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Crafting Easy-to-Create Super Hero Masks for Kids

For my daughter's birthday celebration, I was pleasantly surprised to find that crafting Super Hero masks was much easier than I anticipated. The entire process of creating 20 masks only took a mere two hours, and it saved me a ton of money as opposed to buying them from stores.

Additionally, the masks were added to our dress up box after the party, so they were available for her Super Friends to use when they came to visit.

DIY Kids Superhero Masks

To assist you in making the Super Hero Masks, I have composed a Step-by-Step Guide and supplied the Template available here for you to Print at Home. It is ideal for a kids themed Superhero party.

In Order to Create Super Hero Masks, Here's What You Require

A ready-made template for a Kids Super Hero Masks Party is available for download. It includes all that is necessary for the event.

Superhero Masks - What you need

Step 1. Printing Out the Templates

Print the Super Hero Mask Template onto thin sheets of A4 Cardboard. This will help increase the longevity of the masks, as paper may be prone to tearing.

Step 2. Trim Down Your Templates

Using scissors, trim the mask templates. A craft cutting knife and board were employed to cut the eye pieces. To make the cutting process simpler and prevent tearing, one can start with poking a hole in the center of the eye pieces and then cutting outward with scissors.

Superhero Masks - Template Cutting

Step 3. Outline your templates for use.

Take the Templates and put them on Felt then trace around them with Chalk - making sure to include the eye cutouts.

A printable template for a kids' Super Hero mask party can be found in the following image:

Step 4: Cut the Felt

Cutting the Felt requires trimming around the edges. When crafting the exterior of the mask, carve within the boundary marked by the Chalk Line. When constructing the Inner Eye pieces, however, be sure to cut beyond the Chalk Line to ensure that it is the proper size for a Child's face.

Step 5. Cut and attach the elastic.

Take 11 cm-long pieces of Elastic, with 6mm width. To keep the glue from making a mess, put the Felt Mask on a protective surface or a cutting board, with the Chalk side up. Secure one end of the Elastic to the edge of the Mask using a Hot Glue Gun or Super Glue.

Gluing the Elastic to one side of each of your masks should be your first step. After you have completed this, the first mask should be dry and then you can attach the Elastic to the other side.

Continue this process for the remaining masks and you are done! How effortless was that?

Superhero Masks - Gluing

For a kids' party, this printable template of super hero masks can be a great addition! An easy activity can be to glue the masks together for a fun and creative event.

My Masks were quite basic, but I was still pleased with how they turned out. I thought that less was more in this case, since I had plenty of other preparations for the Super Hero Party to take care of before the Big Day. To add a bit more pizzazz to the masks, I could have added buttons or felt shapes with glue.

At Isla's Super Hero themed 5th Birthday Party, the result was wonderful! All the Little Superheroes were so cute in their Super Hero Masks and their Super Hero Wands!

Kids Superhero Party Masks

Decor for a Girls Super Hero Themed Party

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Girls Superhero Party Supplies

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