DIY Fun Stuff for Kids St Patricks Day

St Patrick’s Day Fun for the Family

Another Magical Occasion which is so much Fun to Celebrate with the Kids is St Patrick’s Day! Not as Popular as the other Holidays on the Calendar but a Great Excuse for some Leprechaun Magic and Fun with the Kids. We are also Very Lucky to have our very own Irish Princess in our house, Isla who was born on St Patrick’s Day. She thinks it’s Great Fun that the Leprechauns come to visit on her Birthday!

Leprechaun Traps

On the Eve of each St Patrick’s Day we make Leprechaun Traps with the Kids in the hopes of catching our very own Leprechaun. There is no guide or limit to the imagination when it comes to creating Leprechaun traps. We usually start with some Boxes, Green Wrapping Paper or Crepe and add whatever other Green Craft Supplies I can find in my collection. After our Leprechaun Traps are made we hide the Leprechaun Food inside to tempt the Leprechauns into our traps. Leprechaun Food can be made with Oats & Green Food Dye.


Leprechaun Mischief

Each St Patricks Day Morning the Kids awake to find that the Leprechauns have caused chaos throughout the house. Everything From Green Milk to their doors being tied together to their Toothbrushes in the Fridge! The ideas are Endless and the Kids faces in the morning are priceless.


St Patricks Day Morning

While the Kids have yet been successful at catching their very own Leprechaun. They have been lucky enough that the Leprechauns have left behind Gold Chocolate Coins & St Patricks Day Dress-ups. We can only keep trying each year, but I think they are pretty happy with the Alternative.



I hope I have given you some Ideas & Inspiration if you too are looking for some Fun St Patrick’s Day Traditions for the Kids. Feel Free to Post a Comment if you have Any Questions or Contact Me on the link below.

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