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Make a Splash this Summer: Epic Pool Party Ideas for an Unforgettable Time!

When the Sun is Shining and the weather is Warm, what’s better than some time by the Pool? If one of your Loved Ones has a party in the Summer, it’s not too late to start thinking about a Pool Party Birthday!

I had the Pleasure of Decorating for a dear friend Chloe’s “Pool Party” themed 6th Birthday Party. Thankfully the weather cooperated and it was a Beautiful, Sunny day that everyone enjoyed. There wasn’t a nicer place to be than cooling off in the Pool!

I learned a lot from Decorating Chloe’s Party. If you’re hoping to Plan a Pool Party Birthday, here are some Ideas and Inspiration, as well as a few Tips for planning Fun in the Sun.

Pool Party Cake Table

Pool Party Set-Up

When you’re preparing a Party Space for a Pool Party Birthday, it’s nice if you have access to a Swimming Pool. But if you don’t, you can always use Kiddie Pools or just Sprinklers for Water Fun Outside!

Chloe is Lucky enough to have Pool access at her Complex as well as a Lovely Space to Set-Up Party tables and Cook a BBQ.

I used Two Tables for her Pool Party Set-Up. One was for the Cake and Loot Bags. The other was for the Guests to Sit at and to Display the Party Food. You don’t need a lot of table & chair space at a Pool Party as most of the time is spent in the pool. Guests usually only come out to enjoy Party food!

For your own Pool Party Set-Up, just consider what table space you really need, and maybe have a few areas for the guests to mingle and enjoy some treats.

Pool Party Ideas

Pool Safety

When holding a Pool Party it is important to ensure the Pool Safety of your Guests, especially if there are Little Ones attending.

If any of the Guests cannot swim on their own, you might ask their parents to stay and enjoy the party with you. But even if other parents are around, please make sure that someone is always watching the Swimmers. It is very easy to get distracted in conversation and not notice that someone might be in trouble.

Another important point to note is to ensure that your Pool is clean and that the chemical levels have been checked in the days leading up to the party. You don’t want Party Guests getting sick from the Pool Water.

Make sure you have plenty of Water so guests stay hydrated in the sun, and keep some extra Sunscreen around to prevent burns. A shady area or two is also always nice so Guests can Cool Down if they need to.

You might also want some alternative activities for Guests who aren’t comfortable in the Pool for long periods of time. Consider an Arts and Crafts Table as a non-water option.

Pool Party Games

Pool Party Decorations

At Katie J Design & Events, we have an Amazing Design for Personalised Pool Party Decorations. It comes in 4 Unisex Colours so you can use it for a Boy’s or Girl’s Party. The Decorations feature Bright Colours, Water Splashes, Beach Balls, and Cute Clipart by Tereveladesign.

Like all of our Party Ranges, it comes with Banners, Bunting, Invites, Loot Bags, and Stickers and Labels to use for Party Favours.

At Chloe’s Pool Party Birthday, we used simple and budget-conscious decorations. I hung Personalised Bunting between pillars and the palm trees. The Pool Party A4 Posters on the Pillars had even more decorative impact. Everything was Customised with “Chloe’s 6th Birthday Party” and she Loved it!

Pool Party Setup and Display

Pool Party Food & Loot Bags

A great Food for a Pool Party is a BBQ. So in keeping with theme, at Chloe’s Pool Party her Dad cooked a BBQ that everyone enjoyed.

Of course, you can include other Food and Treats, too. Even simple snacks can match a Pool Party theme. Think of items like Goldfish Crackers, or cutting Cheese into small Triangles to look like “Shark Fins.” Lollies in a ring shape make great “Inner Tubes!”

Or sometimes the best Treats are just the ones that the Birthday Boy or Girl Loves! At Chloe’s Party, there were Gorgeous Pink Cupcakes with Sprinkles & a Frozen Birthday Cake as requested by the Birthday Girl.

For the guests, we handed out Pool Party Loot Bags (also from Katie J Design & Events) that were Personalised with the wording, “Thank You for coming to Chloe’s 6th Birthday Party.”

For easy Favour Bags, simply fill them with Pool Party Themed Treats and Toys, like Sunglasses, Inflatable Pool Toys, and Bubbles.

Pool Party Bags & Favours

Chloe’s Pool Party Themed Birthday Party was a Lovely Event that I was so proud to be apart of. The kids had a ball splashing around in the pool playing games. The Party Decorations really livened up the area and transformed the Venue into a Birthday Party.

I hope I have given you some Ideas & Inspiration if you too are planning a Pool Party!

Pool Party Food Table

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