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Fun & Creative Music Teacher Gifts

Music is such a Fun way to express Creativity!

Kids always seem ready to Enjoy Listening to some Tunes, and Learning an Instrument gives them an Amazing Opportunity to Play their Own Music.

Music Teachers teach Kids Rhythm, Teamwork, and even Mathematical Reasoning. All those Beats can truly expand their Minds! And when Kids have enough Practice to start participating in Bands, Orchestras, and Choirs, it’s a Magical Experience for Everyone.

So when it’s time for Holiday Recitals and the End of the Year, don’t forget to thank the Wonderful Music Teachers who help make the Creative Magic.

Gifts for Music Teachers

Custom Music Teacher Gifts

We have a Fantastic Collection of Personalised Music Teacher Gifts, with a range of Gift Label options to help you show your Thanks and Appreciation to your Kids’ Music Teachers.

Our Creative Designs feature Music Items that are perfect for almost any Music Teacher, including Musical Notes, Guitar, Piano, Flute, Trumpet, Saxophone, Violin, Drums, and Hip Hop Kids.

You can find our Designs on Custom Wine and Beer Gift Labels and Cadbury Chocolate Labels for the Perfect, Delicious Treats to show thanks for an Inspiring Music Season.

You can even Customise your Music Teacher Gift with a Photo of your kid or their Music Group if you’d like, and make your Present more Special.

Piano Music Teacher Gift Wine and Beer Labels

Beer & Wine Gift Labels

For an Easy Gift that any Music Teacher will appreciate, add our Custom Beer & Wine Labels to a Yummy Adult Beverage for a Personalised Touch.

You can add the Name of the Sender to the Music-Themed Label of your choice, whether the Music Group, your Family, or just one of your kiddos. It’s an excellent way to make the gift more Meaningful.

Trumpet Music Teacher Gift Wine and Beer Labels

And all of our labels are printed on high-resolution adhesive vinyl, so they’re Durable and Waterproof. Available in two sizes, they’re easy to apply on either a wine or beer bottle. Just peel and stick on your choice of adult beverage! Better yet, they’ll withstand spills, ice from coolers, and other messes.

Even after the Music Teacher finishes their adult beverage, they can keep the bottle!

Our “Musical Notes” Beer and Wine Label Design features a collection of Music Notes on a Background Colour of your Choice. These are perfect for a Choir Teacher, or any General Music Teacher Gift! The message “Thanks for Being a Wonderful Teacher” is written in a Beautiful Script for a perfect present.

Musical Notes Choir Teacher Gift Wine and Beer Labels

Here’s an example of one of our Beer and Wine Label designs that’s more specific. Our “Acoustic Guitar” Design says “Cheers to an Amazing Teacher” and features a Guitar, with the option to pick your Font Colour.

Don’t forget that the Drumline is Music, too! We have a Colourful Drum Set featured on our “Fun Drums” Label Design, and it’s perfect for the Music Teacher who listens to these loud beats all day.


Drums Teachers Gift


Make sure to visit our Music Teacher Gift Collection, because our Beer and Wine Labels cover almost every musical instrument imaginable! In addition to the labels pictured above, you’ll be able to find a Flute, Saxophone, Trumpet, Electric Guitar, Piano, Keyboard, Clarinet, and Violin.

Chocolate Gift Labels

Chocolate is a Delicious, Portable Treat that you can Personalise for the Perfect Music Teacher Gift. When it’s time to Eat, the Teacher will have a great Memory of your Little Musician as they take a bite!

Just like our Beer & Wine Labels, our Chocolate Labels come in several Unique Designs for almost any type of Music Teacher you can imagine. The Labels fit perfectly on Blocks of Cadbury 200g Chocolates. Just peel and stick over the existing label for a Custom Gift with the sender’s name!

For a Playful Twist, we have a “Rap & Hip Hop” Design, with fun dancers jamming to their BoomBox and the message “Cheers to a Hip Teacher.”

Rap Hip Hop Dance Teacher Gift Cadbury Chocolate Labels

Personalised Photo Option

Some of our Music Teacher Gift Label Designs have an option for adding a Photograph of your Musician. This is a Thoughtful Addition that adds a Special Touch when you’re thanking a Music Teacher for an Amazing Recital.

We have a “Musical Notes” Design, pictured below. You can upload a photo of your choice, whether just your musician or an entire group.

Musical Notes Chocolate

I hope this Look at our Collection of Personalised Music Teacher Gift Labels has Inspired You to Create Thoughtful Gifts for all the Music Teachers in your Kids’ Lives! You can Customise them from your Kid or an Musical Group.

We also have so many other Wonderful Collections of Gift Labels at Katie J Design and Events, as well as Australia’s Largest Collection of Party Supplies and Decorations that you can use for any Celebration or Special Occasion! Please visit us!

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