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The Ultimate Crayons Cake Hack: A Colourful Delight!

Hello, party enthusiasts! Katie J here, the proud mum and creative mind behind Katie J Design and Events. I recently pulled off a birthday cake masterpiece for my daughter Paige's 7th birthday bash, and today I'm excited to spill the details on this delightful Crayons Cake Hack.

The Cake Hack Magic Unveiled

When it comes to birthday celebrations, I'm all about making it easy, fun, and cost-effective. That's where my beloved 'Cake Hacks' come into play, and this Crayons Cake Hack stole the show! The best part? No baking required. I grabbed a Rainbow Cake from Coles for just $20 at the time of writing, featuring a vibrant rainbow layered centre and plain white icing—a perfect canvas for creativity.

Let the Little Artist Join In

One of the joys of parenting is sharing moments of creativity with your little ones. Paige and I turned cake decorating into a collaborative masterpiece. She eagerly pressed vibrant crayons against the cake, infusing her own touch into the celebration. To ensure our crayons stayed put, we added a decorative touch—tying a piece of ribbon around the cake and securing it with a bow.

Decorating Extravaganza

With the cake base set, it was time to bring the theme to life. We added a small easel holding a sign proclaiming 'Paige's 7th Birthday!'. For an extra artistic flair, paintbrushes were playfully stuck out of the top of the cake, creating a whimsical touch. Matching pink candles adorned the front, completing the look in perfect harmony.

Elevating the Presentation

To add an extra layer of visual appeal, we placed the cake on a glass cake server. Crayons became our artistic border, scattered around the server for a pop of colour. To ensure they stayed in place, we used small pieces of blu-tak, creating an eye-catching display that captivated our guests.

Check Out Paige's Art Themed 7th Birthday Bash!

Curious about the overall Art-themed birthday celebration? Head over to our blog post detailing Paige's 7th birthday extravaganza. From the vibrant decorations to the engaging activities, it's a must-read for parents seeking inspiration for their next celebration.

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There you have it—your guide to a show-stopping Crayons Cake Hack and a glimpse into Paige's unforgettable Art-themed 7th birthday celebration. I hope this tutorial sparks inspiration for your next party, making it a truly memorable and effortlessly stylish affair!

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