DIY Fun Stuff for Kids Valentines Day

Fun Valentines Day Traditions for the Kids

Each Year Our Family Celebrates Valentines Day together and we have some Super Fun Valentines Day Traditions that I am going to share with you. I love teaching the Kids to be kind and look after each other. I hope this is something they continue as they get older and that it gives them some skills to develop healthy and caring relationships with others.


Valentines Day Fun Kids Activities Traditions Cards Boxes

Valentines Day Boxes

About a Week before Valentines Day each year we all make ‘Valentines Day Boxes’ together as a Family. Everyone makes their own box and gets to decorate it how they wish. The kids love making things and it is so cute to see their Excitement as they carefully construct their boxes.

How to Make Valentines Day Boxes

Check Out my Step by Step Tutorial for Full Instructions with Photos: How to Make Valentines Day Boxes

Valentines Day Boxes are Super Easy to make with Materials from around your House. First, you will need a Box for everyone in the family. Cereal Boxes & Postage Boxes are great to use for this project. I am one of those Crazy Mums who hoards Boxes & Containers. Just in case one day they will serve a purpose. Thankfully at Valentines I get to lighten my stash!

Next you will need to seal the Box with Masking tape and Cut a Long Opening in One side using a Utility Knife. Just like a Mail Box has.

Then it’s time to decorate. You can Paint your Boxes or Wrap them in Gift Wrap to give them a Nice Base Colour and then add embellishments like Stickers, Magazine Clippings, Glitter or Craft Scraps. Ensure that everyone labels their Box with their Name so you all know whose Box belongs to whom.

I have created a FREE Printable Template that you can download to help you Decorate your Valentines Day Boxes. The Larger Hearts are for Everyone to write their Names on and attach to their Boxes. The Smaller Hearts are to Decorate your Boxes.


How to use your Valentines Day Boxes

Once everyone has created their Valentines Day Boxes they are to be left out on a Bench or Shelf where they are easily accessible. In week leading up to Valentines Day you have to make a Card for everyone else in the family and post the card in their box before the Big Day!


Valentines Day Fun Kids Activities Traditions Cards Boxes

Valentines Day Traditions – Valentines Morning

Valentines Breakfast is probably our Favourite meal all year! We make Red Heart Shaped Pancakes using Food dye and Heart shaped Cookie Cutters. While eating our Pancake Breakfast everyone gets to open their Valentines Day Boxes and read all of their Cards. This is usually where I get a bit teary and sentimental. I love the things my kids come up with to write in their cards.


Valentines Day Fun Kids Activities Traditions Cards Boxes


If Valentines Day falls on a ‘School Day’ I like to sneak some Lunch Box notes in their Lunch bags to make them smile. Check out my Post on Valentines Day Lunch Box Notes with FREE Printable Lunch Box Jokes.

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