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Unleash the Fun with These Top 10 Kids Party Themes of the Year

Throwing your child a brilliant and unforgettable birthday party can be a big project. Whether you’re hiring a venue or throwing the party at home, there’s a lot to plan and organize. Having a theme for your child’s birthday party is a great way to focus on your efforts, and to make sure your little one and their guests love their party and remember it for a long time to come.

To choose your theme, think about some of the things your child loves, and then draw up a shortlist of ideas. Narrow that list down to a couple of ideas, and then over your child a choice between two or three themes that you know you can pull off. They get to choose something they’ll enjoy, and you can stay in control of the process and the planning!

If you’re in need of some theme ideas, these are the top 10 kids’ party themes for this year.

Pokemon Party Theme

Thanks to the games, cartoons, and toys, Pokemon is still very popular with kids and is a great theme for a party. Our Pokemon party packs have you covered with everything you need, including personalized birthday banners and bunting, invites, and labels for party bag goodies.


Pokemon Birthday Deluxe Party Pack


Encourage guests to come dressed as their favourite Pokemon or as Pokemon trainers, and plan some Pokemon-themed games. Classic party games could be adapted, such as pinning a Pokeball on the Pokemon, or a scavenger hunt around the house for different Pokemon.

Kids Pokemon Party Ideas

Baby Shark Theme

Anyone with young children knows how big this song was! Baby Shark is a cute theme for your party. Go all out with an under-the-sea feel, with paper streamers in greens for seaweed, and blues for the water. Use our range of Baby Shark cup stickers, party bags, banners, bunting, and posters to get the theme across.

Baby Shark Birthday Deluxe Party Pack

Of course, you’ll need to play the song! You could use the song for games of Pass The Parcel, Musical Chairs, and Musical Statues to include it in a fun way, or just have an underwater dance party. Make a playlist of other sea-themed songs to save the adults listening to Baby Shark on repeat! Check out our Baby Shark Deluxe Party pack here!

Baby Shark Birthday Party Setup

Cricket Party Theme

Cricket is a great party theme for little sports fans, and our personalized cricket birthday packs are a great way to do it. These packs include invites, banners, bunting, posters, stickers and more. As well as customising this pack with your child’s name and age, you can choose the colours, so everything can match your child’s favourite colours or the colours of the team they support.

Cricket Party Decorations

This partyis ideal if you have a large backyard, and can play some real cricket outside during the party.

Cricket Party Games & Ideas

Floral Unicorn Theme

This pretty theme is perfect for little girls. If you can’t decide between a floral theme or a unicorn theme, why not combine the two? Whether you need cute invites, place cards, or a banner, we’ve got you covered, all in a soft colour palette of pinks and golds. Perfect for any little unicorn lover! Play some unicorn-themed games, like ‘pin the horn on the unicorn’, or put out some colouring supplies for the guests to draw their own unicorn. Don’t forget the glitter!

Floral Unicorn Birthday Deluxe Party Pack

Mermaid Party Theme

What little girl doesn’t love mermaids? A mermaid party can use some of the underwater decoration ideas from the Baby Shark party, and the same seaside playlist, but instead, use our pretty range of personalised party goodies, including cup stickers, party bags, and place cards.


Mermaid Scales Birthday Deluxe Party Pack


Got a pool in the backyard? What could be better for a mermaid party, with swimming and pool games? If you don’t have a pool, you could arrange a swimming trip first, and then head back home for a mermaid party for the little swimmers.

Mermaid Birthday Party Photos

Camping Party Theme

Does your kid love the great outdoors? How about a camping theme party? You don’t even have to actually go camping. Instead, you can put up some tents in the backyard, and decorate with our personalised camping themed decorations, including bunting, posters, and a banner.

Boys Camp Out Birthday Deluxe Party Pack

Serve camping themed food, like smores, or fire up the barbecue for hot dogs and burgers. Finish the night off with a classic camping activity; ghost stories! Just make sure the stories aren’t too scary for the younger guests.

Camping Birthday Party

Customize and personalize your camping party for boys or girls.

Girls Camp Out Birthday Deluxe Party Pack

Jungle Animals Party Theme

Jungle animals is a fun theme for any animal lover. We have a whole range of products that you can personalise to make your party feel like the jungle.

Jungle Animals Birthday Deluxe Party Pack

If you can get clever with craft paper, you could make some trees and jungle animals to attach to your walls. Find some jungle noises to play in the background. Make a fun game out of doing impressions of different jungle animals, and rewarding who does the best job with a prize.

Jungle Birthday Party

Slumber Party Theme

Older children might like a slumber party for their birthday, rather than a themed birthday party, which they might feel is too young for them. We have ranges for both boys and girls to decorate for the slumber party, including whole party packs, or individual items like stickers, posters, and banners.

Boys Slumber Party Deluxe Birthday Decorations Pack

Get out the sleeping bags, prepare some movies and popcorn, and stock up on some snacks for that all important sneaky midnight feast.

Girls Slumber Party Birthday Decorations Deluxe Pack

Princess Theme

This theme is a classic for a little girls’ birthday party, and for a good reason. Lots of girls love Princesses and would love to play Princess for a day.

Pink Princess Party Pack

Make or buy some crowns for the guests, and decorate with our personalised Princess party items, including banners and bunting. Choose the prettiest food to serve, and your child can feel like royalty.

Princess Tiaras Birthday Deluxe Party Pack

Motocross Party Theme

It can be difficult to come up with interesting themes for boys' parties, but lovers of extreme sports might love a Motocross party. We have party decor to help you create this theme.

Motor Bike Party Decorations

Add in some pictures of bikes and riders, play some videos of sports highlights, and maybe encourage the kids’ to take their own bikes out for a ride around the neighbourhood (minus the dangerous stunts, of course).

Green Motocross Party Decorations

With our top party themes, you can make your kid’s next birthday bash something special. If you want to see our entire catalog, you can check it out here; or, if you want to ask us a question or order something custom, you can send us an email here.

Katie Lynch

As the Owner of Katie J Design and Events, Katie Lynch provides Advice and DIY Tips on 'How to Create and Style an Amazing Party that Everyone Loves'. Katie shares her Easy and Affordable Party Foods, Cake Hacks, Decorating Ideas, Inspo and Photos from her 20 years of Experience as a Qualified Events Manager.

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