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How to Make Kids Super Hero Masks from Felt:

Making Super Hero Masks for my Daughter’s Birthday Party was much easier than I thought. I made 20 Masks for all of the Little Superheroes in about 2 hours and it also saved me a lot of money buying them from the shops. What was also Great was that we could add them to Our Dress Up Box after the Party for when her Super Friends come to visit. I have posted Step-by-Step Instructions below of how I made the Super Hero Masks and included the Template for you to Print at Home. I hope you find them to be Helpful.


Kids Super Hero Masks Party Printable Template

What You’ll Need:


Kids Super Hero Masks Party Printable Template

Step 1. Print Your Templates

Print the Super Hero Mask Template on Thin Sheets of A4 Cardboard. Using Thin A4 Card will make them more durable to use for all of your masks and prevent it from tearing which paper might do.

Step 2. Cut Your Templates

Cut around the Mask Templates using Scissors. To Cut the Eye pieces I used a Craft Cutting Knife & Cutting board. Alternatively, you can always poke a hole in the middle of the eye piece and cut outwards with your scissors from there. Poking a hole in the middle with your scissors first should prevent any tearing and make the process of cutting with scissors easier.


Kids Super Hero Masks Party Printable Template

Step 3. Trace Your Templates

Place your Templates on a Piece of Felt and trace the outlines using a piece of Chalk – don’t forget to trace the eye pieces.


Kids Super Hero Masks Party Printable Template

Step 4. Cut the Felt

Just like with the Cardboard; Cut around the edges of the Felt. For the Outer Section of the mask make sure that you cut inside the Chalk line. For the Inner Eye pieces of the mask ensure that you cut outside of the Chalk Line. This will ensure that they are the optimal size to fit a Child’s face.

Step 5. Cut & Glue the Elastic

Cut lengths of Elastic about 11cm long; I used 6mm width Elastic. Place the Felt Mask on a Protective Surface/ Cutting Board to prevent making a mess with the glue and make sure that you have your masks facing Chalk side up. Use a Hot Glue Gun or Super Glue if you prefer to attach one side of the Elastic to the edge of the Mask. I would recommend gluing the Elastic to one side of each of your masks first. Once you have finished doing this, the first mask that you glued should be dry. Once it is dry you can attach the other end of the Elastic to the other side of the masks. Repeat the Process for the rest of the Masks and you are finished. How Easy was that?


Kids Super Hero Masks Party Printable Template


To add more Flare to your Masks you could add buttons or felt shapes to them with Glue, but I was pretty impressed with my Simple Masks. Sometimes less is more and I had lots of other Super Hero Party tasks to Complete before the Big Day.

This was the Final Result on the day of Isla’s Super Hero themed 5th Birthday Party. The Little Superheroes looked Fabulous wearing their Super Hero Masks and waving their Super Hero Wands!


Kids Super Hero Masks Party Printable Template

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