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Sweeten up your Celebrations with our Mini Chocolate Bars Wrapping Ideas

If you’ve been looking at the products we offer at Katie J Design & Events, you may have come across our Collection of Mini Chocolate Labels.

These Chocolate Wrappers are perfect for creating personalised treats you can share at Birthdays, Baby Showers, Engagement Parties, and many other Celebrations! You can add a Name and Occasion to be Showcased on the Chocolates.

80s Party Chocolate Labels

We also offer our Customisable Chocolate Labels in our Discounted Party Packs or as individual items in our many ranges of Party Supplies and Decorations for all Occasions.

Here’s a Guide I’ve put together to help you use our Chocolate Labels on many types of Candy Bars, with some Tips and Inspiration for Displaying them at your Celebrations.

Personalised Chocolate Wrappers

Step-By-Step Wrapping Directions for Choceur 40g Mini Chocolates

Our Chocolate Wrappers are Perfectly Sized for Aldi Choceur 40g Mini Chocolates. You can find these in different flavours at your local Aldi store.

They have an outer label and an inner, foil layer. Our Chocolate Labels replace the outer label to create a Themed, Customised, and Decorated Treat.

Applying our Personalised Chocolate Labels is easy once you get the hang of it. Here are step-by-step directions and a visual guide!

How to Wrap Aldi Mini Chocolates
  1. First, unwrap the paper outer layer from the Aldi Choceur 40g Mini Chocolates. Sometimes the two layers stick together. I promise that with a little patience, you’ll find your rhythm after the first two or three.
  2. Press the inner foil layer back into shape around the chocolate.
  3. Place the chocolate on your surface. The joint of the foil should be down with the smooth side facing up toward you.
  4. Line up our Personalised Chocolate Label so the design is properly aligned to the front of the chocolate bar. Press the Label into the foil.
  5. Flip the chocolate over and wrap the Label around the chocolate so the sides overlap on the back.
  6. Repeat until all of your Chocolates are Covered in our Personalised Chocolate Wrappers!

We also have a YouTube video you can watch that shows how to apply our Chocolate Labels to the Aldi Choceur 40g Mini Chocolates.

Wrapping Mini Chocolates Video

Here are a few Photographs of how our wrappers look when they are applied to the chocolates. There are so many Themes and Occasions to choose from, check out these Fun Outer Space themed Party Chocolates!

Outer Space Chocolate Labels

In this photo you can see a chocolate wrapped in our Personalised Disco Ball Birthday Party theme for a Fun 18th Birthday Celebration. Many of our Customers use our labels for Milestone Parties like this one!

Disco Chocolate Labels

Another popular occasion for using our Personalised Chocolate Labels is Baby Showers. Here’s an image of a Pink Floral Elephant Baby Shower themed chocolate. These are Perfect for Baby Shower Favours or just for decorating your Party Space.

Aldi Choceur Mini Chocolate Labels 40g

Don’t forget that our Personalised Chocolate Labels are all High-Quality and Durable! The Waterproof Designs will be able to withstand any messes or spills at your celebration.

Using our Personalised Chocolate Labels on Other Chocolate Brands

If you can’t find Aldi Choceur 40g Mini Chocolates, Don’t Worry! Our Personalised Chocolate Labels work on other types of Chocolate Bars, too.

Here’s a great overview of all the different options you have for using our chocolate wrappers. Any chocolates or candies of similar sizes will work!

Personalised Mini Chocolate Labels - Varieties

Cadbury Freddo 35g

This photo shows our Personalised Blue & Gold Elephant Christening Decorations Party Theme around a Cadbury Freddo 35g Chocolate Bar. Simply place our chocolate wrapper right on top of the Cadbury label.

These candy bars are the perfect size for showing just a bit of the bright blue wrapper just around the edges of our Personalised Chocolate Labels.

Cadbury Freddo 35g Chocolate Labels

Cadbury Furry Friends 20g

This next photo is a Perfect Example of how Adorable our Personalised Chocolate Labels are for 1st Birthday Parties!

You can see a label from our Very Hungry Caterpillar Party Collection on a Cadbury Furry Friends 20g bar. These fit right around the outside of the branded label.

Cadbury Furry Friends 20g Chocolate Labels

Kinder Bueno 43g

Kinder Bueno 43g Chocolate Bars are another good option for our Personalised Chocolate Labels. This Floral Footprints Baby Shower Theme wrapper looks so Cute!

You can see that with some of these bigger candy bars, the sides of the original wrapper may show a bit. But I don’t think that matters at all! If the Celebrant has a favourite treat, I say pick what tastes best!

Kinder Bueno 43g Chocolate Labels

Nestle Aero 40g

If you’re a fan of Nestle Aero 40g bars, you’ll be excited to hear that you can use them with our Customisable Chocolate Wrappers! You can just peel and stick our wrappers right on top of the branded wrapper.

