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Easy No Bake Beautiful Floral Mud Cake Hack

Beautiful Floral Mud Cake Hack

On the Night of Paige's 1st Birthday I wanted an Easy but Beautiful Cake to Celebrate and sing Happy Birthday. It would only be the 5 of us, as her Party was the weekend before.

I managed to whip up this Beautiful Floral cake in 5 minutes during my Lunch break that day with a Super Easy Cake Hack. We brought a $5 Coles Mud Cake the afternoon before and I coloured some Betty Crocker Frosting with Pink Gel Colour. I put the Mud Cake on a Fancy Glass Serving dish and iced it a Beautiful shade of Pink.


I than cut some Fake flowers & that I had in Vases around the house. By cutting one from each bunch you couldn't even tell that any were missing and I wiped the fake flowers and leaves clean. 

I add the Fake Flowers and Leaves to the center of the Cake and added some White Cashous and I was done! A Beautiful and Easy Cake fit for a Princess in 5 minutes!

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