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Teddy Bears Picnic Birthday Party Ideas & Photos

Adorable Teddy Bears Picnic

When my daughter Paige turned 3, we settled on the Cutest theme to Celebrate her Birthday with friends. With a collection of decorations, food, and party favors, our Teddy Bears Picnic turned out Adorable and Fun.

For our colour scheme, we incorporated Red & White Gingham and used featured products from our range that you can view here. We also made themed, toddler-friendly food and a delicious Teddy Bear cake.

Here’s our Little Paige and her Party Setup.

Teddy Bears Picnic Birthday Party

The overall Look and Feel of this Teddy Bears Picnic theme would be perfect for any stuffed animal fan, especially toddler boys and girls! It’s a great Gentle theme for the little ones.

Teddy Bears Picnic Invitations

First thing’s first — Before we can start planning our decor, we must organise how we are going to invite our party guests.

Our Personalised Teddy Bears Picnic Party Invites are so Amazing your Guests won't want to miss your Event. High Quality and Professionally Printed on Polypropylene, our Premium Invitations are both Waterproof & Durable so that they can be Treasured as a Keepsake for Years to Come!

Designed just for your Child's party, our Invites can be printed with your Unique Event details when ordering. Just include the Party Date, Time & Address along with the RSVP Date, Name & Contact Phone Number.

Teddy Bears Picnic Birthday Party Invites

Decorating the Party Area

For a true Teddy Bears Picnic feel, we incorporated the Red from the Gingham themed decorations everywhere we could, including the tables, streamers, and balloons. And, of course, we couldn’t forget the Teddys, too!

We draped tables in red plastic tablecloths and skirting with Hessian table runners and party blowers. Our Personalised Flag Bunting perfectly accented the front of the cake table with the number 3 to honor her Big Day.

Hanging from our Patio Rafters are some "Bee Hives" that we made from yellow lanterns, and adding some bees for effect.

For each of the other tables, we used a Teddy holding a personalised Frame as a centrepiece.

Teddy Bears Picnic Party Area

Making the Party Backdrop

A lot of people ask us how we create our Party Backdrops! They’re perfect for Photos of the Party Boy or Girl and look great behind the Central Cake Table.

For our Teddy Bears Picnic, we started with a large Photography stand and used sticky tape to attach Red Crepe Paper Streamers. The streamers help hide the stand and are a great coloured backdrop for our Personalised Banner.

We attached our Banner to the stand using fishing line, so it wasn’t visible, and then the Personalised Celebration of Paige’s birthday could take centre stage!

Finally, we created our own Balloon Garland that we attached to the photography stand with zip ties. If you want to try it, this is a great video for the Simple and Easy steps to make DIY balloon garland. We like to fill in any empty spaces with little balloon dots.

The overall look was Adorable and Fun! For more Tips and Tricks on Hanging our Party Banners, Click Here.

Teddy Bears Teddy Bears Picnic Cake TableCake Table

Teddy Bears Picnic Party Decorations

Our Personalised Teddy Bears Picnic Birthday Party Decorations make it super easy to create a Customised Celebration! We even have Party Packs that come with collections of everything you need and can include personalised invitations, labels, stickers, and banners. We love how everything from Candy to Treat Bags to Centrepieces incorporate custom party messages!

As with all of our Party Supplies, our products are available separately as well as in discounted party packs. For everything you'll need to create an Amazing Teddy Bears Picnic themed party, you'll want to check out our Grand Party pack. It comes with:

• Large Banner

• 2 x Flag Bunting

• A3 Poster

• 2 x A4 Posters

• Invites

• Party Bags with Labels

• 600ml Water Bottle Labels

• Chocolate Labels

• 7cm Round Stickers

• 3.5cm Round Stickers

• Cup Stickers or Pop Top Labels

Personalised Teddy Bears Picnic Party Decorations

A Teddy Bears Picnic

What would a Teddy Bears Picnic be without the picnic? For Paige and her friends to enjoy, we created a “picnic area” on the grass with a red gingham print plastic tablecloth and wooden serving trays from Kmart.

To really incorporate the party theme into our decor, I created Personalised Banners & Frames with verses from the 'The Teddy Bears Picnic' song. I have added the verses below for your reference.

"If you go down in the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise"

"If you go down in the woods today, you'd better go in disguise"

"Today's the day the teddy bears have their Picnic"

We even bought some adorable teddy bears online from kmart at $1 each for the guests to take home.