This label from our Personalised Boho Pink Floral & Lace Party Decorations shows that our chocolate wrappers can be used for any occasion. They make great Wedding Favours!

Nestle Aero 40g Chocolate Labels

Nestle Kit Kat

Another Delicious option for our Personalised Chocolate Labels is a Nestle Kit Kat bar. These tasty treats offer a large area for displaying your Celebrant’s name and the occasion.

Here’s an example using our Personalised Rustic Timber & Fairy Lights Party Decorations theme. It’s a Beautiful Option for an Engagement Party.

Nestle Kit Kat 45g Chocolate Labels

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are a Popular Candy for Parties. Guests seem to love them! The packages with two peanut butter cups inside are just the right size for our Personalised Chocolate Labels.

Check out this label for our Personalised African Animals Party Decorations!

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups 42g Chocolate Labels

Turkish Delight 55g

Our Personalised Chocolate Wrapper from our Personalised Girls Boho Jungle Animals Party Decorations fits so well around the Turkish Delight 55g Candy Bar.

And this theme is Absolutely Adorable for a 1st Birthday Milestone! These wrapped chocolates will be perfect party favours for little guests.

Turkish Delight 55g Chocolate Labels

Twix 50g

Chocolate, caramel, and a crunchy biscuit… yum! Twix bars are Delicious. I also Love their shiny Gold Wrappers that would look great with any of our Personalised Chocolate Labels.

This photo shows our Personalised Pastel Rainbow Balloons Birthday Party theme Chocolate Wrapper looking Great on a Twix Bar. Just peel and stick!

Twix 50g Chocolate Labels

Creative Ways to Display Wrapped Chocolates

Our Personalised Chocolate Labels help you make more than just Themed Chocolates! They offer you so many Creative Options for Displays and Decorations at any Celebration. Here are a few ideas for how you can use wrapped chocolates at a party.

Central Party Table

Many of our Customers display Wrapped Chocolates on their Central Party Table with the cake, gifts, treats, and favours. You can set them out in neat rows so your Special Guy or Girl can see their Personalisation and Guests can admire them!

This photo shows Chocolates with our John Deere Themed Labels set out on a table for everyone to enjoy.

John Deere Party Chocolate Labels

Table Centrepiece Displays

If you have several tables set up for your Celebration, you can use Personalised Wrapped Chocolates as part of your table centrepieces. You can scatter a few in the middle of each table, or display them around flowers or other themed objects.

These themed Chocolate Bar Favours are laid out with the Party Bags for Guest to take home with them.

Minnie Mouse Chocolate Labels

Guests can help themselves to the chocolates during the party or to take with them as Favours. This is a great option for a wedding!

Check out these Sunflower themed Chocolate Labels at Harper's First Birthday Celebrations!

Sunflower Chocolate Labels

Fun Designs

You can arrange Personalised Wrapped Chocolates in Fun Designs for your Celebration. Imagine putting them in the shape of the Birthday Boy or Girl’s first initial! Or for an Engagement Party, you could arrange them into a Ring shape.

On a Stand or Platter

Many of our Customers Display their Wrapped Chocolates on Stands or Platters. This lifts them up off of the surface of a table so everyone can see them. How Beautiful are these Eucalyptus Leaves theme Chocolates at Renee's Baby Shower.

Eucalyptus Leaves Chocolate Labels

Here’s a Beautiful Arrangement of our Floral Australian Animals Baby Shower themed Labeled Chocolates. They are displayed on a pastel pink stand that matches the theme!

Australian Animals Baby Shower Chocolate Labels

Here is another example from a Cocomelon themed party. The wrapped Chocolates are Displayed in a Tray with a Treat Topper that is Personalised for the Birthday Girl. This is a great alternative to a birthday cake! We have more Ideas for throwing a fun Cocomelon party, here.

Cocomelon Chocolate Labels

Candy Bar Cake

You may have heard of a diaper cake. But have you ever heard of a Chocolate Bar Cake? This is so easy to make! Simply take a collection of Wrapped Chocolates and stand them upright so they form a cylinder. Tie a Ribbon around your “cake” and let all of your guests take a “piece”! I hope that I’ve given you some ideas for using our Personalised Chocolates for your next party!

Make sure to Visit Katie J Design and Events

There are Over 250 Party Themes to Choose from which can be customised for All Occasions. We also have many other Personalised Stickers and Labels you can use for Wine and Beer Bottles, Gift Containers, Planters, Tic Tacs, Water Bottles and Pop Tops, Bubble Wands, and so much more!

Looking for more Party Ideas or Inspiration? Parties by Katie J is where you will find Helpful Advice on How to Throw a Great Party that Everyone Loves! We will be Sharing Easy and Delicious Party Recipes along with some Amazing DIY tips for Creating a Fun Celebration.

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