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Awesome Ninja Turtles Birthday Party Ideas & Photos

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles really brings back memories for a lot of 80s and 90s kids, and I think it’s great fun that today’s kids still love those turtles.

Any Superhero Theme appeals to lots of littles, pre-teens, and even young adults, and with a theme like the Ninja Turtles there’s sure to be some parents who feel a bit of nostalgia, too. And it’s so fun when the guests get to dress up like Superheroes themselves!

My son Donte is no exception, so of course when he turned 6, I had to host a Ninja Turtles Themed Birthday Party for him.

Donte's Ninja Turtles Themed 6th Birthday Party!

This was one of the most Epic Parties that I have planned. I spent months leading up to the Big Day creating and completing several DIY projects for a fun, completely Ninja Turtles Themed Birthday Celebration.

Donte was even lucky enough a couple of months after the party to star in a Ninja Turtles commercial after I sent his Birthday Party photo into Nickelodeon.

I really wish I had the time to create parties like this one still! But it’s still fun to share it with you. Here are my ideas and photos, and I hope they inspire you!

Ninja Turtles Party Area & Setup

We hosted Donte’s Ninja Turtles Themed Birthday Party in our Garage. It was a perfect space because I could start setting it up a week in advance, and there was a large undercover area for the guests.

You’ll notice that to Create a Great Themed Look, I used a lot of Green and Black!

My First DIY Project was sticky taping together heaps of Garbage bags so the Party Area resembled a Sewer. I even covered items in the garage, like the fridge and shelving.

To continue a Unique Sewer look, I ripped holes in the Green plastic tablecloths and sprinkled the off cuts on the floor to give a slime appearance. I collected pieces of PVC pipe and added plastic rats and mice to them, and scattered a few pizza boxes around to finish off the look. You can see the finished “Donte’s Sewers” in the images below. It was a really big undertaking but it was so worth it for a full Theme Look!

Ninja Turtles DIY Party Setup

We used lots of Ninja Turtles posters, and there was a Customised Sign and some Flag Bunting on the walls to add to the theme.

I also made DIY Ninja Turtle Lanterns to hang from the ceiling. For these I decorated Green Paper Lanterns with Crepe Masks in blue, orange, red, and purple for the Turtles.

Finally, I made a Cardboard Cut Out of Leo, Donte's Favourite Ninja Turtle. This was great for taking Photos of Donte and all of his friends on the day.

Check out some of the final decor in the pictures below:

Ninja Turtles DIY Party Decorations

Ninja Turtle Party Costumes and Supplies

For some extra fun during the celebration, we Created Ninja Turtle costumes for the kids to wear and themed Party Supplies.

My Mum was Super Clever (and patient!) and made Ninja Turtle Masks for all of the Kids from Coloured Felt with cutouts for the kids’ eyes.

Another Cool Idea that I had was spray painting Cardboard Serving Platters with a Turtle Shell pattern. I attached some ribbon and we had lots of Little Ninja Turtles running around on the day!

Ninja Turtles Party Costume Shells

For Ninja Turtles Themed Birthday Party Supplies, I made Ninja Turtle plates for the Party table by cutting strips from Red & Blue Plastic plates and gluing them to green plastic plates.

I added Ninja Turtle stickers to Party Boxes and Plastic Cups to tie them in with the theme and save money. Stickers are easy Customisation for Party Treats and Supplies that feel special without costing too much. I also used a big sticker to label our Cooler “Mutant Juice.”

Ninja Turtles Party Favours

Ninja Turtles Birthday Cake

Donte's Ninja Turtles Themed Birthday Cake was Pretty Easy to make. I'm clearly no professional cake maker but for a home job I was super proud of myself, and most importantly, Donte loved it!

To make it, I stacked 2 Plain Chocolate Sponges on top of each other, and iced them with some Gray Coloured Betty Crocker Vanilla frosting.

For the Ninja Turtle head decorations on top, I used Ready to Roll icing coloured Green. These were a little time consuming, but they weren’t too complicated in shape to form. For the Cake Topper, I used a foil lid that looked like a Sewer!

Ninja Turtles Party Cake Area

Ninja Turtles Party Food

Coming up with themed Party Food is always fun. For Donte’s Ninja Turtles Themed Birthday Party, we had a lot of Green and Creative Names for the yummy treats!

The Party Food was as follows:

• "Ninja Turtles Cupcakes" - I took the tops off before icing them in Green and Brown, so I could use the tops for a separate treat

• "Shell Shockers" - I used the cupcake tops and joined them together with Icing

• "Sewer Slime" - I made Vanilla Pudding from mix and added Green Food Dye

• "Shell Shocking Fruit" - Green Grapes

• "Sewer Covers" - Oreos

• "Mikey's Bogus Brownies" - I decorated Yummy Chocolate Brownies with Green Frosting and Yellow Smarties

The Food Table looked fantastic with all of these fun and tasty Ninja Turtles Treats!

Ninja Turtles Party Food

Ninja Turtle Pinata

I love Pinatas, because they’re not too difficult to DIY and they’re a hit with all of the Party Guests, Big and Small. I’ve made them for a lot of the Celebrations I’ve hosted!

The pinata for Donte’s Ninja Turtles Themed Birthday Party looked like Leonardo. I used a Cardboard Box covered in Crepe Paper, and it took a few days and lots of patience, but it was worth it and the kids loved it!

If you’re interested in making a DIY Pinata for a party, check out some of the favorites I’ve made, with supplies and directions!

Ninja Turtles Party Pinata

Ninja Turtles Party Decorations & Supplies

This Ninja Turtles Themed Birthday Party was a couple of years before I began my party supplies business, so most of the decorations in the photos above I made myself or sourced from the local dollar store.

I now have an Awesome Ninja Turtles Party theme over at Katie J Design and Events. To Check out the Range, Click Here.

TMNT Party Decorations

Personalised Party Decorations & Supplies

Make sure you check out our Fun range of Personalised Party Decorations & Supplies over at Katie J Design and Events. There are Over 250 Party Themes to Choose from which can be customised for Adults & Kid’s Birthday Parties, Baby Shower, Christening, Engagement Party, Hens Party, Bridal Shower, Naming Day & Much More…

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