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Hosting a Memorable Gender Reveal Party: Tips and Ideas

Hello, party planners! I’m Katie J, the creative mind behind Katie J Design and Events. Hosting a gender reveal party is a magical way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of your little one with friends and family. To make your event unforgettable, I've gathered some of my best gender reveal party tips and gender reveal ideas on planning, decorating, and celebrating. Let's dive into creating a memorable gender reveal party!

Planning Your Gender Reveal Party

Planning is the foundation of any great party. Start by setting a date and creating a guest list. Once you have the basics down, it's time to think about your invitations. At Katie J Design and Events, we offer beautiful Gender Reveal Party Invites that will get everyone excited for your big reveal.

Setting the Date and Guest List

Choose a date that works for you and your closest family and friends. Weekends are usually best, as more people are available. Keep your guest list manageable to ensure everyone has a great time and you aren't overwhelmed.


Sending out invitations sets the tone for your event. Our Gender Reveal Invitations are customisable to match your theme and colours. They’re the perfect way to let everyone know about your exciting celebration and provide all the necessary details.

Decorating Your Gender Reveal Party

The right decorations can transform your space into a festive wonderland. Here are some gender reveal decoration ideas and tips to make your party visually stunning, and leave your guests in awe.

Banners and Bunting

A well-placed banner can serve as a fantastic focal point at your Gender Reveal celebration. Check out our guide on How to Hang a Banner to ensure it’s perfectly positioned.

Our Gender Reveal Party Banners can be customised in our Online editor with your own text. Get yours printed with the Mum-to-be's Name, or with your partner for a Baby-Q celebration, or even with the Baby's Nickname!

To add an extra touch of charm, consider decorating with our Gender Reveal Flag Bunting. It’s a versatile decoration that can be used indoors or outdoors to create a joyful atmosphere, and check out our tips for decorating with bunting.

Themes and Decorations

Choosing a theme can tie all your decorations together beautifully. Here are some of our favourite gender reveal themes, including gender reveal themes for boys, gender reveal themes for girls, and gender reveal neutral themes that will make your event stand out.

Pink & Blue Confetti Gender Reveal Party Decorations

The Pink & Blue Confetti Gender Reveal theme boasts a chic white background, adorned with sparkling silver glitter confetti and accented with pink and blue ombre touches. Choose from a variety of text colours such as gold, purple, mint, silver, pink, or blue to perfectly complement your party's theme, incorporating the most sought-after gender reveal colours.

Baby Outfits Gender Reveal Party Decorations

The Baby Outfits Reveal theme features a delightful ombre background that transitions from navy blue to white and then to soft dusty pink, this theme creates a serene yet festive atmosphere. The design showcases adorable baby boy and girl onesies with the playful question, 'She or He?, and embracing the essence of gender reveal colours.

Boho Teddy Bear Gender Reveal Party Decorations

Our Boho Teddy Bears Gender Reveal theme has an ombre background that transitions from pink to blue watercolours symbolises the mystery and excitement of the baby's gender. The artwork features gorgeous hand-painted watercolour clipart of a teepee adorned with feathers and greenery, accompanied by pink and blue teddy bears, perfectly capturing the essence of gender reveal colours.

Teddy Bear Gender Reveal Party Decorations

Our enchanting Teddy Bear Gender Reveal theme features hand-painted watercolour clipart of pink and blue teddy bears seated on fluffy clouds, each holding balloons. The pastel pink and blue backdrop is sprinkled with stars, creating a truly magical atmosphere.

Pinata Cake Gender Reveal Party Decorations

Featuring a majestic pinata cake, a favourite among gender reveal cakes, bursting with pink and blue candy, adorned with whimsical question marks and the words "She or He?" in a delightful Pink, Aqua, and Gold colour scheme, the Pinata Cake Gender Reveal theme is perfect for a fun and festive reveal.

For more ideas and to buy your custom decorations, visit our Gender Reveal Party Themes page.

Fun and Engaging Gender Reveal Games

Games are a great way to keep your guests entertained and build excitement for the big reveal. Here are a few ideas that include gender reveal activities and gender reveal guessing games:

Gender Prediction Game

Create a chart where guests can vote on whether they think the baby will be a boy or a girl. You can even add fun old wives' tales and myths to make predictions more interesting. This one is a very popular gender reveal guessing game.

Baby Name Suggestions

Have a station where guests can write down name suggestions for both a boy and a girl. It’s a fun way to involve everyone in the anticipation.

Diaper Raffle

Invite guests to bring a pack of diapers in exchange for a raffle ticket. It’s a win-win: guests get a chance to win a prize, and you start your diaper stockpile, making it one of the most practical gender reveal gifts.

The Big Reveal: Cake and More

The reveal moment is the highlight of the party. There are many creative ways to announce the gender of your baby, but a reveal cake is always a crowd-pleaser.

Reveal Cake

Our Pinata Cake Tutorial is a highlight among gender reveal cakes and shows you how to create a stunning pinata cake that spills pink or blue candy when cut, revealing your baby's gender in the sweetest way possible.

Other Gender Reveal Game Ideas

Balloon Pop: Fill a large balloon with pink or blue confetti and pop it for a burst of colour.

Smoke Bombs: Use coloured smoke bombs for a dramatic and picturesque reveal.

Box of Balloons: Open a box filled with either pink or blue balloons that float out to announce the gender, making for a memorable moment with these gender reveal balloon ideas

Delicious Food and Treats

No party is complete without delicious food, especially when it includes gender reveal desserts that delight your guests and add a sweet touch to your celebration.

Iced Biscuits

Our Iced Biscuits Recipe is perfect for a sweet treat that can be decorated in pink and blue icing, adding a personalized touch to your dessert table.

Layered Jelly Cups

Create colourful and fun layered jelly cups using our Layered Jelly Cups Recipe. They’re easy to make and can be customised to match your party’s colours, serving as a perfect gender reveal dessert.

Finger Foods

Offer a variety of finger foods that are easy to eat while mingling. Mini sandwiches, fruit platters, and veggie sticks with dip are always crowd favourites.


Create a drink station with options for both adults and kids. Pink lemonade and blueberry punch are tasty and visually appealing choices, perfectly aligning with your gender reveal colours.

Our Gender Reveal Water labels are the perfect way to decorate your water bottles and incorporate your drinks to your party theme. And what's best is that you can customise them with your own text and gender reveal details!

Final Thoughts

Hosting a gender reveal party is a joyous occasion that allows you to share a special moment with your loved ones. With thoughtful planning, creative decorations, engaging games, and delicious treats, your party is sure to be a hit. At Katie J Design and Events, we’re here to help you every step of the way with our range of customisable gender reveal party supplies and planning tips. Happy gender reveal planning, and congratulations on your little one!

Feel free to explore more of our party ideas at Parties by Katie J, and if you haven't already check out the Guns or Glitter Gender Reveal Party that we hosted for our littlest family member, it's full of inspiration on hosting a Gender Reveal to remember!

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