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Fun & Easy DIY Chrismas Bon Bons

The Christmas Season is approaching! I’m always looking for Fun New Activities to share for Celebrating the Holidays with Friends and Family.

Last year, Hubby and I made DIY Christmas Bon Bons with our girls for Christmas Day. This was a Fun Tradition my Mum used to do with me and my brother at Christmastime. We’d make them for Christmas parties, too!

These were always so much Fun, and these days you can even buy the Cracker Snaps that go inside!

Here’s a Guide to making DIY Christmas Bon Bons. I hope it becomes one of your Family Traditions for the Holidays!

Kids Xmas Craft Bon Bons

Materials for DIY Christmas Bon Bons

You might not have all of the materials for DIY Christmas Bon Bons lying around your house (unless you have an Extensive Craft Collection), but they are easy to find at local stores and aren’t very expensive!

Here is what I used with my girls to create our bon bons:

  • Toilet rolls
  • Crepe paper
  • Satin ribbon
  • Snaps
  • Treats for inside (we used Christmas jokes we found online, scratch-its, and wrapped lollies)
  • Personalised 3.5cm Round Christmas Stickers for decorating the outside

Here is an image to help you visualize the materials you need. As you can see, we made a quite a few DIY Christmas Bon Bons with all of these supplies!

DIY Xmas Bon Bon Materials

Directions for DIY Christmas Bon Bons

Making these Chrismtas Bon Bons is Super Easy! Simply follow these Directions (photographs included) for Amazing DIY Bon Bons you can Enjoy this Holiday Season.

Xmas Craft Bon Bons

First, gather and prepare all of your Materials.

1. Collect Toilet Rolls. This is an important first step! You may need to start planning a few weeks in advance so you have enough for your Bon Bon making day. You can also recruit Family and Friends to help.

2. Cut Coloured Crepe into Squares. We used red and green crepe, but any Christmas colours or designs will work.

3. Cut Satin Ribbon into lengths you can easily tie into bows around each end of your DIY Christmas Bon Bons. Here’s a good visual for how long our Ribbons were. I would aim for at least 10cm.

    Cutting Ribbons

    4. Sort your Lollies. Our Girls counted the wrapped lollies into piles of equal amounts to make it easy to grab these Treats and put them inside the Bon Bons. This also guarantees you won’t run out of Lollies before you’re done making the Bon Bons!

    Sorting Bon Bon Lollies

      5. Prepare your Christmas Jokes if you want to use these inside your Bon Bons. We printed Christmas jokes we found online and Paige cut them. If you want to include Treats like this, make sure to print them into sizes that will fit inside your toilet rolls. Here is Paige cutting our Jokes!

      Cutting out Bon Bon Jokes

      Next, Create each of your Bon Bons

      6. Put a Snap (if you’re using them) inside a Toilet Roll.

      7. Roll a Square of Crepe Paper around the toilet roll and tape to secure. You might want to tape the first edge into place, then roll it and tape it into place again.

      Roll Toilet Roll in Crepe Paper

      8. Tie One End of the crepe with a Ribbon. Make sure it’s even as you tie it, so one end isn’t a lot larger or smaller than the other. This is one of the hardest parts!

      Tie one End with Ribbon

      9. Fill the roll with Treats of your Choice. We used scratch-its, wrapped lollies, and Christmas jokes, but you can use whatever you want! The girls Loved putting the Treats inside.

      Filling Xmas Bon Bons

      10. Once full, seal with Ribbon at the other end, and tie each Ribbon into Pretty Bows.

      Tie Bon Bons into Bow

      11. Complete the look with 3.5cm Round Christmas Stickers. With Customised stickers, you can use these at themed holiday parties or for little gifts or treats for family and friends.

      Christmas DIY Bon Bons

      Create Your Own Family Tradition

      Our Girls had so much fun Creating these DIY Christmas Bon Bons! It was a wonderful bonding experience for us and helped add a Little Christmas Magic to our House.

      I hope that you can use our Ideas to Create your own Family Tradition this Holiday Season. But even though Bon Bons are a Popular Item for Christmastime, you can make these anytime of year. Simply Adapt my Materials and Directions so you have Colours and Treats that match the Occasion or Celebration. These could even be Fun at Birthday Parties!

      I want to leave you with a Picture of my Girls posing with their Creations!

      Kids DIY Xmas Bon Bons

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