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Get Ready to Dance: Amazing TikTok Party Ideas to Make Your Event a Hit!

There’s nothing like a Party Theme that embraces the latest trends! Tweens and Teens especially go Crazy over Unique and Cool Party Ideas.

If your Kids are like mine, they must be obsessed with Tik Tok. It’s the latest Social Media Craze with Short, User-Created Videos of Jokes, Dances, and other Entertainment.

So, of course, we had to make sure we had a Party Collection at Katie J Design and events that featured Tik Tok and Trends! Our Personalised Tik Tok Party Decorations Theme features a Silver Glitter Peace Symbol, Rainbow Animal Print Heart, and a Bling Tik Tok Symbol on a Gorgeous Purple background with White Cursive Font.

Tik Tok Party Decorations

It’s the Perfect Party Theme for a Birthday party for a Tween or Teen girl. And I have several Fun and Glamourous Ideas for putting the Party Together, from Decorations to Treats to Activities.

You can also follow Katie J Design & Events on Tik Tok!

Tik Tok Party Display

Tik Tok Party Decorations

One of the best parts of a Birthday Celebration is the Transformation of a normal space into a Party Area. And I promise your Tween or Teen and her Guests will Adore Decorations that are Fun, Glamourous, and Special.

Our Personalised Tik Tok Party Decorations Theme features the Colours Purple, Black, and Silver. I think these are Fantastic Colours for a Girl’s Birthday Celebration that feels Glittery and Elegant.

For a Truly Exciting Tik Tok Party Space, use Black or a Metallic Gold or Silver for the Tablecloths, then add pops of Colour and Glitter with the plates, utensils, and other party supplies.

Look at this Fun Photo from Izzy's Tik Tok Party which was held at the Local Swimming Pool. Wouldn't that have made for an Amazing Birthday Celebration!

Tik Tok Birthday Party Table

Focus on the Central Party Table for the Colour Scheme. You might even consider a Backdrop with one of our Hanging Canvas Banners, a Balloon Arch, or Metallic Streamer Curtains. If you’re ever curious about creating your own party table with a banner, we have tips for Making your own Balloon Arch and Hanging our Canvas Banners.

Here is one of our customer photographs of a Tik Tok Party, with a Black Backdrop, Gold Tablecloth, and lots of Glamourous Purple.

Tik Tok Banner & Party Setup

For a final, Special touch that the Birthday Girl and her Friends will Love, make sure to add Personalisation to the supplies you order from Katie J Design & Events. You can have the Birthday Girl’s Name and Age added to the Decorations and Supplies, so she’s Featured with the Exciting and Elegant Theme Design!

Tik Tok Party Treats

I have a few Delicious and Easy Ideas for Tik Tok Party Treats, Foods, and Desserts. I love Hacks and Quick and Simple Party Foods, so there’s nothing too complicated, I promise!

Some of the Easiest Theme Treats are those that use the Party Theme Colours. So if you’re using Purple, Black, and Glittery Silver or Gold as your Party Colours, try to incorporate these Colours into the food!

Some Foods are Naturally Purple and Perfect for Snacking, like Purple Grapes, Blackberries, Blueberries, and Purple Carrots. There are also plenty of Purple Candies and Lollies that could be arranged in a Beautiful display.

Tik Tok Party Treats

Frequently, I use Coloured Icing to Decorate Cupcakes, Biscuits, or Cakes. However, I would have to caution against Black or Dark Purple Frosting, as it can stain the guests’ mouths and teeth!

Instead, use Purple, Black, or Glittery Sprinkle Variations to add Glamourous Colour to Yummy Baked Goods. Alternatively, your Local Baker could make you something Easy & Delicious, too. Look at this Fun Birthday Cake from Isabella's Tik Tok Party.

Tik Tok Birthday Cake

Our Personalised Tik Tok theme Chocolate labels make Fantastic Party Treats for your Guests to take Home with them or even Enjoy on the Day.

Personalised Tik Tok Chocolates

I also think it would be fun to Create a Tik Tok Party Cake! Use my directions for the Easy No Bake Number Birthday Cake with Lollies, but instead of a number, do the Tik Tok Symbol!

One of our Customers Used a Tik Tok Birthday Cake Topper, and had custom sugar cookies for the Guests. In the photo below, you can also see our Chocolate Labels and Party Bag Labels for other guest treats.

Tik Tok Party Favours

Tik Tok Party Activities

Since Tik Tok is all about DIY Videos, I think some DIY activities are perfect for a Tik Tok Party!

For little Kids, I have some Easy Party Treats I usually make in advance and serve. But Teen or Tween GIrls would probably Love making their own Easy Kids Party Treat Wafers, Chocolate Spoons, or No Bake Iced Biscuits for the Camera.

Another Exciting Activity would be Dancing with Tik Tok videos, or trying to recreate a popular Tik Tok Recipe, Hair Style, or Fashion Trend. Just make sure you have the materials ready to go!

Finally, for a truly Glamourous Tik Tok Party, let older girls give each other makeovers while watching a movie or listening to music. I hope your Birthday Girl is as happy as these customers!

Tik Tok Birthday Party Ideas
Tik Tok Cake Table

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As the Owner of Katie J Design and Events, Katie Lynch provides Advice and DIY Tips on 'How to Create and Style an Amazing Party that Everyone Loves'. Katie shares her Easy and Affordable Party Foods, Cake Hacks, Decorating Ideas, Inspo and Photos from her 20 years of Experience as a Qualified Events Manager.

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