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Brisbane's Ultimate Guide to Throwing a Fun Party

If you live in Brisbane and you’ve been looking for some Ideas and Inspiration for throwing a Fun Party, you’ve come to the right place! Katie J Design & Events has everything you need to host an Amazing Celebration.

On our Website, you’ll find Personalised Party Decorations, Themes for Every Occasion, and Blog Posts that are full of Tips, Tricks, and Photographs.

Here is the Ultimate Guide to your next Brisbane Party.

Themes for your Brisbane Party

Brisbane is known for its Beautiful Weather, so when you’re choosing a Theme for your Party, you might want to keep the Great Outdoors in Mind.

At Katie J Design & Events, we have over 300 Personalised Party Themes you can choose from for your next Celebration. The best part is that some of our Themes pair perfectly with Outdoor Events, whether you’re hosting Children's Birthday Parties, 18th 21st & 50th Milestone Birthdays, Baby Showers & Naming Ceremonies, Christening & Baptism, Engagement & Anniversaries, or Hens Party & Bridal Showers!

For example, we have Personalised Girls Camp Out Party Decorations. This theme features an Illustration of Girls Camping in Tents with a Fire and Toasting Marshmallows by Pretty Grafik. It’s an Amazing Theme for a Sleepover Under the Stars on a Warm Brisbane Night.

For a Baby Shower, we have Personalised Sunflower & Honey Bee Decorations. This design features a Beautiful Watercolour Sunflower trim Border on your choice of a White or Yellow Background with the Sweetest Hand Painted Honey Bees by Trendy Sense Studio. It would look Beautiful at an Outdoor Baby Shower!

Of course, we know the weather doesn’t always cooperate, and the stormy season is no time to risk an Outdoor Party! That’s why we have Hundreds of Themes, so you can find the Best one to Honour your Celebrant.

If you do want to host an outdoor party in Brisbane, make sure to check out our Ideas for Throwing a Fun Party at a Park.

Decorating Ideas for Your Brisbane Party

One of my Favourite Parts of hosting a party is the Decorations. It’s so fun to put together a Party Space that matches the Theme and Wows all the Guests!

Some of my Best Tips for Decorating involve the Theme Colours. When you choose a Theme, you’ll notice that there are a Few Colours in the Supplies and Decorations that Really Pop. Incorporate these Colours into other Decorations for the Party Space! Here’s a few Ideas for how:

Tablecloths: You’ll need a few tables for displays and guest seating at the party. Purchase Tablecloths in one of the Theme Colours and use it for all of the tables. This will make a Big Impact on the Party Space. If you want to be more environmentally friendly, you can even use and reuse Coloured Bed Sheets.

Balloons: There are a lot of uses for Balloons at a Party. Purchase some in your Theme Colours and hang them from the Walls or Posts. You can also Create an Amazing Banner and Balloon Display. Check out our Guide to Decorating and Hanging Party Banners.

Here’s a Banner and Balloon Display from my Daughter Paige’s Unicorn themed 4th Birthday Party.

Personalised Decorations: It’s always nice to have Party Supplies and Decorations that are Customised for the Special Guy or Gal. When you purchase from Katie J Design & Events, you can add Personalised Information to be Printed along with your Chosen Theme. Read our Glowing review as one of Brisbane's 5 Best Party Supply Stores!

Our Party themes come with Banners, Posters & Bunting you can use for decorating your Brisbane party space. All of these supplies are printed on High Quality material so they are Durable and Waterproof, which means you can also use them Outside!

Your Brisbane Party Food and Treats

When you’re planning your Party in Brisbane, don’t forget the Food and Treats, including the Party Favours. Guests often bond and socialize while enjoying Snacks, and when you give out Favours, they all get to take home a bit of the Party with them!

At Katie J Design & Events, we make it easy to Create Themed Food and Favours with our Personalised Products. Our personalised party supplies include: Party Invites, Chocolate Wrappers, Loot Bags, Water labels, Juice & Bubble Wand labels, Round Lollipop & Favour Stickers, Wine & Beer labels, and more.

Our Mini Chocolate Labels are particularly versatile. Check out How to Wrap Mini Chocolate Bars with Personalised Labels for some easy tips. You can put them on many types of Chocolate for any Occasion.

This photo shows our Personalised Blue & Gold Elephant Christening Decorations Party Theme around a Cadbury Freddo 35g Chocolate Bar.

We also have Beer and Wine Labels you can use if your party in Brisbane is for Adults! This Beautiful Display of Baby Shower Wine Bottles is Great Inspiration for an Elegant Party Favour.

In addition to adding our Personalised Stickers and Labels to Food and Favours, we have other Ideas to help you with Preparing Food for your Party Guests!

Over the years, I’ve made a lot of Snacks and Yummy Treats for Parties, and all of them are Easy and Tasty! In fact, I’m a huge Fan of Food Hacks. I also like Matching my Food to the Party Theme, usually by finding ways to add a little Colour!

For example, some of my most Popular Treats are Chocolate Spoons, Iced Biscuits, Rainbow Jelly, and Wafers Dipped in Sprinkles. These are super Kid-Friendly “Recipes,” and my own Children have even helped me make these! However, you can Adapt them for any Party, and even Adults would enjoy some of these Delicious and Simple Treats.

These Iced Biscuits are Colourful and Perfect for Kids Themed Parties, but I can also think of ways to use them at Other Celebrations! With Icing and Candies, Adults could enjoy making their own Fun Biscuits in Suggestive Shapes for a Hens Party.

Brisbane Party Games and Activities

Games are always an Enjoyable part of a Party, and we have some Great ones if you want to take advantage of Brisbane’s Beautiful Weather to head outside with your Party Guests.

Some of our Favourite Outdoor Party Games are Scavenger Hunts. Kids especially Love looking for Items hidden Outside. You can do this for almost any Party Theme if you purchase a few little theme-related Toys. You can also print images and laminate them, and tape them up on posts and objects anywhere around the Party Space.

We have also Adapted Party Game Favourites over the years. Here are Fun Kids Party Games for All Ages, including guides for DIY Pinatas, Musical Chairs, and Outdoor Games.

You might also be interested in some of our Outdoor Party Theme Guides, like Nerf Gun Party Ideas & Photos. So many of the games we came up with took advantage of areas outside!

I hope that some of these Ideas will help you throw your next Brisbane Party for any Occasion! Whether or not you take advantage of the Sunshine, all of your Guests are sure to enjoy your Party!

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Looking for more Party Ideas or Inspiration? Parties by Katie J is where you will find Helpful Advice on How to Throw a Great Party that Everyone Loves! We will be Sharing Easy and Delicious Party Recipes along with some Amazing DIY tips for Creating a Fun Celebration.

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