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Throw the Ultimate Halloween Party: Fun & Easy Ideas for Food, Games & Decorations

My family absolutely Loves Halloween, and it’s one of Our Favourite Family traditions.

We celebrate every year with a Halloween Party inviting all of our Family & Friends. The weather in Australia is always warm, so we’ve had a wonderful time Celebrating and Decorating our porch and yard.

We have Apple Bobbing competitions and everyone brings a bag of Lollies, Chocolate or Goodies to be shared with all of the kids. They can enjoy a few treats at the Party and take the rest home.

I think we have tried nearly every Halloween idea I have found on Google and Pinterest over the years. We now have quite a Collection of Halloween Party photographs.

Halloween Party Ideas

I thought I would just share with you all some of the decorations, food, and games we’ve used at our Parties. Hopefully this will give you some Inspiration if you, too, are hosting a Halloween Party!

Fun Halloween Costumes

First, I want to share some of our Costumes! One of my Favourite parts of our annual Halloween Party is seeing what everyone wears. It’s always quite a collection of Spooky Creatures, Fun Characters, and Cute Littles!

Here’s a picture of our “Scary” Halloween Costumes one year: Bones the Skeleton, Donte the Zombie, Miss Voorhees, a Drunken Pirate and our Little Pumpkin.

Family Halloween Costumes

I know some families like to Dress in a Theme, but we usually let everyone choose what will make them happiest during the celebration.

Halloween Decorations

I think it’s so Entertaining to create Halloween Decorations that guests of all ages can enjoy at our parties. We’ve had some that are Spooky, Cute, a little Gory, and Funny.

Part of the fun of these Decorations is that the Kids have been able to contribute their own ideas and help with some of the DIY. Even if the decorations are a little Creepy, my kids Love to be part of Creating a “Scary” Halloween Party.

Outdoor DIY Halloween Decorations

Halloween Party Area

One of the first things I do is set the stage for the Party Area. This is where we have the tables, food, and a lot of the decorations set out for Guests to enjoy.

For our Halloween Party, I use black tablecloths on all the tables. If you’re doing this yourself, you can even use Black Sheets so you can reuse them every year.

I also make sure I have some Halloween Signs around the Party Area, and often use colour-coordinating party supplies, usually in varying proportions of Orange, Green, and Purple.

The rest of the Decorations are usually “Spooky” or “Scary” Scenes that we create in the yard or house for Everyone to See.

This collage of pictures shows the Party Area with posters, pumpkins, and a hanging prisoner we used for a spooky effect.

Halloween Party Decorations

But every year, our Halloween Party is a little different! Here are some of the ideas we’ve used over the years!

DIY Decorations

In this next photo, you can see some Decorations my Kids helped make. They used White Plastic Plates and Streamers to make ghosts for the Walls. We also had Monster Footprints in our hallway, and a graveyard with “Bodies” in the yard. Finally, the Kids made a Zombie for serving our Food!

Outdoor Halloween Decorations

I love to showcase another one of our Spooky Spaces with Black and White Photographs; I hope you can see why! We made and decorated Lanterns to line our Spiderweb covered Graveyard.

If you want Decorations that are Cute instead of Scary, these lanterns are a great way to get the Kids involved in making Ghost-Like decorations that are Family Friendly. We used the bottom halves of Milk Jugs, but you can also use White Paper Bags. Decorate them with Black Markers or Black Paper Shapes. Fill the bottom with sand so they stay in place, and you can use Candles to light them up!

Halloween Outside Lantern Decorations

Next are some Halloween-Themed Lanterns I made from Paper Mache one year. (Here’s a website with some tips and recipes for paper mache).

Halloween Paper Mache Decorations

Here are some other photos of decorations we’ve used throughout the years!