Teddy Bears Picnic Area

Teddy Bear Party Favours & Gifts

Making fun, themed favors always results in enjoyable memories. For our Teddy Bears Picnic, we incorporated Teddys into everything we could for fun and cuddly treats.

During the celebration, we served the Toddlers cold water in Teddy Bear cups, and they got to take them home after the party. They were perfect for little hands!

Teddy Bears Picnic Favours

DIY No-Sew Teddy Bear Ear Headbands

Also for Paige’s friends to take home, we made DIY Teddy Bear ears. They were super easy to make from felt, plastic headbands, and hot glue. We just cut long round oval shapes from the brown felt, wrapped them around a plastic headband, and secured with hot glue. We cut a smaller cream felt piece and add to the centre of each ear with hot glue.

DIY Teddy Bear Ears

Teddy Bear Party Bag & Loot Table

On the Party Favour table we had party bags, mega bubble wands, Aldi mini chocolates, and lollipops all with Personalised Party Labels made by Katie J Design and Events.

We also used a personalised sign and flag bunting to decorate the favour area and make the most of the Teddy Bears Picnic theme for all the guests. We even had little themed Play-Doughs in the party bags!

Teddy Bear Picnic Party Bag Table

DIY Birthday Party Lollipop Holder

The Lollipop Holder was DIY, too, incase you were trying to work out how to display your lollipops on the party table. We used a round box with a lid from Spotlight, wrapped a Red Bow around it and poked holes in the top with a skewer. Not only, was it was cheap & easy to make, it held all the fun Lollies up for the Little Ones to see. I love that we will be able to reuse it at future parties tooby changing the ribbon colour.

You can see all the adorable Teddy Bears Picnic Favors up close in this photo:

Teddy Bear Party Favours

Teddy Bears Picnic Party Food

For the Teddy Bears Picnic theme, we used a variety of Teddy-shaped treats that Paige and her friends would enjoy.

We made Teddy Bear shaped Sandwiches in flavors like vegemite, cheese, and ham that would look fun and please the Little’s taste buds.

Teddy Bear Sandwiches

Teddy Bears Picnic Sweets & Treats

My daughter and I made adorable Teddy Footprint cookies using packet cookie mix. They were super easy to make, just follow the packet instructions and before putting the cookies in the oven, add some choc buttons and drops for paws.

We also served Arnotts Teddy-shaped chocolate biscuits as yummy treats. For a special surprise, we made Teddys in Cars following this tutorial. We only needed Tiny Teddys, Milky Ways, and Smarties. They were simple and fun!

Teddy Bears Picnic Party Food

Easy Teddy Bear Birthday Cake

Paige’s Teddy Cake was a real hit! It was delicious and looked just like a Sweet, Cuddly Teddy with a happy Pink Bow.

If you’re hosting a Teddy Bears Picnic themed party, or something similar, it would be easy to recreate this adorable Teddy Cake.

Easy Teddy Bear Birthday Cake

I prepared a Chocolate Sponge cake from Woolworths in the shape of a large rectangle from a baking sheet pan. The Teddy Head shape was easy to replicate with one large circle for the head and two smaller ones, slightly overlapping, for the Ears. After arranging them on the rectangle cake I could just cut around them with a knife. Voila! Teddy Bear!

I also cut out another small circle with some of the leftover cake that made for the perfect 3D Teddy Bear nose.

Next was adding some Betty Crocker Frosting. I used a lighter colour for the nose and inside of the ears. The perfect shade for this would be mixing just a little Chocolate frosting with some Vanilla.

I covered the rest of the Teddy in delicious chocolate frosting. After some experimenting I decided to make the frosting look like fur instead of smoothing it out, and the end effect looked super fun.

Finally, I piped a mouth and added some candies for the eyes and a Pretty Pink Bow in honor of my Birthday Girl.

Look at these photos to see the Teddy Bears Picnic theme cake take shape!

Teddy Bear Birthday Cake Step by Step Instructions

Discover More Decorations at Katie J Design and Events

Paige’s third Birthday was Adorable and Fun! If you want to replicate some of my ideas for your own Little, don’t forget to visit Katie J Design and Events and check out our Personalised Teddy Bears Picnic Birthday Party Decorations!

If you want to check out our other design and decor options, head to our Personalised Party Themes where you’ll find our full range of designs.

Looking for more Party Ideas or Inspiration? Parties by Katie J is where you will find Helpful Advice on How to Throw a Great Party that Everyone Loves! We will be Sharing Easy and Delicious Party Recipes along with some Amazing DIY tips for Creating a Fun Celebration. Subscribe to our Newsletter to get Updates and Special Offers.

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