating at a Park Party

It’s easy to Decorate Inside a House. After all, there’s a ceiling, walls, and plenty of surfaces. If you want to throw a Park Party, you’ll need to make use of existing structures or bring your own.

And trust me, you’ll want some sort of Structure. Even if you don’t plan to do a lot of decorating, a Pavilion, Gazebo, or Tent will provide Shade and Shelter if you need it! A Table is also important so you have a place for Food and Gifts!

Emma Wiggle Party

Make sure to Visit the Park Location so you know if there’s already a Party Area, like a Pavilion with Picnic Tables, or if you need to bring your own Tent and Folding Tables with Chairs. If you're near Brisbane, Qld like us, Check out the Brisbane Parks Finder.

The Great News is that with some sort of structure, even a fence, and a table or two, you’ll have an easy time Decorating for your Park Party!

Cocomelon Party

Park Party Decoration Ideas

When Decorating for your Park Party, you can use the same methods that I use for Indoor Parties. Think of your Party Theme, and Choose Theme Colours for Tablecloths, Balloons, and other Supplies.

Just remember that anything you set up Outside needs to be tied down well so it doesn’t blow away in a gust of wind! Tie Balloons, Posters, Bunting, and Banners tightly to structures with string or wire, and make sure to weigh down Tablecloths and other light objects.

For this Bananas in Pyjamas Birthday Party, they’ve made excellent use of the existing Pavillion and Added their own Table! You can see that the Blue and Yellow Balloons are weighed down and the Tablecloths are tied so they won’t blow away.

Bananas in Pyjamas Party in Park

At this Party, there are some Beautiful Balloons attached the the Pavillion Supports, and they’ve used the table as a place to Hang the Personalised Themed Bunting!

Cinderella Princess Party at Park

It was such a Creative Idea to hang this Banner on the Fence. It’s easy to Tie the banner with strings, and Guests can see it as they enter the Park for the Party!

Cocomelon Party Banner on Fence

In this Photograph, they used the Fence for their Personalised Dr. Seuss Birthday Party Banner and for some large Dr. Seuss Inspired Decorations!

Dr Seuss Party Banner in Park

Don’t worry if you have to bring your own Tent to the Park Party. We have plenty of Customers who have done a great job with Decorations in their own structure.

Here’s an example of an Outdoor Baby Shower using the Personalised Floral Aussie Baby Shower Theme. They have their Banner hanging and framed Posters to Display on their Beautiful Party Table.

Aussie Animals Baby Shower in Park

This Colourful My Little Pony Party at the Park has such an Amazing Celebration Area! They have a banner and hung Streamer Curtains for such a fun effect.

My Little Pony Party under Gazebo

At this Gorgeous Unicorn Birthday, they used a Sheer Curtain and Hung the Personalised Party Banner with Pins. This is such a Great Idea and Creates a Look that is just Perfect for the Unicorn Theme.

Unicorn Birthday Party at a Park

If you don’t have a Pavillion or Tent, you can bring your own Structure for hanging a Personalised Banner for your Park Party Decorations. At this Bananas in Pyjamas Party, they used a Wire Party Stand for their Banner and Balloons.

Bananas in Pyjamas Party Outdoor Balloon Display

If you’re looking for some Tips on Hanging Party Banners, check out my Guide on Banners and Displays.

Park Party Themes

You can Throw any Type of Party at a Park. But some Themes are Perfect for the Great Outdoors! Here a few photos of Park Party Themes that are excellent Inspiration!

What’s more appropriate for a Park Party than Playing in the Dirt? Here’s a great photograph of a Construction Theme Party.

Construction Party at a Park

This Peter Rabbit First Birthday Party is also just a Perfect Theme for a Park Party. They even remembered to bring their own High Chair, and it is another great place for hanging decorations at the park!

Peter Rabbit Outdoor Birthday Party

Durable and Waterproof Decorations and Supplies for a Park Party at Katie J Design & Events, we have hundreds of Party Themes with Decorations and Supplies. If you’re throwing a Park Party, you’ll Love that our Products are Printed on High-Quality Materials that are Durable and Waterproof.

Our Party Banners also have Eyelets for easy hanging! You can use string, 3M adhesives, wires, and even safety pins so you’ll be able to hang your Banner at a Party in the Park.

Don’t forget that our Party Supplies are also Customisable, so your Special Girl or Boy’s Name will be Featured for Everyone to see!

Food and Treats for a Park Party

When you’re planning Food for your Park Party, remember that you’ll be outside and the weather can be unpredictable. In really hot weather, sweet treats with Icing or Chocolate might even start to melt.

Keep your Guests Hydrated by putting Water Bottles and Pop-Tops in Bins with Ice, and Keep Yummy Treats in the Shade. Doesn't this Girls themed Birthday Party look Inviting - there is Lots of Shade and Drinks for the Guests to Stay Cool!

Girls Winnie the Pooh Party

These Party Bags, Pop-Tops, Chocolates, and Brownies are all Perfect for this Panda Party and Delicious Treats for the Party Guests.

Panda Birthday Party

This Super Mario Party has a Fantastic and Fun Party Table with Personalised Labels for the Guest Treats. Wrapped Lollipops are an Excellent option for an outdoor party food and favour! Read more about hosting a Gaming theme Party, here.

Super Mario Party at Park

If you do want to provide food for your Guests at a Park Party, grilling is always a great option. You can Make the Food at the Park so you don’t have to transport it! In this customer photo, they’ve also made sure all their food has covers to keep the bugs out! Read Here for more Ideas on Throwing a Fun Emma Wiggle Party.

Emma Wiggle Birthday at a Park

Park Party Games

There are so many Fun Games you can play at a Park Party, especially since you’re already Outside with lots of Space! Here are a few Ideas. You can Create your Own Version of Musical Chairs with Printed and Laminated Themed Images. Play music and Guests can Walk around until the Music Stops. Here is a Photo from Donte's Minions themed Birthday Party with Fart Guns for the Kids to Land on!

Minions Party Game Musical Chairs

Pinatas are also a great option for a Park Party, as long as you have somewhere to hang them. This is a picture of a DIY Pinata I made for my son Donte’s Camp Party. It’s the perfect Park Theme!

Camp Out Games Pinata

What’s more Perfect for a Park Party than a Picnic? Setting up a Picnic Area is such a Fun Activity for the Guests, and this Teddy Bear Picnic is just Adorable for Little Kids!

Teddy Bears Picnic Party Area

Make sure to Visit Katie J Design and Events

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As the Owner of Katie J Design and Events, Katie Lynch provides Advice and DIY Tips on 'How to Create and Style an Amazing Party that Everyone Loves'. Katie shares her Easy and Affordable Party Foods, Cake Hacks, Decorating Ideas, Inspo and Photos from her 20 years of Experience as a Qualified Events Manager.

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