Bloody footprints with an LED Red Light pathway:

Bloody Halloween Footprints

"Witch Parking Only":

Halloween Broomstick Parking

Skeleton and Halloween themed Bathroom and Toilet:

Halloween Bathroom Decorations

Food & Treats

I’ve also come up with a lot of Halloween Party Themed Food and Treats over the years. Of course, there’s Lollies, Candies, and Chocolates, but we’ve had other Fun and Tasty Food as well.

Halloween Food Scary Pumpkin Dip

Here are few ideas for sweet treats:

  • Worms in Dirt: Fill clear cups about halfway with Chocolate Pudding, top with crushed Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, and add some Gummy Worms for a “Creepy Crawly” effect.
  • Graveyard Cake: Ice cake (or brownies), and top with crushed Chocolate Biscuits. Add a tombstone to each one with any small, rectangular biscuit you can find in the store. I iced “RIP” with brown frosting on each one.
  • Frankenstein’s Monster Cups: Use clear cups and green-coloured Pudding, topped with Crushed Chocolate Biscuits. Decorate the outside of the cups with a black marker to look like a Monster.
  • Iced Biscuits: I’ve made several variations of Iced Biscuits, but for Halloween I like to make them extra spooky. I use squiggles of white icing and brown M&Ms for Mummies, pink icing with a blue M&M in the center for eyeballs, and an icing web with a brown M&M and little legs for a spider.
Halloween Party Food Ideas

For more savory snacks, here are some of the yummy foods we’ve served:

  • Worm Dogs: Sliced mini hotdogs in mini buns with Ketchup “Blood”
  • Devil Scrolls: Pepperoni rolls with sliced black olives for eyes
  • Bones with Blood & Gunk Sauce: Spring rolls with soy and ketchup
  • Amputated Fingers: Mozzarella sticks
  • Mummies: Hotdogs baked in pastry dough
  • Monster Poo and Blood: Fun labels for BBQ sauce and ketchup
Scary Savoury Halloween Party Food

My family can get pretty creative with the food serving area, too! Notice in this collage from a few years ago, the Googly Eyes we added to some of the serving dishes, and the fun faces on the white cups!

Halloween Party Food Table

Entertainment & Games

Food and decorations are fun, but Games really add some Entertainment and Amusement to a Halloween Party. It’s not too difficult to create easy games that are good for a variety of ages of guests, from littles to adults. And a lot of them can use items you have around your house!

Bobbing for Apples is one of my family’s Favourite games. You just need a big bin filled with water and some apples to float on top. We also usually have some towels lying around for drying off after the dunks!

Some other fun Halloween Party Games include:

  • Broomstick Races (a bonus for using the brooms you already have lying around)!
  • Pin the Tail on the Black Cat, or really any variation you can think of with Pumpkins, Monsters, and Ghosts!
  • Musical Chairs to Halloween Music
  • Pumpkin Carving/Painting
  • Colouring Stations
  • Mummy-Making with Toilet Paper or Streamers
Apple Bobbing Halloween Game

I hope that these pictures and ideas have given you some inspiration for your own Halloween Party!

At Katie J Design & Events we have Amazing Halloween Party Decoration themes and packages you can use for a Fun or Spooky Celebration. Like all of our decorations and party supplies, these are durable for outdoor use, and can be Personalised!

Our Little Halloween Monsters theme below is Black and Orange design featuring adorable halloween characters.

Happy Halloween Grand Party Pack

Did someone say Zombie Party? This Fun Ghastly Green design is Perfect for Celebrating your Halloween or Birthday Party!

Zombie Birthday Party Grand Decorations Pack

Very Popular with the Girls and Teens, there is so much fun to be had with our Day of the Dead Party decorations pictured below.

Day of the Dead Halloween Grand Party Pack

Looking for more Party Ideas or Inspiration? Parties by Katie J is where you will find Helpful Advice on How to Throw a Great Party that Everyone Loves! We will be Sharing Easy and Delicious Party Recipes along with some Amazing DIY tips for Creating a Fun Celebration. Subscribe to our Newsletter to get Updates and Special Offers.

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