DIY Easter Fun Stuff for Kids

Fun Easter Traditions for the Kids

I love Easter time and we have some Super Fun Easter Traditions that we Enjoy with the Kids each year. I’m going to Share some of the Activities & Craft below.

The Easter Tree

Our Favourite Easter Tradition would have to be Our Easter Tree. Each year about 2 weeks before Easter we go on an Easter Hunt in search of a Large Twiggy Branch which will be Our Easter Tree. Parks & Forests are Great Places to find an Easter Tree.

Once you have your Branch it needs to be planted in a pot. We put our Easter Tree on our Dining table so I plant the Branch in a Vase with Decorative Stones. The Easter Tree than needs to be Decorated. We brought these cute hanging Easter Eggs from the $2 Shop years ago and they were Perfect Decorations for Our Tree.

Magic of the Easter Tree

On the Eve of Easter each year the Kids plant Jelly Beans in the Vase of the Easter Tree. They awake the following morning to find that their Jelly beans have sprout into Lollipops!


Easter Count Down Calendar

When the Kids were Younger I found a Brilliant Idea over at Infarrantly Creative for a Bunny Kisses Countdown Calendar. Beckie’s Calendar is much Nicer than Mine but I have no MDF skills or Power tools so I had to adapt the design a little. I used Cardboard Scraps to create a Base for the Bunny Kisses Count Down Printable to sit on. I printed the Bunny Kisses Template on Thin A4 Cardboard and used some Wire to affix it to the Cardboard base. It could also be glued on their if you prefer.



I have Created my Own FREE Printable Bunny Kisses Count Down Calendar that you too can Print & Create at Home. Print the Template on Thin A4 Cardboard and Cut out the Pink Circles. Secure to a Cardboard Base like I have made above and place Easter Eggs in the Circle cut-outs. In the Week leading up to Easter the Kids can have an Easter Egg each morning or night to celebrate and count down to Easter!


Bunny Footprints

The Kids love waking up each Easter morning to find Easter Bunny Footprints scattered through the house. They are so Easy to make. Just Print the FREE Printable Template below on Thin A4 Cardboard. Using a Craft Knife cut out the Pink Foot Prints. On the Eve of Easter once you have put out the Easter Eggs place the A4 Foot prints template on the floor and sprinkle Talcum Powder over it to create the Footprints effect. When Donte was younger we had tiles it was great because I was able to use Milo instead of the Powder. I also try to scatter Bunny Fluff (Cotton Wool Balls), Carrot Tops and some Little Easter eggs which the Kids think the Easter Bunny has dropped as he was hopping through the house.


FREE Printable Easter Bunny Footprints Template


Easter Decorations

I have some Gorgeous Easter Decorations over at my Store, Katie J Design & Events. There is Bunting, Water Labels, Cup Stickers, Cupcake Toppers and much More!



I hope I have given you some Ideas & Inspiration if you too are looking for some Fun Easter Traditions for the Kids. Feel Free to Post a Comment if you have Any Questions or Contact Me on the link below.

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