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Fun for the Little Ones: Peppa Pig and George Pig Birthday Party Ideas

Do you have a Son or Daughter who Adores Peppa and George Pig? It is such a Cute and Amusing television series! The Characters have Wonderful Adventures with their Friends and Family, and the narrator always has something Adorable to add.

I’ve put together a collection of Ideas and Inspiration for planning a Peppa Pig or George Pig Birthday Party. Many of these photos come from our Customers and the Fantastic Parties that they have Planned!

Peppa Pig or George Pig Party Table

A Party Table offers a Central location to Display Personalised Decorations and for Guests to Gather! You can use it for the Cake, Treats, Favours, Gifts, and other Themed Items for the Birthday Boy or Girl.

Decorating the Party Table and Party Area is Simple! The Easiest way to Create a Themed Space is with a Theme Colour. If you’re throwing a Peppa Pig Birthday Party, the Colour Pink would be perfect. Consider Blue for a George Pig Birthday Party.

Then, select supplies that match the Colour. Tablecloths, Balloons, and Plates and Utensils are simple and inexpensive. But when they all Match, it makes a Big Impact!

Here are some Customer Photos and Tips for Achieving Their Peppa Pig Birthday Party Look!

Personalised Peppa Pig Birthday Banner Display

For Lake’s 2nd Birthday Party, they used one of our Personalised Banners as a Central Decoration for the Party Table. You can order our Personalised Banners as part of our themed Party Packs! They’re perfect so your Girl or Boy can see their Name and Age alongside either Peppa Pig or George Pig!

Best Peppa Pig Birthday Party

To achieve this look, we suggest using a Frame or Fishing Wire for hanging the Banner. The Balloons add a special touch and can be arranged however you want. For Lake’s Party, they tied two pink and one glitter balloon together and hung them in groups of three around the Party Table.

You can also see metallic streamer curtains for a Beautiful Accent!

For more tips, check out our Guide to Decorating and Hanging Party Banners.

Personalised George Pig Flag Bunting

For Lorenzo’s 2nd Birthday, they used our Personalised Flag Bunting, Balloons, and the Natural Arch of a Doorway to Create this Amazing, Colourful Central Party Table. There are balloons in all shades of Blue, Including Glitter, with a Blue Tablecloth.

George Pig Birthday Party Display

The George Pig Birthday Party Flag Bunting Looks Perfect hung along the top of the Doorway. You can see Lorenzo’s name spelled out on the Flags with Images of George Pig.

Don’t underestimate how much of an impact our Flag Bunting can make! Check out all the ways you can use it to Decorate in our Guide to Personalised Flag Bunting.

Personalised Peppa or George Pig Decorations and Supplies

Here is a closer look at one of our Personalised Banners, on display for Aayla’s 2nd Birthday Party! They used a large metallic curtain and some Green, Purple, and Pink Baubles to create a Beautiful Background for their Party Table.

Amazing Peppa Pig Party

Don’t forget that all of our Personalised Decorations and Supplies are Australia-Made! They are also high-quality, waterproof prints that will stand up to spills and messes, plus you can save them as keepsakes or posters for your kid’s room!

Peppa Pig or George Pig Treats and Games

Here are some ideas for Edible Treats, Favours, and Games at your Kid’s Peppa Pig Birthday Party or George Pig Birthday Party. After all, Little Guests love eating and having a good time!

George Pig Party Food Table

Peppa Pig Cake

I Love this Tall and Beautiful Cake for a Peppa Pig Birthday Party. I could never make something quite so Perfect on my own, but if you like DIY Cakes I do have some Cake Hacks you could try to get close to this look!

Peppa Pig Birthday Girl

This is my Easy M&M’s Pinata Mud Cake Hack. It’s four layers of store bought mud cake iced in chocolate and filled with colourful M&M’s. But you can easily adapt it with Vanilla Icing, Pastel Pink Sprinkles, and Pink Candy inside to create a Beautiful Peppa Pig Cake.

Personalised Peppa Pig Biscuits

Look at these Amazing Biscuits for Adrienne’s 3rd Birthday! Our customer did these DIY, and you can, too! Use your own cookie recipe and pink icing. Wrap your iced biscuits in cellophane, and use our Personalised Circle Stickers on top!

Peppa Pig Party Favour Cookies

Peppa Pig and George Pig Birthday Games

Check out this Amazing Peppa Pig Pinata that I made for a Party. It was super easy to make albeit a bit time consuming. It’s one of my Favourite Party Games to make, and the Guests always Love Breakiing them open!

I promise that it’s Easy to Make Your Own Party Pinata. I have a simple version with just a cardboard box, wrapping paper, and a cutout, and more complicated versions that take on shapes or use tissue paper for a true Pinata look. The choice is yours!

DIY Peppa Pig Pinata

Peppa Pig or George Pig Party Photographs

Don’t forget to use your Cake Table or Personalised Banner as backdrops for Amazing Party Photographs! You can Create Wonderful Memories of your Child’s Peppa Pig or George Pig Birthday Party.

Because our Decorations are Personalised, your Child’s Name and Age will be part of the Pictures so you’ll always remember the Occasion!

George Pig Party Ideas

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As the Owner of Katie J Design and Events, Katie Lynch provides Advice and DIY Tips on 'How to Create and Style an Amazing Party that Everyone Loves'. Katie shares her Easy and Affordable Party Foods, Cake Hacks, Decorating Ideas, Inspo and Photos from her 20 years of Experience as a Qualified Events Manager.

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