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How to DIY Paper Lanterns for a Minions Party

If you’ve been reading my blogs, you know how much I enjoy adding Customised and Do-It-Yourself Party Decorations to my celebration spaces when I’m planning a Birthday or other Event.

Anything DIY or personalised, or both, makes me feel like I put a little extra Time and Effort into a Loved One’s Big Day. And I have a little Creative Freedom to make the Party feel Extra Special.

For my Son Donte’s Minions Themed Birthday Party, I used customised supplies like Banners, Stickers, and Treat Bags, and I made some of my own Treats and Decorations like a Cake, Minions Games, and Minions Paper Lanterns.

Minions Birthday Party Cake

It was so rewarding to see Donte’s Face when he walked into the Party and found all the Personalised Signs and his favorite Minion Characters.

You can read about most of Donte’s Minions Themed Birthday Party at the link. It turned out Super Cute with the Mischevious and Fun Minions taking Centre Stage!

But my favorite DIY crafts for the Party were the Minions Paper Lanterns I made to hang from the ceiling in the party space. They added just the right touch for the Theme and the Guests loved them!

Minions DIY Party Lantern Decorations

How to Make Minions Paper Lanterns at Home

I find that adding a few Decorations to the Ceiling adds an extra dimension to any party. I always use coloured table cloths and pictures, banners, and signs for the walls. But to bring a Theme fully to life, I add a little to the “Sky,” too.

For Donte’s Minions Birthday, I used hanging Paper Lanterns that looked like Minions for that Little Extra Decoration.

These DIY Minions Party Lanterns were Super Easy to Make with Yellow Paper Lanterns that you can buy from the store. They looked Fabulous at the Party and everyone loved the Minions hovering in the Air while the Guests Mingled and Played.

Minions Birthday Party Decorations

I have created a Quick Tutorial below of how to make them at Home in a couple of Easy Steps. My tutorial includes FREE Printable Minions Eyes for the perfect Finishing Touch.

What You’ll Need:

• Yellow Paper Lanterns

• Super Glue

• Wide Black Satin Ribbon (about 4-5cm wide)

Minion Eyes Template

• Black Acrylic Paint

• Thin Paint Brush

Step 1:

Assemble the Yellow Paper Lantern as instructed on the Lantern packet. Usually this is done by inserting the Wire into it’s Centre.

Step 2:

Measure the Width of the paper Lantern.

Step 3:

Cut the Satin Ribbon a little bit longer than the Width of the Lantern.

Step 4:

Using Super Glue attach the Satin Ribbon to the Paper Lantern.

Step 5:

While the Glue is Drying Print out the Minion Eyes Template.

Step 6:

Cut out the Minions Eyes from the Template.

Step 7:

By now the Satin Ribbon should have dried and you can glue the Minion Eyes onto the Satin Ribbon.

Step 8:

Using Black Acrylic Paint give your Minion a Smile and some Hair and leave it to dry.

Now your Minion Lantern is complete and can be hung at your Party or even to Decorate a Minion Fan’s Bedroom!

Minions Party Lanterns

Adapt for Any Theme

Want to know a Secret? A lot of my DIY Decorations are easy to adapt for almost any Party Theme, and I do that a lot myself! Once I find something that works I change it up for future Celebrations.

Paper Lanterns are a great Party Supply because they aren’t very expensive and they are easy to find. With the right colour lanterns, a little paint, and cutouts or templates you can find online, you can Customise Hanging Lanterns for your Birthday Girl’s or Boy’s favourite theme or character.

Check out these Ninja Turtle themed Lantern Decorations that we made the year before for Donte's TMNT Birthday Party!

Ninja Turtles DIY Party Lantern Decorations

Personalised Minions Party Decorations

I Hope you’re feeling Inspired to throw your own Minion Party! They’re such an Enjoyable Character for a Birthday Theme that’s Super Versatile and Fun.

We have a Fantastic Minions Birthday Party design over at Katie J Design and Events that are Perfect for Girls, Boys, Twins, Siblings & Joint Birthday parties.

Minions Party Decorations

Looking for more Party Ideas or Inspiration? Parties by Katie J is where you will find Helpful Advice on How to Throw a Great Party that Everyone Loves! We will be Sharing Easy and Delicious Party Recipes along with some Amazing DIY tips for Creating a Fun Celebration. Subscribe to our Newsletter to get Updates and Special Offers.

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