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Fair Dinkum Fun Australia Day Party

On the 26th of January each year we hold an Annual Australia Day Party and Celebrate the Occasion with Family & Friends. It’s such a Fun Day for us, especially when the Weather is Warm and Sunny!

We Dress up in Aussie Colours, Swim by the Pool, Play Cricket, and Cook a Delicious BBQ for our Guests to enjoy.

Since we’ve done it so many times over the Years, it’s become a Fantastic Tradition and we’ve really narrowed down some of the Best ways to Celebrate. We even have a Range of Australia Day Party Decorations at Katie J Supplies & Events to make the party Exciting and Enjoyable for everyone!

I’m so excited Share with you all some of the Fun Times we’ve had!

How to Throw a Ripper Aussie Day Party

Aussie Day is the Perfect Time to Display your Favourite Australia Colours in your warm weather clothes, fun decorations, and themed party supplies.

I like hanging some Posters and Banners, laying out Coloured Tablecloths, collecting some matching disposable plates, cups, and utensils for easy Clean Up, and dressing the whole Family in Everything Australia.

Everyone starts to feel Festive and ready to Celebrate!

One year, we went all out with Blue and Red. And it’s so Great to have easy Decorations from our Blue & Red Southern Cross themed supplies to hang and display to match our colour theme. This was a Perfect Family Photo Opportunity!

Australia Day Party Ideas

If Green and Gold speak more to your Australia Day Festivities, you’ll Love our Green & Gold Kangaroo Australia Day Party Decorations. This is one of our Newer Collections, but it has everything you need for an Awesome Aussie Day, like Stickers, Labels, Posters, and Banners.

Green & Gold Kangaroo Australia Day Grand Party Pack

We also have Fun Aussie Character Australia Day Party Decorations, which Features a Green Background with Fun Aussie Character Images like Dundee, a Shrimp on the Barbie, Ayers Rock, a Boomerang, Thongs & More.

Aussie Characters Australia Day Party Banner

Fun Australia Day Games & Activities


A Pool Party is Mint Fun on Australia Day, there is nothing better than staying cool and splashing with mates to cool the hot Aussie sun. If you aren’t lucky enough to have a pool check out your nearest Beach, Waterpark or Creek for Water fun.

You can also get out the Water Games, like sprinklers, balloons, or water pistols to cool off and enjoy the outside.

Australia day party photos swimming pool


Cricket is an Australia Day Ritual in Our Family! The kids both Big & Small have loads of fun batting, bowling & fielding. If your yard isn’t big enough for a game, check out your Local park. You might even get some Neighbors or New Friends to join you for a little Competition.

australia day party photos cricket fun

Other Fun Things to Do on Aussie Day

There are so many more Fun things to be done on Australia Day and your imagination is the only limit.

A fews years ago friends of ours created a Massive Slip ‘n Slide with a large tarp and even some bubbles. It was a great way to keep cool without a pool, and it was loads of bubbly fun!

Other ideas include playing Frisbee, Boomerang/Gum boot/Thong Throwing, or Aussie Rules Football. Honestly, anything outdoors is such a Blast at this time of year in Australia!

I also Love the idea of a Pie Eating Competition. Doesn’t everyone want to know who can eat the most pie? Or even make it a Baking Competition with a Trophy to pass around to the winner each year!

And since it is Aussie Day, after all, you might even try a Bush Dance with Family or Friends.

australia day party photos ultimate slip and slide

Australia Day Drinks

Anytime I throw a Party, I make sure my guests have some Drinks and Food.

The Drinks Menu at Our Australia Day Party pretty much consists of Beer & Water to keep the Kids Hydrated and the Adults Happy. They looked pretty rad this year with the Australia Day Beer & Water Labels on them.

And if you're not a Beer Fan, you must check out the Ripper Australia Day Cocktail List over at Cocktails & Bars Click Here. There are so many Mouth Watering concoctions!

australia day party drinks beer water

Australia Day Food

Everyone Loves Yummy Food. So where do I start?! There are so many Great Aussie Foods that can be devoured on Australia Day. And if you’re familiar with my parties, you know that I’m a Big Fan of foods anyone can make and display for guests.

Here is what we served at our party:

Vegemite Sangas

Vegemite Sandwiches are an Aussie icon and were enjoyed on the day by everyone, big and small! Even Baby Paige got into them. I like to make them look a Little Fancy by cutting them into Triangles, and it makes them easier to eat, too! They’re super simple with buttered bread, Vegemite, and some cheese. Even Kids can help make them.

australia day party food vegemite sandwiches

Meat Pies & Lamingtons

More Aussie Faves include the Humble Meat Pies and Scrumptious Lamingtons. They did not last long on the table! These are the perfect treats to buy Premade and just warm and arrange as needed.

australia day party food pies lamingtons

Snags on the BBQ

It doesn’t get more Australian than a Barbie on Australia Day! My handsome Fiance fired up the BBQ and cooked us a Gourmet Feast of Sausages on Bread.

They were another of Baby Paige’s Favourites. She really could not get enough of the Aussie Feast! Everyone Loved watching her try a little of everything.

australia day party food bbq sausages snags on bread

Koalas in a Creek

‘Koalas in a Creek’ were by far the Kid’s Favourite Aussie Treat for the Day and they were so Simple to make!

All you need to do is fill Plastic Cups with Blue Jelly & let them Set and Cool in the Fridge. Once the Jelly has set, add a Caramello Koala and an Aussie Flag for good measure.

I used Premade Cupcake Toppers and they looked and tasted Fantastic! A little Creativity can really go a long way for Food that’s Yummy and Fun to eat, and they were even like mini Decorations on the table.

If you don’t want to hunt down some Cupcake Toppers, you can make your own with some Cardboard, Toothpicks, and the Stickers we supply in our Party Supplies. That way this treat will Perfectly Match your Theme!

australia day party photos koalas in a creek koalas in jelly

I really Enjoyed Sharing our Australia Day Traditions with you. I hope I have given you some Ideas & Inspiration if you too are planning an Australia Day Party. Feel Free to Post a Comment if you have Any Questions or Contact Me on the link below.

australia day party photos bbq friends decorations

Australia Day Party Decorations

I think every Australian should have a Flag hung High and Proud on Australia Day. We have a Couple now and it’s a Wonderful, Proud feeling hanging them up and remembering how Lucky we are to live in such a Blessed Country.

For other Party Decorations and Supplies, visit our Australia Day Collections at Katie J Design & Events. Our Ranges Include Themed Supplies with Banners, Bunting, Invitations, Posters, and Stickers and Labels for Cups, Water Bottles, Beer and Wine Bottles, and Party Favours.

Southern Cross Australia Day Grand Party Pack

You can also find Australia’s Largest Range of Party Decorations and Supplies for All of your Celebrations and Special Days!

Katie Lynch

As the Owner of Katie J Design and Events, Katie Lynch provides Advice and DIY Tips on 'How to Create and Style an Amazing Party that Everyone Loves'. Katie shares her Easy and Affordable Party Foods, Cake Hacks, Decorating Ideas, Inspo and Photos from her 20 years of Experience as a Qualified Events Manager.

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