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Throwing a Joint Party - For Siblings, Friends and Twins!

Friends. Siblings. Twins. When it comes to Birthday Parties, Joint Celebrations can be Fun for everyone involved!

It’s an Amazing Experience to Celebrate a Special Day with someone else. Your Kid might be Excited knowing there will be someone there by their side who is just as excited about the Party as they are!

For Younger Children, a Joint Party with a Close Friend, Sibling, or Twin may seem perfectly natural. For Older Children, a Joint Party can actually make planning more Fun; both Birthday Kids can Collaborate on the Perfect Day.

And of course, a Joint Party makes things a little easier on the Parents.

If you’re ready to tackle a Joint Party with Friends, Siblings, or Twins, I have some great Ideas and Tips you won’t want to miss!

Joint Birthday with the Same Theme

If both Kids can agree on the same theme, your job is Super Easy! You can plan the Party the way I recommend planning most Themed Celebrations: pick a Theme Colour with an Accent Colour or Two, buy Themed Decorations and Supplies, and plan some Yummy Treats and Games to keep everyone happy.

All of the Themes we have on Katie J Design & Events can be Customized with the Name and Age of the Birthday Boy or Girl.

Rainbow Joint Party Banner

In the past, we’ve Adapted our Banners to Suit more than one Birthday Kid. You can see some of our Customer Photos below.

In this Cars themed Party, the Twins shared a Theme and a Birthday Banner. The Central Party Table has some Truly Amazing Themed Racing Check and Retro Car Decorations, but of course there are two Cakes!

Cars Joint Birthday Party

We’ve also had customers whose Kids have Shared a Party Theme, but they each got their own Set of Personalised Decorations. This is a Helpful Option if the Kids have different guests. With a set of personalised decorations and supplies for each Birthday Kid, their guests can go home with Treats Customised with the Name of their Particular Friend.

Here’s an example of a Shared Cocomelon Themed Party with Individual Banners. This is a Fun Way to help each of the Birthday Kids feel Special! You can also see that each Kiddo has a “Side” of the Birthday Table, with Separate Balloons for their Ages and Customised Cocomelon Treat Bags. 

Cocomelon Joint Party

Both of these Personalised Banner Styles are Great Options for a Joint Party with a Shared Theme. Even though the Kids are Sharing a Party, they each still get to see their Name and Age Displayed for everyone to see!

Joint Parties with Different Themes

There is another option for a theme when you’re throwing a Joint Party: Two Themes. After all, the Kids may be sharing a Celebration, but they don’t always have the same Interests.

If this is the case for your Joint Party, you’ll need to Create a Fun Way to Showcase Both Kid’s Themes in your Event Space.

Girls Joint Party

One of our Customers did exactly this for a Joint Party. The two themes were Mermaid and TikTok. They used Three Trestle Tables to Style one half of the room Mermaid and the other Half TikTok. You can see the Images here:

Girls Joint Party

The party Featured a Table and Banner Display for each girl, with Personalised Decorations and Supplies. A Table in the Middle has Combined Treats for the Guests to Enjoy! I really like this idea, because Each Birthday Girl has her own Themed Decorations, but it’s still a Joint Party!

It looks like the Girls enjoyed their party, too!

Mermaid & Tik Tok Joint Party

Girl and Boy Mixed Theme Joint Party

If you were Blessed with a Pidgeon Pair as they used to say, and are looking to combine a Girls and a Boys Party theme check out these Amazing Photos from Taylor & Arlo's Joint Birthday.

Fortnite & Unicorn Joint Party

I bet combining Unicorns and Fortnite was not an Easy feat, but their Mum has styled their venue beautifully. Again the room was divided between themes. Our Magical Rainbow Unicorn Party theme on one side.

Unicorn Joint Party Ideas

And a Fortnite Party theme on the other side of the room. Perfect for the Gaming Fan!

Fortnite Joint Party Ideas

I love how they have created the Streamer Background and combined these two seemingly different party themes to make one Awesome Joint Celebration!

Joint Party Ideas for Backdrops

Check out the Kids Party Table. Each of their Table Settings is customised to suit each theme with a Plate, Napkin, Cutlery and a Bottle of Water adorned with one of our Fun Personalised Party Water Labels.

Girls & Boys Mixed Theme Party

Other Tips and Ideas for Joint Parties

We’ve had Several Themes that our Customers have successfully used for Joint Parties. Some of these more Popular Kids Themes are Superheroes, Very Hungry Caterpillar, Bee, Dr Seuss (especially for twins), Fairytale PrincessMagic Party, Baby Shark, and Animal Party themes like Barnyard, African and Jungle Animals.

Bee Joint Birthday Party Banner

We’ve also Created Personalised Joint Banners for Adults! The Themes Popular for Adult Joint Parties are Eucalyptus Leaves and the Black & Gold Confetti themes.

Once you’ve Chosen a Theme for the Birthday Celebration, make sure you also come up with some ideas for Party Food and Party Games.

My Party Food Ideas are Super Easy and Quick, and they’re incredibly Popular with Guests because they’re Fun and Delicious. You can Adapt these DIY Tasty Treat Ideas for any Party Theme.

I also have several Party Game Ideas with Tips for Variations to match your Theme. Games keep everyone Entertained and help Create a Fun Celebration.

Make sure to Visit Katie J Design and Events

There are Over 250 Party Themes to Choose from which can be customised for Adults & Kid’s Birthday Parties, Baby Shower, Christening, Engagement Party, Hens Party, Bridal Shower, Naming Day & Much More!

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Katie Lynch

As the Owner of Katie J Design and Events, Katie Lynch provides Advice and DIY Tips on 'How to Create and Style an Amazing Party that Everyone Loves'. Katie shares her Easy and Affordable Party Foods, Cake Hacks, Decorating Ideas, Inspo and Photos from her 20 years of Experience as a Qualified Events Manager.

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