Personalised Pastel Rainbow Balloons Birthday Party Flag Bunting

No Occasion is Complete without a Personalised Pastel Rainbow Balloons Birthday Party Flag Bunting, a Classic Party Decoration that Hints at the Joyful Moments & Fun that will Follow. Each Flag of the Bunting is printed with a Matching Themed Image and the Birthday Celebrant's Age.

Our Flag Bunting with Name allows you to Customise your Bunting with a Name or Custom Text of your Choice. Each Character must be Alphabetical and can be up to 12 characters in length. One Alphabetical Character is Printed per Flag and an '!' will be added to any Names of Odd Amount to Ensure that they are Centred evenly across your Banner.

Flag Bunting comes in a Standard 2.5m Length (1.75m if you Exclude the Ribbon). Each Bunting comes with 12 Flags, measuring 19cm in height and 14cm in width making them Great for Hanging on Cake and Party Tables. Our Bunting is Hand Trimmed to Size and Hot Glued together with Beautiful Matching Satin Ribbon.

• 12 x Flags

• Standard 2.5m length

• 1.75m if you exclude the ribbon

• Hot Glued with Beautiful Satin Ribbon

• Water-proof & Durable

• High-Quality Professional Print

• Made in Australia

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